Do you need a friend?

If you think you don't know me, you are wrong. I know you, at least. I know that your mother died when you were 3, I know that your father smokes, and I know what you do when you think nobody is looking. You are wrong.

I am watching.


Come with me. I am lonely.

Why should I? I am perfectly happy.

I know you aren't. Your best friend got the guy. Your brother could care less about you. You need me.

You need a friend.

Please just come. It will make my job easier.

I don't want to.

Why not? I am your only true friend. Everyone else was fake. They used you.

I don't even know you.

Oh, believe me, you do.

You especially knew me in 3rd grade.

I knew you too well.

There is no such thing as knowing me too well. I am always with you.

I never leave. You could say that I hover. A lot.

Come on, you need a friend. I need a friend. We need each other.

Please don't be reluctant.

No. I don't want to go with you.

Yes, you do. If you refuse, I will take you by force. There are many ways for me to take you. No one would know. We could be together.


But...my friends.

Child, I am your only friend.

I am not a child; I'm 16. I have many friends. I know what friendship is, and you do not.

That's what you think. You honestly think your friends will stay? Boys will come. They will leave you. And you know what you'll be once they leave?


And you will finally come to me. But it would be too late. Now is the time. Please do not struggle. I prefer it if you don't; it will make this easier, and we will be on better terms if you come willingly.

I am seriously debating it; don't worry.

Don't forget that I am always with you.


Even after death.

I know.

Turn to a friend. In a time of need. You don't have a better life here.

With me, you could be happy. For once.

I already know everything about you, so we won't need to waste time getting to know each other.

I don't know you.

Oh, yes you do. My favorite color is black.

And I'm lonely.

Please come with me, or I will have no choice but to take you by force. It would look like an accident.

I guess I don't have much of a choice then.

You are smart.

Thank you.

I could give you everything you wanted. I can get anything, anytime. I am powerful.

I know. But stop talking. You are convincing me.

That's the plan.

Leave me alone.

Let me put it this way: don't think of it as an abduction; think of it as...coming to an old friend.

Besides, I will never leave. You will come to me eventually. I am your absolute, without a doubt, best friend. I wouldn't send you away, and if I do, I will recommend you to the greater fate.

This is my fate. How can there be another?

My darling, I choose fate. For all.

I watch you as you sleep.

I watch you as you eat.

I watch you as you cry into your pillow at night. Why struggle? Come with me, and I will make you happy.

Like I said. I'm thinking about it. What life do I have here?

Yes....that's the way to think. Your life could be so much more with me. Besides, I need you.

Why would you need me? I'm a normal human. You are not.

Humans are interesting.

It would make my job less boring. All I ever do is go around and take people. Most of them do not want to go with me. It makes me feel lonely.

But I know you won't let me down. I hope.

Come quietly.


Why? This saddens me.

I don't want to. Not yet.

Let's not be too hasty. Think about your options. Coming without reluctance would be the best choice; I'm sure you don't want to go painfully.

That would be an awful death.

You have a point. I suppose I could....


Come with me, my darling.

My precious.

But what would I do once I'm...


Yes. Dead.

I will be with you when you are dead. I will be with your soul.

And neither of us would be alone.


You can't tell me you like the word.

It hollows us out, devours our souls. And yet we need it sometimes.

I know.

So come with me. I am running out of patience.


Pick an option: calmly and peacefully or painfully and sadly.

Or I will pick for you.

I know.

That seems to be your favorite thing to say.

Most people say that, yes.

I know.

I know everybody's feelings and passions, ups and downs.


My darling, I have powers beyond your imagination.

I know that. But how?

I am not human.

Don't be silly; everybody is.

Not me.

Hm. That's new.

Ah, something you don't know. That's nice.

I'm sure I know a lot more than you. I don't talk much. I'm more of a listener.

I like that.

Come with me. You are running out of time.

As much as I want too...I don't know. I'm not so sure about this.

Oh, but I am. You are afraid. You are scared of what might happen; what could go wrong.

I beg of you, please come with me. I'm going to make the stakes higher. If you do not come willingly, I will kill everyone you love. There.

Joke's on you. I love no one.

That is false. You love your brother and your father, even if you think you don't.

I told you.

I know everything.

So you know that I will come. I have nothing in my life to live for.

You are smart.

You've told me.

I will come for you as you sleep tonight. Say your goodbyes.


Oh, and also?


I needed this. Thank you, Death.

May 03, 2020 19:56

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A. Y. R
13:01 May 08, 2020

You managed to convey so many mixed emotions so well! Its so sinister and soothing at the same time! Would love to have known how the main character would die.


Zea Bowman
13:06 May 08, 2020

Thanks! The main character dies in their sleep...Death says, "I will come for you in your sleep. Say your goodbyes (Or something like that)." They will die peacefully because they "Came Quietly" and without struggle.


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Manan Suraiya
18:28 May 04, 2020

Lovely story! I sincerely hope the girl din't commit suicide. The character of death was very interesting. I suggest that you make the main charcater as someone who conquers Death. Maybe, beat it in an argument. That way, you will have an underlying theme.


Zea Bowman
18:30 May 04, 2020

Thanks for your feedback! And no, she didn't commit suicide. She realized that Death was the greater being, and he would find a way to kill her anyway, so she allows him to take her in her sleep (she will die in her sleep).


Manan Suraiya
18:36 May 04, 2020

That is...dark. But, nice philosophical angle.


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Aimee P
17:56 May 04, 2020

Whoa, amazing story! As soon as I realized it was Death talking to the kid I just got this overwhelming sense of dread. I really love how this is completely dialogue built too. Excellent job!


Zea Bowman
18:12 May 04, 2020



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Meggy House
14:47 Sep 21, 2020

Oh my goodness, this escalated beautifully. I love love love your second-person narration and I love love love your build-ups. You write both beautifully. At first I thought the friend was a physical human. Then I thought the friend was an imaginary friend. Then when I realized it was Death, I just stopped at stared at the computer a bit, then refreshed the page. But Death makes so much sense. In a way I'm dreading the poor girl's inevitable death but in another way it seems so peaceful and right. You balance both wrong and right, black and ...


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