The dead sometimes do come back

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Mystery Thriller

3 days before camp.

Knock knock. A sound came from the downstairs window. Silla with a bat in

hand tiptoed to the window and moved the curtains slightly. She saw no one

outside and thought it was the wind but before she could fix the curtain and

head back to her room a figure jumped out and revealed itself. Silla ran to

turn on the porch lights and saw it was her husband, Henry, standing outside.

She opened the door and let him in.

“You almost gave me a heart

attack” Silla said smiling while also punching Henry in the shoulder a few


“Sorry, I forgot the keys

at home,” Henry said, making an innocent face. “So anything happened today?”

“Not really. Same old same

old. I bought groceries, got the mail, went out with Hannah and talked to Mrs.

Sherman. That’s about it, OHHH and also in the mail I found a letter addressed

to us”

“What does it say?”

“It’s a camp invite, and I

researched it its one of those summer camps you always tell me about. We should


“I’m not in the mood, maybe

next time”

“Come on, you’re always

talking about camp and an opportunity just came in our mail. Please, please,

pleeeaassseee” Silla with her big eyes and pouty face looks at Henry and he

gives in. “Yay!!! I’ll start packing in the morning for your week long trip.”

Present day 

Silla and Henry arrive at

camp and head straight to the main cabin with the help of arrow guides. Once

inside they saw more people than they had expected. The main cabin was bigger

than two normal size cabins combined. Henry scanned the entire place and

immediately recognized some of them from his high school. 

“There are so many people

here. This is going to be so much fun. Let’s go introduce ourselves” Silla

pulled Henry towards the crowd. But before she could talk to anyone Henry

stopped her and pointed towards the podium. At the podium stood the director of

the camp and welcomed us all. The director was a middle aged woman who seemed

to be withering away by the second. Before she was done speaking Henry had

spotted someone very familiar and by the looks of it he had seen Henry as well.

“You all have been assigned

your cabins and the list is posted out. Please have a look before you disperse”

the woman said her last words and left.

The familiar face Henry saw

before was now standing in front of him with a big smile and a blond woman

standing next to him. “It’s been a long time hasn’t it Mark” Henry says,

bringing his hand out to meet Mark’s.

“It has” Mark replies

shaking Henry’s hand “And you remember Tiffany, we are now married.”

“How could I forget our

school's most famous cheerleader? Ohh this is Priscilla, my wife. Silla, this

is Mark, my best friend from high school and Tiffany the famous cheerleader”

Henry introduces them. All four of them leave the main cabin talking about high

school and their fondest memories. Silla and Tiffany become instant friends

which made Henry quite happy. Once everyone was settled in their cabins they

went out to explore the camp a bit more before sunset.  

The next few days all four

of them took part in all camp activities and slowly Henry, Mark and Tiffany

found more of their high school friends. While Henry started to spend more time

with his friends he had unintentionally ignored Silla which made her upset even

though she did not show it.

One Tuesday while Silla was

taking part in pottery class Henry joined her. He started making his own clay

vase as an excuse to take to Silla. “Hey!! Hon listen…” he started but Silla

cut him off.

“Pay attention to your vase

or it will look like a blob at the end of class” Silla turned away and her

focus went back to her own creation.

“Silla, I’m sorry. I know

I’ve ignored you for the past couple of days but believe me it wasn’t my

intention. You got along so well with Tiffany that I thought it would happen

again with everyone else” Henry stops talking as the teacher passes.

“This looks like a blob,

pay more attention to your clay. And Priscilla, your vase is taking form.

Excellent!!!” the teacher says and moves on.

“Yeah sure, a blob.

Whatever. Silla come on I promise to never ignore you again” Henry looks at her

with an innocent face he knows she can’t say no to.

“Ok. Fine but if you ignore

me again you know what will happen” She gives in. Henry gets up, kisses Silla

on the cheek and runs off before he can be noticed.

In the evening Henry, Sila

and all of Henry’s friends meet up. Henry introduces Silla to Peter, Matt, Andy

and Caroline. They all stayed out late and walked deeper into the forest

surrounding the camp.

“Silla, so like I told you

before we used to come here every summer but what I didn’t tell was that we

have a secret hideout where we stashed all the expensive alcohol we stool from

our parents” Tiffany and Caroline stay close to Silla as the guys stay in front

trying to navigate through the woods. Tiffany kept explaining how they would

invite a random student from their school and how they would all get drunk and

make that random student do all sorts of stupid things.

“Wait, did you bully kids

in schools?” Silla asks curiously.

“Yeah but you know we were

kids and it was all fun and games back then. But most of those kids turned out

pretty well” Caroline chimed in.

“Yeah we never did anything

to extreme”

“Ohh good. I thought you

were like those mean bullies. I had a few bullies during school but after I

went to college things got better” Silla told them about her bullies and their

ways and they all talked about her pre-school time until they reached the

hideout. One there Peter started the fire while Matt and Andy searched for the

alcohol. They returned 10 minutes later with a crate full of vintage wine and

old beers. Everyone took a place around the fire and talked about old memories.

