Based on the prompt, "Write a story about a birthday party with a major plot twist."

It's finally my birthday. I just turned nineteen today.

I could hear the loud music and I could tell that there are a lot of people downstairs already. Truth be told, I never wanted a party because I'm a reserved person and I love my privacy but my best friend, Arianna would have never let me hear the end of it if I refuse to have one.

I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself. As much as I hate to admit it, Arianna has done a pretty good job to transform me into a glam model. I was in a Royal blue mermaid gown that has stripes and rubies. It hugged my big hips perfectly and didn't fail to show off my tiny waist. I was not gifted with big breasts but it's nothing a push-up bra can't fix.

My makeup is on fleek. Arianna tried the smokey eye with glitter and a deep red lipstick. 

I took a deep breath to relieve myself of the nerves that was rising in my stomach. The door busted open revealing a very excited Arianna.

"C'mon girl, what is holding you up? The party has already started." Arianna said as she walked towards me.

"I was a bit nervous okay. You don't know how wild these people can get." I told her.

Arielle rolled her eyes in a funny way causing me to chuckle. 

"For goodness sake, Arielle. What else were you expecting? It's a party and people are expected to get wild. That is when the real fun begins." It was my turn to roll my eyes at her.

Arianna dragged me to the party.


The party was definitely wild. People were playing games like poker while some people were already drunk. Like seriously, it's only been like thirty minutes.

I looked over at a corner where a group of people were playing beer pong. How cool is that?

"Attention guys! Let's put our hands together for the beautiful Arielle, the lady of the day." Jeremy, Arianna's boyfriend said.

He was on the make-shift podium and by the looks of it, he was definitely tipsy. 

I looked around to check for my boyfriend, Max, who should have been here like three hours ago. Arianna nudged me and gave me a face that says, "Smile, bitch or I'm gonna kick your ass."

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...." Jeremy started singing into the mike causing the others to sing along. 

Everyone cheered after they finished the song and I mentally rolled my eyes while still trying to maintain my happy face. 

Everyone went back to their businesses while I still look around for Max. I couldn't take not seeing him anymore so I quietly asked Arianna if she had seen him.

His car probably broke down or something. Don't worry about it, he will be here in no time." Arianna said.

I started thinking of possibilities. What if Max doesn't remember that it's my birthday? What if he was around somewhere sticking his tongue down some bimbo's throat.

Max has never done this before in our two years of being together and I don't think he would start now. Still, the possibilities of him cheating on me held my stomach in a tight knot.

"I'm just going to talk to Jeremy for a while." Arianna said leaving me on my own. 

I shrugged and continued walking and greeting people. Soon, I got tired of it and stepped out (my biggest mistake). 

I decided to go to the garden where it was quiet and free from the party noise. I always come down here to gather my thoughts. I sat on the cemented bench in the garden and watched the sky. 

I usually enjoy watching the sky with Max. This place was like our secret haven. 

I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in the moment when I felt a body sit beside me. I quickly opened my eyes and faced the person thinking it was Max. I was disappointed when instead of Max, it was Arianna's boyfriend, Jeremy.

"Why is the birthday girl sitting all alone? That too at her own party. Arianna will have your head when she finds you." Jeremy joked.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, trying to make conversation.

He shrugged. "Nothing much. I'm a bit tipsy so I just want to calm myself before going back in. What about you?" He asked and faced me. 

"Just trying to gather my thoughts." I replied honestly.

"What's wrong?" Jeremy asked. He seemed to be interested. 

I suddenly noticed the closeness between us as I faced him. His face conveys a gentle and caring feeling.

Slowly, I was giving in. I could feel his breath on my lips and any little movement will seal our fate. 

I quickly snapped out of it and looked away from him. But he wasn't giving up yet. His finger reached my chin and gently turned my face to his and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. 

I didn't open up at first but the feeling of his soft lips on mine caused me to open up and explore the sweetness. I got lost in it before I realized it. 

"What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?"

Jeremy and I quickly broke apart and turned in the direction of the voice.

Oh. My. God!

"What is going on right now! Someone better explain what is going on or else I swear someone is gonna die!" Max raged. 

There stood my Max in his expensive Armani suit and a pink bouquet in his left hand. 

No no no no no, what have I done?

"I - I c-can explain." I barely could hear myself whisper.

"Dude, you have to calm down. It's not what you think it is." Jeremy said as he stood up and made his way over to Max. 

Max didn't hesitate. He threw the bouquet on the floor and rushed to Jeremy before punching him hard on the face.

People have started to gather and it was embarrassing.

"Max, stop it! It's not what you think!" I screamed.

Like a lion whose switch has just been turned on, Max left Jeremy and rushed to me and held my arms.

"It's not what I think? It's not what I think?" Max screamed at me.

I started crying not finding any suitable words to explain myself.

"Tell me what I should think when I see my girlfriend kissing another guy in a secret garden where we both share."

I couldn't say anything. I just sat on the floor and cried. Max walked away angrily, kicking the bouquet on his way.

"She's such a whore."

"Can you imagine? She was making out with her best friend's boyfriend"

"I can't believe she could be such a bitch!"

"Pathetic whore!"

I could hear the comments of the people as they left one by one.

I looked up to see Arianna staring at me with no emotion on her face. I watched her as she left.

Everyone left. No one wanted to listen to my own explanation. 

Slowly, I carried myself up and dragged my pathetic self to the house and walked up the stairs to my room. I opened the door to see my room getting thrashed by Arianna. She stopped when she saw me. 

"You bitch! You dare betray me?"

"A - A - ri ...... I..." I tried to explain.

"Save it. You're such a pathetic whore. And to think that I've always had your back. This is how you repay me?"

"I - I - di - didn't...."

"Shut the hell up, okay? Just shut the hell up! I'm gonna destroy you like you destroyed my relationship. I'm gonna trample on you and watch you crumble in pieces, you whore. Don't you ever come close to me again." She left my room.

I dragged myself to my bed and lay on the bed even though it has been thrashed. I cried myself to sleep. 


"Rise and shine, honey. It's your big day today and you have to get prepared" my mom said.

I snapped my eyes open and sat up quickly and looked at my surroundings. My room looked neat compared to the thrash I saw before.

"What's wrong, honey?" Mom asked, noticing the confusion on my face. 

"T-the party?" I asked her.

"Yes, your birthday party. You have to prepare for it so rise and shine. Arianna will be here anytime soon to help you prepare."

I threw myself back on my bed as I realized that it was all a dream.

I'm definitely not going anywhere near Jeremy during the party.

August 05, 2019 15:33

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