You go for a walk and accidentally bump into someone. They feel the bump, but the person can't seem to hear or see you.

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You go for a walk and accidentally bump into someone. They feel the bump, but the person can't seem to hear or see you.

I move into 38 Brynteg terrace on the 24 of November 2014. yes it was summer time, and it was really or should or should I say very hot as I remembered very clearly I got out the car that my landlord was driving black ford focus he open the front door and we walked into that place well the ground floor there was a flight of stairs that lead upstairs into the bed rooms and the toilet and the artic and on the ground floor there was is the sitting room with its big grey rug and black leather chairs and a to back the kitchen and the back yard I when out through the front door to pick up my bags out the car and came back in myself well my land lord Mr bone sat in the kitchen when I came in he had a cup of tea prepared for me then we made our way into the sitting room where we sat and spoke briefly about the house I could not believe that I would be staying in here all alone I did not tell him that but we did talk about my contact on the place where I would have to sign my part of the contact which I did then he lift and I sat there only to realize that it was getting dark and decided to go upstairs to get some things up pack the thing I want most the television and the free view box which I took with me up the stairs right up to the artic and had place on the a small rosewood table just opposite my bed made of the same kind of wood I made all the connection from the television to the Freeview box and then plug the free view box and television into the electrical socket and sat on the bedside then press the red button on the remote the television came on there was that beautiful colour I would much better sharper colour than when I had stayed at my previous apartment I did not care what was playing on the television I laid in bed on my back thinking for a second taking the house it felt good nice the bed post of all the beautiful rosewood and did I say the bed post had a design of two lotus flower on each side then I heard a knock at the door down stairs, so I got up and made my way down stairs to see who it was as I open the door at the door was a woman in a blue dress Good Afternoon I said yes then she when on to introduce herself my name is Doreen Whitfield I leave just down the road from you in the big blue house, and I thought to myself why not just pop by to say to my new neighbor her voice sounded we polite, I invited he in for a cup of tea but she refuse only came to just introduced myself but I am sorry I have a meeting to attend to brownies club meeting anyway I will stop sometime later in the week to talk to you   I said ok and she lift then I made my way back up to my room and sat on the edge of the bed and press channel eighteen that`s the music channel and laid back placing my feet up and just lying there watching the music video until I fell asleep but it must have being two o`clock or three in the morning when I heard some sort of banging down stairs than I open up my eyes to fine that the room that I lay in was in complete darkness good lord the television must have switch it self off on its own so I made my way down stairs when I got to the landing and look out the window only to Realize that it was day light outside or it appear like day light outside I could not believe it but looking at my watch it show me three o`clock in the morning still the banging became louder must have lift the kitchen door open or the perhaps the window but the closer I got the louder the Nosie then I walked into the kitchen and the door was wide open but it was the light which caught my attention never had I ever seen anything like it in my life this is what caught me this is what drew my attention I walk out the kitchen door and stood in the middle of the back yard looking up at it was like small flashes of lighten yes lighten but it was different it did not flash on and off it was constant and then as I stood there it appeared out of no where like it was invisible just waiting for me or some one I saw it a huge gigantic space ship yes it appeared out of nothingness and took sharp right there in the sky right over my house, I was startle, just for one micro second I thought maybe, I am dreaming or God is coming or maybe it’s the end of the human race yes but not what happened there in that back yard was something mystical then it happened a blue light felt upon me in my back yard something like what you see in star trek when spook says beam my away Scottie, I could not believe it I look at my hands and they appeared blue my clothes and shoes appeared blue and then for a couple minute’s longer then ship vanished and there was nay thing but darkness, yes I saw it and it was real I when laid on my bed and then the morning came and I when down stairs to make a cup of coffee, but did not forget what I saw I switch on the television to listen to the news thinking in my mind that maybe but not I flip through every channel but still not then I got up when to have a show got dress and made my way out the house and down the road to the shop then I saw Doreen that smile caught me she had on a blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt I stop and said hello but she just walk pass straight, not even to acknowledge me for a split second I turn around and call out her name but she did not turn around I did not let it trouble be, anyway I got to the shop but then stop at the door only to realize, look though the shop window that I could not see my reflection then my heart started to race, then this young kid walked into the shop and I followed right after him walked when straight to the counter and ask the cashier for a top -up for my mobile phone he did not acknowledged me either standing There I called out. hey buster then it came out why the hell you not hearing me why the fuck Are you not hearing me, is this some kinda joke, then yes people I came to realize that I came into contact with some kind of alien life force. 

October 26, 2019 01:42

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