Few drinks later Silla had passed out while Tiffany Caroline was tipsy. Henry

placed his jacket on Silla and then everyone left her and went further into the


“Henry, you think it’s a

good idea to leave her alone” Caroline asks, holding on to Andy’s arm.

“She has low alcohol

tolerance so she’s fast asleep and we can go ahead and do what we came here to

do” Henry replies with an ice cold expression.  

“Why do we even have to do

this? We did everything to keep it hidden and we… no I erased all the evidence

with my own two hands. So why are we digging it up again” Matt said,

frustration dripping from each word.

“Matt is right there is no

evidence against us plus the authorities ruled the case as runaway. We should

stop it right now and leave, go back to our lives and forget about what

happened 7 years ago”  Caroline said, taking each step carefully.

“You guys want to leave so

leave but I need to check this for myself because unlike you I find this, all

of us here together a bit suspicious” Henry said and hurried along.

Once at the site the guys

dug the spot they had marked until they reached the coffin below. Henry and

Peter opened the coffin to find a decomposed skeleton.

“See Lucy is there and can

we leave it's getting creepy” Tiffany whined.

They placed everything as

it was and walked back to their hideout. Before they could reach the entrance

all of them blacked out. No one knows what happened next but everyone woke up

around the fire with their hands and feet tied.

“What’s going on? Why are

we tied? Where’s Silla? Guys??” Henry asked, panicking as he saw the rest

struggling as well.        

“Stop struggling and quite

down” Silla walks out from the shadows “How did the grave digging go guys, find

what you were looking for. I saw your relieved faces so I assume you found it”

“Silla what the hell, untie

us” Henry said anger rising in his eyes.

“Ummmm…Nah I don’t want to

and why would I want to anyway. It’s not like any of you is innocent. All of

you” she points at each and every one of them and grins “have done bad things

to others, especially sweet little Lucy”

At the mention of Lucy they

all freeze and stop struggling.

“Did you all forget about

Lucy but then how would you, you did kill her and bury her here” Silla laughed

uncontrollably while everyone turned pale.

Henry kept struggling to

free himself. “Dear, you should stop now. Neither of you are leaving until I

know why. Why bully someone to that extent and why kill Lucy? Tell me and I’ll

let you go. Promise” Silla raises her right hand as she says her promise.

“Fine. You want to know. We

killed her because… come closer” Silla moved closer, only a few inches away

from Henry and sits in front of him “We killed her because…”. By now Henry had

loosen the ropes around his hand. Once the ropes were off his hands he jumped

at Silla, grabbing her by her hair and pinning her to the ground.

“We killed her because she

found out we were smuggling drugs and she had the audacity to threaten us. She

deserved what happened to her” Henry let Silla loose and untied Peter who

untied the rest. Once they were all free they grabbed Silla and tied her to the

tree. “Why did you come into my life, so you can take revenge for Lucy? I loved

you but I love my life even more and if keeping my life means you have to lose

yours so be it.” Henry grabs the wooden log nearest to him and gets ready to

kill Silla.

“Goodbye dear” Henry raises

the log. But then…

“Freeze put the log down” a

voice said from behind them and they turn to face five police officers pointing

their guns at them “Hand behind your back and step away from her. You are under

arrest for the murder of Lucy Montgomery. You will also be charged with drug


“We didn’t do anything, it

was all her, she set us up. And you don’t have any evidence to arrest us” Henry

said while he was being handcuffed.

“You can tell it to a judge

but we have all the evidence we need,” the officer replied.

Silla was untied from the

tree and covered with a blanket. She was taken to the police car from where she

would be taken back to the station as a witness. Before she got in the car she

asked to speak to her husband one last time.

She got close to him and

whispered in his ear “I’ll make you pay for killing me all those years ago and

trying to almost kill me now. I can’t believe you never guessed who I really

was.” After those words Henry figured out Silla was Lucy who never died but

who’s skeleton they had dug up a few hours ago.

--The End--

June 09, 2021 12:38

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Mohamed Sarfan
19:44 Jun 15, 2021

Life is the ideological stories of the rich Lord who vary from human memories to habitat. The eyes can also read the novel Moon (Nila) written by the author of Darkness through a window; On the contrary, it is not uncommon to hear the tears and roars of a murder. Ona mysterious journey, finding and ending the lost man as the archetype within the story through some quests is an unexpected twist. I mentally love the subtle writing of this story. Write more Congratulations


Aman Fatima
06:28 Jun 16, 2021

Thank you so much!!!!! :):):)


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Charlie Murphy
20:35 Jun 12, 2021

Great story! Definitely reminds me of R.L. Stine!


Aman Fatima
15:32 Jun 13, 2021

Thank you!!! I'm shocked the story gave R.L. Stine vibes. I haven't read R.L.Stine in years. but I'm happy you liked it.


Charlie Murphy
15:41 Jun 13, 2021

You're welcome! Can you read mine?


Aman Fatima
16:25 Jun 13, 2021



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Lily Touby
20:51 Jan 05, 2023

😧😦😦😦awesome story!!!!


Aman Fatima
05:16 Jan 09, 2023

Thank you!!


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