Horror Fiction

TW: violence, gore, cannibalism

I was absent mindedly browsing an online classifieds site when I came across an interesting ad. A wholesome, nice looking Romanian girl wanting to study in my country, seeking accommodations.


I did need a new room mate since the last one moved out leaving me to cough up the whole rent each month, so I answered the ad before giving it much thought. Despite warnings from friends that claimed this is probably a scam, I kept an open mind. Somehow it felt right.


In a surprisingly short time, she was at my doorstep, bags packed, ready to move in and take up her studies.

This is when my life took a sharp turn.




She was way hotter than her photo, Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around? After a week or so of not being able to help but stare at her when I thought she wasn't looking, she starts to show timid signs of interest in me. I gently reciprocated.


Suddenly it all ignited like a firework. Mad great sex whenever we were alone together.


This went on for some weeks. She seems to have forgotten about studying and seems to be fully in love with me. I started to think, wow this could be it! My life was so “off the rails”. Is this true love? I was hooked. Taking her to meet my parents was no longer a scary prospect. OMG!


Then she casually, meekly mentions some friends of her’s back home in Romania who are trying to do something similar to her out here. Study and live. I was sympathetic and tried my best to smooth this process. I invited them to crash our place to get them started.


It seemed so natural when they arrived. They were genuinly nice and cool people. So easy to get along with. Completely uncomplicated, despite the cramped sleeping arrangements.


There were more girls than guys, and some were in couples. Everything seemed so normal. The real change was with my friends. They were like - WOW. I was the center of attention with my new circle of exotic hipster friends. Everyone wanted to hang out with us. My life was on a high.


Then I had a brainstorm, an epiphany! I need to throw a party! It will be the party of the year. I will be remembered forever. It will be absolutely epic!




The night of the party arrives, and everyone is there. It's perfect.

Music is pumping, everyone dancing, drinking and getting along.


The Romanians are the center of attention, but I cannot shake off a strange feeling. Something is not right. Something feels odd.


The party is pumping, seems like the keg will never stop pleasing. I see some of the new girls making out with my friends, and even some of the new guys are hooking up with the new girls and with the local girls. They all seem to also be on top of the world. Everyone is making out now. All over the place, couches kitchen table, on the floor. And some are going further, much further. I am shocked but somehow it all seems OK.


But it wasn't Ok. There was a nagging bump I could not quite put my finger on. A snag in the fabric of my mind. What is it?


My girl is nowhere to be seen, but this progression with everyone else is amazing, almost frightening. It is all so sudden! Time is warping and it is hard to track how long I have been standing here, watching all this unfold.


Then I see her come back from the front door. My girl, Oh she is sooo hot! And she is mine. A smile stretches across my face as she catches my eye in a glimmer of secret passion, and I put my discomfort aside.


She moves around the livingroom shutting drapes everywhere, and then in the kitchen where she locks the back door! What is she up to?


My rollercoaster of a life is taking a sickening slide, an exhilarating turn. Is this what parties are like in Romania? People are making out everywhere, and in some cases three and four together!


Then there is ‘yelp’ of pain from somewhere in the crowd. My attention is drawn, but I cannot see who it is. Some others also look up, but this is all too delicious to be distracted for long.


Then I notice some blood on someone's shirt, then on another, and another, and now it seems to be everywhere!

I am rooted on the spot slack jawed! They are feeding!

The Romanian hipsters are eating my friends. Eating them whole!


I am frozen in shock!


Some of my friends seem completely unaware of what is happening to them: making out with one, while another has already eaten most of their leg.


Their mouths! They are so huge, and with so many large sharp teeth.


They are being eaten. My friends are being eaten. Skin, flesh, bones, clothes, complete. The speed is mesmerizing. Their teeth gnash through everything. Entire hunks of human meat, skin and fabric, swallowed whole.


Then my girl slides up next to me, exuding a sensuous affection. She turns. With a maternal, approving stare and surveys the scene of blood and meat and bone. My friends are literally vanishing in front of me, Because of me.


I see one of the Romanians wolf down an entire arm, hand an all in 2 rapid bites. My mind wrestles with the impossibility of it all.

There are noticeably less people in the living room now, but nobody has left the party!


I look down at her, my girl, and something is subtly different. I smell her sweet scent. Not perfume, but her!, that musky tang of her sex. Its hypnotic. Her clothes are heavily bloodied, but she! She looks unreal. More virile and sexier than ever.


I am overcome, feeling the familiar bulge in my pants quickly grow. The sudden urgent need overtakes me. She leads me by my hand to our bedroom. I am in a sweet trance staring at her hips and beautifully rounded cheeks barely contained within her undersized jeans, now moving with her seductive stride as she leads me on. The horrors in the living room are no longer important. Nothing else is important. She is the flame. I am a moth.


She turns and starts to remove my shirt, my mind grows thick and foggy. I pass out.





Hours later, a group of young healthy sexy looking people with some modest luggage leave the house and lock the door behind them. They take a few cars and drive away into the night.

The house is quite, spotless, and empty. Dead.


And I am one with them now.

May 11, 2021 21:01

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Genessy Gonzalez
16:07 May 17, 2021

This was quite interesting from start to finish it always leaves you wanting more. I find it very strange how everyone was so hypnotized by the Romanians that they didn't even notice what was going on around them. Maybe they all had like a unique aroma that they had to them just like his girlfriend that made them ignore everything and everyone there. Definitely, worth the read I enjoyed the plot twist. I honestly thought they would just steal all his money or leave him with nothing. I also loved how he became one of them and he didn't end up...


Lynel Black
07:46 Jul 11, 2023

Thanks for the nice comment. Personally I was quite underwhelmed by this piece. It was an old work of mine. I spontaneously entered it into the prompts competition because it matched a prompt quite well.


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