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Becky had her usual New Year’s Resolutions. There were quite basic. Like most people, she would mention her diet, quitting smoking, or something about her boyfriend. However, she very satisfied with her outcomes. She was proud of fulfilling all of it. Frankly speaking, she could even say she was happy with her life.

Then her mom showed up on her doorstep.

Holding her old cat under her arm. Poor Shishi! Only God knew, what he had to go through, to find himself once again on her doorstep. Becky took the big suitcase from mum and grabbed with the other hand her favorite, fluffy, overweight cat. Who was now too old for parents drama. For it was known, her mother- lady Juliana was the queen of the romance and of the drama. She kept shedding tears. Pouring her mascara as a teenager after prom, who was cheated on. Therefore, from now on her life could not go on! Becky sat on the couch, next to the black-eyed, crying creature and prepared her compassioning face. Although, she was already familiar with the story. It was over and over again, under the same reason to see her guest on her doorstep. Who would tear two packs of paper tissue apart, with pitty for lady Juliana’s drama. She got a fight with her father, however this time, the blame was on him. While offering tea to come dawn, her doorbell rang again, too brutally loud for a bell. Whoever was outside, was not patient enough! For Becky couldn’t run faster to check who was urgent. She looked through the small hole.  ‘O, dear! Is that you on the door?’ Her best girlfriend was standing, with a red, sad face and a few of her bags in her hands.  

‘I’m done! O, my dear friend! I’ve lost my job! As much as I was trying to hold it, a new girl has appeared! She’s faster, she’s younger and prettier as it came clear. And that tremendously expensive flat of mine! Why was I even paying this godless money for rent until now! Anyways, it seems as I’m homeless now, so what to worry about it!’

Becky’s lost of words, grabbed the fluffy wide-eyed cat, petting neurotic that fat fluffy ball. Seeking for help she was perhaps, how to handle these female cataclysms revealing at her house.

‘Would you like a cup of tea my dear?’

‘Well, if you think that would help, yes please.’

Becky took the fluffy ball with her for moral support. Head on to the kitchen, planning on her next move. What she shall do after once were done with the tea? She took a peek in the other room, maybe the crisis subsided a little bit. O, dear Lord! No! These two crying monsters were competing who would curse more, and who would be drowned in the blackest mascara.

Becky the whole year was longing for her time off. Having plans for simply chilling in her quiet, cozy home. Working so hard to catch up with her New Year’s resolution. You know the ones about the diet, career success, and about the boyfriend let’s not forget. It was all going great so far. The only thing she missed was to fulfill her close one's resolutions as well. However, now was too late, as on her door was pressed one more time the bell!

Becky horrified, squeezed the fat, fluffy cat tighter. Poor thing, how a cat would have to know how to deal with human, female’s drama. Becky gathered all of her courage to opened the door, with the funny feeling instead of the host she was a hostage.

A tall woman with a dripping make up was standing outside. A familiar face it was, indeed. But who would that be, couldn’t figure it out.

‘Please, excuse me for disturbing you! I’m your neighbor from B5.’

O, yes. That’s why Becky was recognizing the face.

‘ Excuse me, I was…I was’- her eyes couldn’t hold so many tears. And another female monster has burst in her grief.

‘I’m sorry! I was just hoping to stay with you for a while!’- Bearly the woman has compounded a sentence. Along with a weird sound of some other crying nonces.

‘But what has happened?’-asked more out of curiosity than compassion.

‘Well, you see I live by myself. Only with my sweet, little, fluffy pie.’

‘With your fluffy what??’

‘With my cat. We were together since I was a child. But today he has run away on the street. A car hit him before I could save him.’ Sharing that, the woman pointed her gaze to big fluffy Shishi. Poor thing desperately tried to escape, felt the crying monster was now looking at him.

‘O dear, I’m so sorry for your loss! But please, come in and feel comfortable, I was just going to make a tea.’

The neighbor settled on the couch along with the two other ladies, who felt down on their New Year’s resolutions.

Becky hid again in her kitchen, holding poor Shishi in a puzzlement how does exactly work the New Year‘s resolution? She took a peek again, what was the situation in her living room. Then shut the door quickly. 

‘O Shishi! We would need more tea! Plenty of tea! To quell with the crisis.’

It was time for Becky to embrace it. There was no chance for her having her rest. These crying monsters would give her no peace to enjoy on her New Year resolution’s success.


January 18, 2020 04:07

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Kalina Ivanova
01:18 Jan 31, 2020

Thank you very much Kat Gruszka for the comment. I do appreciate it.


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Kat Gruszka
19:33 Jan 30, 2020

Hi Kalina! I felt like you did a really good job creating a relationship between your main character and the fluffy kitty. My only piece of advice is that I got a little lost in your story at points. There was a lot happening and it shifted quickly. Definitely a sweet concept though!


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