Robin March,John Brooke and Theodore Bhaer were friends since childhood and grew up together ,went to the same school and they all had same interests and hobbies it looked like they were brothers and not friends.They were from middle-class families and their parents had nothing much to give to them, so when it was time for them to earn money they had a plan to start a business of groceries .For this they needed a huge capital which was possible only after taking loan from banks , they went to many banks to apply for loan but their loan application was rejected on the basis that the banks needed guarantees none of them had anything as a guarantee .First of all they were disappointed but then Robin remembered that his grandfather had some agriculture land in his native village which can be kept as guarantee, he went to the village to his grandfather and convinced him to get the land as guarantee against the bank loan , so the problem of getting loan for their business was solved, they all worked hard and started their grocery business .

The first thing was to look for the location for their grocery shop which was decided in the main market , the grocery shop was full with customers the whole day and they had no time to rest , at night they used to share their profit in equal amounts and were very happy .At the end of first week they had earned a huge amount of cash , this went on for several weeks, days went by and their lifestyle started changing they had started living luxurious life and engaged in all this they forgot to repay their loans.

One day their shop had converted to a Supermarket which was a huge shop like grand showroom , it was now four floor building standing in the main market, the only one in the market and they all gave credit to each other for their success . Their parents were satisfied and happy with their progress and now their parents decided they should get married and they got married in very good families.They all got good wives and their wives were happy and spent lots of time in shopping and all were living lavishly.It was going very well , until one day the bank sent a notice for repayment of loans .

Robin March said to John Brooke "now is the time we should pay our loans " John replied "who me? I have nothing to repay , whatever I get is the sum of money as my salary as I work with you"

Robin March was shocked at this reply, he then asked Theodore Bhaer to repay the loan and got the same answer from him.

Robin said "WHAT?///// am I to repay the whole amount " ,Robin was very upset he could not sleep the whole night he told the whole story to his wife, Amy , she was a lady with a matured thinking she said "be patient darling, we will sort out some plan for this , why do not you take help from my father, he will help you"

"No, replied Robin he was man of principles , the deadline of repayment of loan was approaching and amount to be returned to the bank as a loan was huge, the days went on and at the end of the month he decided to go to his grandfather's village and told him the whole story he suggested him to sell the land and pay his loans.

Robin felt relaxed and did as suggested by his grandfather .

Robin was able to pay all his loan but he had to shut down his Supermarket . He grew weak due to stress and tension and he felt sick and was hospitalized as suggested by the doctors for three months he was on bed-rest. None of his friends visited him ,All his savings were spent on his treatment. When he returned from hospital he had nothing as his savings ,his wife was wearing old clothes but she did not complain.

To start anew Robin and Amy decided to sell their present apartment and shifted to a small house in a new locality, they sold their car too.They had given leave to their maids and now Amy had to do the household chores ,she was learning to cook food, Robin went out next day to find some job for him and was happy to get a new job at a restaurant as a waiter, he thought what days he has to see but it is all right to start somewhere, though salary was not much.

Robin was not very happy with what was happening in his life,then one day Amy asked him." I want to do some job "Robin replied"Why?"

Amy said she wants to help him financially , Robin said let him think for sometime and said " I will find out job for you"

Robin asked someone to look for a job for his wife then one day his neighbor got some news for him that Amy can work as a Librarian in his college library , he was very happy at least a safe place for his wife to work.

Then next day Amy went for the interview of the job, she got the job and was very happy at least her financial condition will improve a bit.

Robin felt sad for Amy as she used to go for her job in tram , a public conveyance as compared to when she was leading a luxurious life and went in car for shopping and on returning home she was fully tired but she was adjusting to this lifestyle anyhow.

One day Amy's younger sister saw her in her college library she was very upset she could not believe her eyes she said "why?she was here and did not ask help from father" Amy told her that Robin is a man of principles and had denied help from her father.

Amy asked her sister to not to tell her father that she is working there.Amy knew her father loved her very much and will not tolerate his daughter doing job in a college library.

Amy did not tell Robin about what had happened in the college library and continued doing her job.

After three years Robin was appointed the manager of the Restaurant due to his sincerity, dedication and honesty..The life started going on very well.

One Sunday morning the door bell rang and Robin was surprised to find out John and Theodore standing outside his gate and asking him to forgive them for their behavior as they were rude to him, they told him that after he shut down the shop they had no job and were almost on roads as beggars ,their families are ruined and they said because they had betrayed Robin ,they were suffering as punished by God.

Robin gave a gentle smile called them inside and said " Dear Friends do not blame yourselves ,now we are all together and can I do something for you.?"

They said if only they could get a job where he works ,Robin assured them he will definitely help them and gave them job in his Restaurant ,they all were together again and thus it is well as it ended well.

October 03, 2019 11:50

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Waverley Stark
06:48 Oct 11, 2019

I liked this a lot, but I think you need to work more on telling the story instead of showing it. It was cool to take three friends and give them conflict.


Alka Mehta
08:03 Oct 11, 2019

Thanks for the suggestion .


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