Science Fiction

The year started like no other. Its was like everyone had lost there minds. The election was filled with scandal. Truth was lost in a media blitz to dishonor everyone in office. Nations were left starving While men in office were bought by the highest bidder. Our nation was being blamed for every disaster on the earth. The world leaders withdrew from the peace talks. We were betrayed by our own leaders. Military secrets were published on the internet. Our silos were full of missiles and they no longer worked due to no maintenance. Then came the bombing of the cities from within. Then the radio and news of any type were silenced. People were dying in their sleep. Flashes of light and sonic booms could be heard in the distance. No electricity, no gas, electronic equipment simply stopped working. Hospitals no longer existed. The horror of no food and water and we were surrounded by death. We were completely cut off from the rest of the world. The elders in our town were creative and gathered all the young men together to solve our basic needs. We first built a solar water distillery to use the water we had. Then we were called to bury all those who had died as well as the dying livestock. Our biggest project was to plant everything we could find seed for on top of graves. Every building was checked to see if there was anything useful. Tools were shared by everyone as was needed. Life was so different. Survival was only possible by working in groups and sharing everything we had. Those who left were never seen again. By Spring we had converted the old downtown buildings into a compound. The generator only supplied power during the day. The town was blacked out at night to keep away Marauders. The work was very hard but our group became very close. Friendships from the most unlikely people became common. All of us were looking forward to summer and the harvest. The excitement grew day by day. Things grew at an amazing rate. We could finally see a reward of all our hard work. We called ourselves the boys of summer after a old song we heard. at the beginning of Summer we started harvesting. Then on June 20 the snow came. Nuclear summer was not what anyone thought it would be. So the boys of summer finished the harvest in record time. Instead of being defeated we went and played in the snow. This was the best life had been for a very long time. First the girls who had been hidden inside joined us. Then the men and women who were so sad slowly join in the celebration. Singing and dancing broke out everywhere you looked. People were laughing and some were even crying with joy. When nighttime came a bonfire was built with all the broken down crates and wood the could not be used otherwise. People use the snow to clean there faces and hands that seemed to be always be dirty before. Snowball fights broke out from the different groups .

Happiness returned to our lives and we felt hope for tomorrow. When the morning came most of use were still huddled around the fire . At daybreak we saw a large amount of orphan children walking down the roadway that led into our little valley. They had been drawn out of their hiding places by the sounds of music and the light of the fire from miles away. This was a ragtag bunch, beggars at best. Some of the children were naked and some had burns. All of them seemed to be starving. What happened next changed our lives forever. The boys of summer gather together in front of the whole town and with an united voice proclaimed everyone would adopt these kids as their own. Everyone there contributed as much they could. The boys that were old enough chose to marry the girls that they had fell in love with and adopted some of the orphans. Many of the families took in who they could. The boys of summer who where still together took in the boys who were not chosen. The girls were all taken by newly made up families. The orphans told stories of the cities that had been destroyed. They had found a place to call home with there new families. The town grew into a real community of friends and the boys of summer grew into men. The summer weather returned after that and life continued on. The time it snowed during the summer became a distance memory. Our lives were forever changed. Our new calling was to help those in our little world to regain hope and to learn to live within the means that were at hand, and to share with the new communities that slowly began to rise up around us. Leaders came and went and they all promised cruelty and intolerance would never again reign in our lives. Taking care of one another was the goal of this era. Growing large families was the side effect. Leaders no longer had differing parties and it was like the tribes of American past had returned. Which resulted in a simpler life for everyone. Midwives and healers had the biggest voice. Nobody had to advocate for animals because they were one of the greatest commodities. People once again became stewards of the land and water. The outside world was lost to us and people were speculating if this was the end of time. The last embers of humanity grew in this valley. Those who were Christians believed Christ would come riding on the clouds and constantly watching and waiting. Faith in God continued to be strong and morals were still followed the basic ten commandments. No one treated you any different even if you did not believe. The skies were vacant with only migrating birds seen flying . This peaceful life sat in the ashes of the great abundance we had once lived in. Now that you have read this story you know what will happen in the future. It is never to late to change it until it comes to pass. I came back to tell you this so you too could have hope. Once this story is published I will return to my time and never return again. Good bye and God bless you all.

January 18, 2021 01:23

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