The Good, The Bad, & The Shady

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Crime Drama Suspense

"We can't do this! We need to start planning something,"

"Protecting the underground criminals? As if that's easy,"

"That's why we need to reverse the plan,"

"But how?"

"We need to find their victims. The scammed, the stolen, and the murdered,"

"The murdered?"

"Basically, the almost murdered ones,"

"So, apparently, what you're trying to say is we need to interview them and find a way to set revenge. Is that it?"

"Yes. I mean, come on. We're law students. And we fight for justice,"

"Fair enough,"

"I... I don't think I can agree with this,"

"And why not?"

"If our plan falters, it's up to the leader to execute us. Do the two of you not realize how dangerous this is?"

"I don't know about you, Ely, but Lori and I are gonna stick to this plan. Besides, who likes to protect underground criminals when they're the reason this city is in the fall of dystopia?"

"I assume you're up for the thrill, hm? Lori, don't tell me you agree with Sophia here,"

"Of course I'm not picking sides,"

"Lori! Not with you playing it safe,"

"I'm not playing it safe, Sophia. Your plan sounds good, but consider Ely's concern about it as well,”

"Seriously? Ugh, give me a damn break!"

"Soph, where are you going?"

"To the cafeteria. Oh, and don't come and greet me with some apologetic smile because I might tear your skins apart,"

"Too brutal, Soph,"

"Whatever. Peace out, losers,"

"Sophia, it's never too late to alter the plan-"

"She's gone, Ely,"

"I know but, like, I hope she understands why I'm slowly backing out,"

"Are you scared that our plan will go to waste?"

"Yes. Well, maybe not,"

"What do you mean?"

"I sense the leader's trust in us,"

"Trust is fragile like glass, Ely,"

"I'm scared he knows what we're planning before we can finally avenge the wronged,"

"You think he knows?"


"It's not like we're being tracked, right? He doesn't have our contact numbers. He found us, one late night, in the middle of Seokbul-ro being chased by a group of street gangs who demanded for our bank cards. He made us a deal,"

"And the deal means not exposing any information regarding the arson case of Okaedeon Montessori High. Lori, it's clear he was ready to blackmail us if we make a simple mistake,"

"Isn't that half of the point as to why I can't take sides between you and Sophia? It's either we die for taking justice into our hands or drown in regrets for not making such a brave move,"

"Sometimes cowering means safety,"

"Ely, I don't think that's-"

"Fine, let's talk this through, but with Sophia. It's just- I don't want my family, even my father who is a detective, to look down on me for committing such a crime,"

"We didn't do it on purpose, Ely. Somebody did it for their own pleasure,"

"But we were convinced to do so,"

"Ely, no! We were 12 when it happened. We were so young!”

“Age doesn’t contradict what happened many years ago. If only you knew, Lori. If only you knew,”

“If only I knew what?”


“Tell me, Ely. If only I knew what?”

“If only you knew… that all this time… somebody was lying to you about who they are…”

“Will you be direct with me, Ely? I’m weirded out,”

“It’s Sophia,”


“She burned the school down when we were talking inside the Bunker,”

“How can you be so sure that it’s really her? You were with me the entire time,”

“When we hadn’t met yet, I found a journal by the Montessori's school yard. It belonged to her. I shouldn’t have invaded her privacy, but I’m glad I got the chances to read what her demise plan was,”

“Wait… how can I be so sure you’re telling me the truth?”

“I still got the journal to this day,”


“What? You think the police can solidify such a piece of object? They might claim I wrote it myself,”

“But why would Sophia do that?”

“Oh, honey, notice why she takes meds every now and then?”

“Is it… an old symptom that she had to fight back seven years ago?”

“Guess you really are born to be a lawyer after all. And yes, it has to do something regarding her past condition,”

“Is that why she’s so drilled to do this plan? ‘Cause she might turn us to the government?”

“Yes. You missed a few reasons but that’s the gist I suppose,”

“Don’t tell me she’s also siding with that guy!”

“Lori, you obviously know the answer to that,”

“Great… just great,”

“That’s why I was scared to agree with her plan. I don’t think she knows that I know she’s responsible for the fire massacre,”

“I’m glad you entrusted me with such a dark secret. Ely… you’ve been an amazing friend through thick and thin—Ugh, what am I saying? Excuse my sentimental side, please,”

“Heh, thanks though. No one has ever told me I'm an amazing friend in their eyes,”

“What do we do with Sophia then?”

“About that, I’m not sure yet,”

“Well we need to think fast if we don’t want her to notice anything suspicious around us,”

“You know the address to the underground, right?”


“I might spill some information to my dad. I guess it’s not bad to be too brave after all,”

“Just expose their address and they'll handle the rest,”

“Look where we ended. I can’t believe I’m risking something for justice,”

“That’s how it is. Face the consequences,”

“That’s not how it is, Lori. Face death is more like it,”


“Ely, don’t act so hesitant and shy now. I heard you both. I knew my plan was a flop,”

“What were you expecting? That I’ll let you get away from something you’ve kept a long time ago?”

“You know too much, Ely. I should’ve gotten the chance to terminate you while I could,”

“You were already planning Ely’s death?!”

“Lori, don’t be so shocked. I was planning yours as well. It would be unfair for Ely that I made one for her, and not for you. You and I both know you’re my favorite,”


“You’re only obsessed with Lori ‘cause she’s too innocent to take advantage of you. Is that how it is, huh? ‘Cause you assumed I’m no similar to her?”

“Ely, you’ll never be as nicer as Lori. She’s always been there for me, and you weren’t,”

“Sophia, I told you I’m busy with my assignments. Is that hard to understand?”

“It’s not like I can take back everything I’ve said. Like you concluded, I’m the one who burned the Montessori down. I’m the one who deserves to be in jail,”

“I didn’t say you deserve to be in jail,”

“Not like that implies all of your accusations towards me,”

“‘Cause even if you twist the story, I’ll always remember the horror that you’ve created,”

“You leave me with no choice then,”


“Guess what? I’m not Sophia. And this face? It’s a mask,”

“What?! Then where’s Sophia?”

“Oh dear, you wouldn’t like to know—”

“—that she’s dead a long time ago,”

January 10, 2021 05:51

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