Kids Friendship

Fog billowed over Lake Pontchartrain, which made it difficult for Jason Schriever to see as he steered his boat towards the dock. He took a morning boat ride over to a small island before the day became too unbearable. Jason slows the motor as he approaches the shore. The small island served as a wildlife refuge for indigenous animals and plants. He climbed out over the side of his boat, and ventured over to a live oak tree with Spanish moss dripping down from its limbs. This particular tree was also home to several bird nests. Jason looked up and noticed a moving tree branch. A heron left the tree in search of food. The sunlight was trying to break through the low-lying clouds. Although he didn't want to leave the island yet, Jason took the opportunity to venture back to his boat and head back to the mainland before the day got too muggy. He started up the motor and startled the ducks, who had ventured over to the boat for a visit. Jason chuckled as the ducks dispersed away from the boat. His route back to the mainland was easier to navigate because the sunlight finally broke through and dissipated the fog. As he gets closer to the mainland, Jason noticed his girlfriend, Belle Patterson, waiting for his return. He pulled the boat along the side of the dock. Belle meandered over to Jason to inquire about his morning venture. Jason started telling her about his latest discoveries as he tethered his boat to the dock. Belle reached out with open arms and embraced Jason.

The happy couple leaves the dock and wander up to their house. Their 2-story house overlooks the lake. What one would think is the front of the house is actually the back of the house because of the elaborate columns. The front of the house has a two-story porch so one could see who is approaching up the driveway. Back in the day, this house belonged to a plantation owner. Therefore, a plot of land was originally attached to the house but through the years, the land portion was sold to a developer. The developer never built anything on it for which Jason was glad. Jason had acquired this house through inheritance so he was especially attached to it. The house was sound, only needing minor cosmetic work. He let Belle handle some of the decorating inside the house. Jason had fond memories about the house, so he didn't want to alter its character too much.

Jason glances at the grandfather clock located in the main hall. He wanders over to the lower porch entrance and pokes his head out of the doorway. He finds Belle curled up on the porch swing, reading a book. Jason tells her that he needs to take a trip into town for some supplies, and asks if she would like to tag along. Without hesitating, Belle swings her legs off of the swing and puts her book down. She grabs her purse off of the sideboard, and follows Jason out to the car. They both pile into the car and head towards town.

The vintage mustang is cruising down the aggregate-laden road, with a classic rock tune emitting from the speakers. Suddenly, Jason applies the brakes firmly and swerves due to a flock of wild turkeys approaching his lane from the shoulder of the road. Belle slides across the bench seat, bumping into the interior passenger door handle. He apologizes to her as she soothes her hip by rubbing it. She is fortunate that there was no escapee livestock in the road, which could have caused a major disaster. The mustang and its occupants, unharmed, continue along the way to town.

Jason and Belle approach Main Street where they notice roadblocks stretched out across the street. Belle remembers reading about an upcoming corn festival in the newspaper. Vendors selling food items and crafts made from corn lined Main Street on either side. The other highlight of the festival was the carnival rides located in a nearby field, which was accessed by a cross street, connected to Main Street. The mustang makes a right turn just before the road blocks to a parking lot with a few vacant places. Thinking ahead, Jason backs the car into a parking place for when he and Belle are ready to head back home. The couple exits the car and wanders over to the field. Being a kid at heart, Belle convinces Jason to buy some cotton candy. He, in turn, takes her by the hand over to the cotton candy vendor and purchases a large spool of spun sugar for her. Then he tests his luck by throwing softballs at a target and wins a large stuffed opossum with a curly tail. Belle joking admits that Jason will mount the opossum on the wall at home. Jason then playfully pats Belle on the backside. Belle then feeds Jason a handful of spun sugar. They link elbows and continue to meander down the path through the crowd. They both decide to try a ride called the Scrambler. This ride ricochets in a circular motion, causing one to be slightly disoriented when it ends. The force slides Belle around on the seat, despite her death grip on the top rail. Jason chuckles at her attempt to stay still and continues to enjoy the ride. The Scrambler slows down and comes to an end. It takes several minutes for the couple to obtain their vision and balance. They arise from the seat and head back, arm and arm, through the crowd. By now, it’s well into night time, and Jason and Belle fade into the darkness where the mustang’s located. He opens the car door, she slides onto the bench seat, and shuts the car door. Jason walks around the front of the car to the driver’s side and slides in. He waits for his turn to pull out of the parking space, and heads back home.

