I sat on the couch with Mat and Tracey. Bip came over and jumped on the couch, his tail wagging happily. I pet his golden fur and propped my socked feet up on a brown footrest. Tracey and Matt were discussing politics, and my brother Jake was playing soccer outside with his buddies.

When we come to Tracey's house for the summer, there's usually a lot of excitement. But with Tracey being 3 months pregnant, her sister in law has nothing to do. Thank God for TV!

I sagged on the couch, a bowl of jello in my hand. I shoved a spoonful of orange jello in my mouth. Judge Judy gave the defendant money. "What?!" I screamed at the television. Ayay ay!!

Bip barked and ran to the window, tail wagging furiously. It must have been a squirrel.

I took my attention back to the TV. It was commercial break. I groaned.

The only good commercials I saw were last year. One was a toothpaste commercial, and another a bank commercial. They cracked ice and BAM, there was a super amazingly awesome bank!! It was insane, like Captain America coming out of the ice!!!

But still, I stared at the TV 'cause there was nothing else to do.

The first commercial was for some blow up ball. Very 2028. It was very much in our era. I rolled my eyes sarcastically. It wasn't 2028. It was 2014!! I didn't even live through that time. I'm 15, gosh.

I tuned out on the next one. For some health care thing. Tracey and Mat's conversation on the vice president and his world domination or something was more interesting than this commercial. Clearly, it was dedicated to old personnel. Ay ay ay!

Then suddenly, I was on a roller coaster and there was screaming and I jumped. My eyes widened from the sluggish position they had been in, and I locked eyes with the TV. Bip growled and walked over, jumping back on the couch and putting his soft golden head in my lap. I didn't even notice, but I ended up stroking his head, so I guess my senses are off or something.

The coaster went down as steep hill and then looped around. It did a few twirls and flipped over. I was there!!

"Are you waiting for an adventure this season?" a women wearing way too much makeup asked. Her red hair bounced happily, and I could see an amusement park behind her. A guy appeared.

"Yes," I answered bluntly.

"Well then, you DON'T want to miss out!! Come to Franchin's Super Wimsical Amusement Park!!" the man practicaly shouted at the camera. Bip whimpered at the sound. Mat and Tracey turned.

"Nothing," I called hastily, grabbing the volume remote and turning the television sound down. Then, TV!!!!!!!

"We have water rides, a splash pad for kids, a bar and vacuumed restrooms!!!" the lady smiled. I nodded. "Sweet."

"Don't forget the nine roller coasters and dozens of tiny rides!!" the man added. They showed a few shots of the park. Their were tons of happy faces, and one person was dangling out of a coaster. Oh. My. GOSH!!! SOOOOO COOL!!!! I want to ride that roller coaster.

"Oh my gosh!!" Tracey echoed out loud.

I shrugged. 'The guy's clearly an idiot who didn't buckle up," I gestured. Tracey frowned, but said nothing.

Then it started to show reviews. I noticed their were only six reviews. But they were all good. One said, "If I could buy this park, I would". Then there was tiny writing next to it, but I couldn't read that. The only word I could make out was "shut" and some "word-that-begins-with-a-d". That's all I saw. Another review said "Franchin's was awesome!! I left my kids at the splash pad and then had the most fun of my life!!" But the person's logo was a girl among piles of beer. "That didn't worry me at all," I nodded quietly, trying to reassure myself.

"And we have season passes!! One for a hundred and thirteen dollars. Don't miss out!! Come join in the fun!!" the man commented

"Come to Franchin's Whimsical Amusement Park!!" The lady finished.

"And for you worriers out there, it is clinically proven that children who are introduced to the world and may have fun for a period of time maintain happier and may even bring up grades!!!" The man said. Tracey screamed for some reason, but I didn't even notice.

"Don't wait!!!! Come to Franchin's Whimsical Amusement Park!!" the two shouted at the camera, hands spread and gesturing to the entrance of the park, where rides were on in the background. I nodded, intrigued.

"Hey....Tracey!!! Do you think you could get me...never mind."

Judge Judy had come back on, and Tracey was yelling at the window, which was broken. There was a soccer ball amidst the mess of glass. My brother kicked a ball through the window and I didn't even notice? Wow. That commercial was like that? Whoa. These senses need some serious work. And I need some tickets to this place!!

December 10, 2019 22:11

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