On their way home, Belle scoots over and hunches down onto Jason’s shoulder. He puts one arm around her. The mustang eventually reaches the driveway and parks in front of the front entry of the plantation house. Jason helps a sleepy Belle up the small flight of stairs into the house. They leave shoes and keys in the foyer, and venture up the grand stairway to call it a night.

The next morning, the couple is abruptly awaken by a loud screech. Belle stays curled up in the sheets while Jason springs up out of bed and throws the sash up. He notices a hawk that had swooped down to pick up a small animal. Jason then starts his day by going downstairs to fix breakfast. Belle is drawn from bed by the smell of cooked bacon and fresh coffee. Jason greets Belle and they sit down to enjoy their morning. Jason nonchalantly mentions to Belle that he enjoys her company and asks if it would be okay if it becomes a permanent arrangement. Belle is alarmed but thinks things through. She then turns giddy and crushes Jason with excitement. He reaches inside the sugar container and retrieves a small box. Belle almost falls backward with whats inside. Jason adorns her finger with an heirloom diamond ring. Belle lavishes him with affection and then stares at the ring. Jason gets up from the table and commences to clean up from breakfast. Then he tinkers around outside for most of the day while Belle practices writing her new name and plans for the wedding. When late afternoon falls, Jason comes back in and asks Belle how her day was. She responds by starting to think of who she wants to be at the wedding and when it should be. They both think the wedding should be in the Spring to symbolize new growth. This date gives them a year to make plans and organize their special day. The happy couple spend the rest of their evening reminiscing on the front porch overlooking the yard.

Months go by and Belle has her head in a world wind planning their event. The location of the wedding is down by the lake and she still is making a checklist of attendees. They make a trip into town to talk to the pastor, the baker, and the seamstress. While at the seamstress, Jason waits at the hardware store because it's traditionally bad luck to see the bridal gown before the wedding day. After Belle is done for now at the seamstress, she uses her gut instinct and locates her fiancee at the hardware store. With good headway today in town, they both sigh in relief and head home. Another eventful day passes and another evening is spent on the porch. During the night, Belle tosses and turns and dreams of the wedding with no flowers. She just knew she was forgetting something. The next morning, they make another trip into town to talk with the florist. On their way back home, she glances at her fiancee. She truly loves him with all her heart but will feel at ease when all of the wedding planning comes to an end. Jason senses her frustration and takes her on a leisurely boat ride when they reach home. They let all stress go while on the water. He navigates the boat and she feeds the ducks. Jason glances at Belle and thinks how lucky he really is to have her in his life. Dusk is approaching so Jason turns the boat around and they venture back home. Night falls and the couple crawl into bed.

The next morning Jason rolls over but doesn't see his beautiful bride to be. He initially is worried about where she is but moments later, Belle strolls out of the restroom and crawls back in bed. He strokes her head and lets her sleep some more while he fixes breakfast. Breakfast comes and goes but no Belle. He goes back to check on her and feels her forehead. She is warm to the touch. Jason calls the doctor and the doctor comes to the house. Belle's diagnosis is exhaustion and is told to take it easy. The doctor tells both of them for Belle to come into the office for a checkup in a few days. They abide the doctor and the doctor goes on his way. Jason works downstairs to be close by for the day. When he brought up dinner, Jason noticed Belle was nowhere to be found. She heard footsteps while inside the restroom and yelled that she would he out in a minute. Jason asked Belle if she was hungry and she said yes but also said her appetite was wishy washy. Jason decided to take her into the doctor the next day for a checkup.

The next day, the couple arrive at the doctor. The doctor runs some tests and soon discovers that the couple have another guest at their upcoming wedding. It turns out Belle is in her first trimester. This sudden news surprises the couple. So for the rest of the day, both Jason and Belle take it easy.

Before anybody knew, Spring had arrived and so had the wedding day. Guests were trickling in and a nervous groom was pacing around. Belle and her two bridemaids were prepping themselves inside the house. The small crowd hushed when the music began. From a distance, the groom's heart stopped when he noticed his gorgeous bride starting down the aisle. The two met at the podium and vows were exchanged. Soon the newlyweds were united and ushered themselves down the aisle. The reception was tasteful and quaint. And then it was over and Mr. and Mrs. Schriever lived happily ever after.

May 28, 2020 01:18

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