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Dear Diary

I was in my house watching videos on my ipad with my older sister Jessica. The lights in the living room were on. My sister got up to get water and when she walked back into the room the lights went out.

“Jessica,”I said. “Turn back on the lights.”

“I didn’t turn them off.”She replied.

“Oh please,” I scoffed. “They can't just go off by themselves.”

“Look at me.”Jessica said.

“I can't because the lights are off.”I said.

“Try.” Jessica said.

I could barely make out Jessica’s silhouette. She was standing next to the light switch. She flipped the light switch, nothing happened. She flipped it again, still nothing. I called my parents.

“Mom! Dad! The lights won’t turn on.”

They came down stairs and tried the lights. Shouts of confusion echoed through the house as me, my sister, and my parents went around to try the other lights. Not a single one would turn on. 

“The power’s gone out!” My mom called.

We went outside. The whole town was in darkness. We went to another house and knocked on the door. 

“Hello?”A woman answered the door, or I thought it was a woman, I couldn’t see much through the darkness. 

“We were wondering if you had power.” My dad asked/explained.

“No sir. All the power went out 10 minutes ago.” She said.

“Ok thank you.” My father said.

We left the house and were walking home when someone called.

“Make for the hills!!!”

We turned around. The Mayor was standing behind us. I could faintly see the bell in the town square. We had walked farther than I thought. 

“Make for the hills!!!” He called again.

This time he rang the bell. It sounded long and loud. Everyone came out of the houses. 

“Make for the hills! Get whatever water and food you can save and get to the hills!”       

Everyone did as they were asked. As we ran home I realized just how dire the situation was. All our water and anything that was refrigerated was spoiled. It was surprising how hot our city got when there was no ac. We quickly packed some food that did not spoil in heat which was not much and I grabbed my diary, pen, spray fan, and dog. Jessica grabbed her favorite book, and a pair of shorts for her and me and a spray fan. My mom grabbed a pair of shorts for my dad and her and she grabbed her iphone and her spray fan as well as my dad’s spray fan.. My dad got whatever water he could even though it was all hot and we couldn’t put ice because all the ice had melted. He put the food and water along with the shorts into a bag and hefted the bag over his shoulder. Mom carried her iphone, Jessica carried her book, and I carried my pen, Diary and our dog Minnie. It was pitch dark. There was no sun but it was very humid. I tried to fan Minnie as we walked because I knew dogs could overheat. I didn’t use the water in the fan for two reasons, One she doesn’t like water, and Two I couldn’t waste the water I had. We went as fast as we could but the hills were far away and with everyone squishing around to get to the hills first there was a lot of body heat which was not making this heat better. At one point there were so many people I lost sight of my parents and sister. Because it was so dark people didn’t know where they were going so they kept shoving. If it wasn’t for the mayor who had a lantern we wouldn’t know we were going in the right direction. I mom, dad, and Jessica a moment later.  We got to the hills about 3 hours later. I felt like I was going to die from a heat stroke and I probably would have if I didn’t have my spray fan. I fanned myself and Minnie (actually I tried to fan Minnie but I couldn’t see her.) the entire way to the hills. I only used a small amount of the water though. When we got to where everyone was going it was almost night time or at least it felt like night time but I couldn’t tell because everything was black. Everyone got whatever food that they had saved and began eating a little bit of it. People also shared with others who hadn’t been about to save anything. Nobody lit a fire because it was too warm for that and they couldn’t see to light the fire. People then spread out on the hard ground. Nobody had tents or sleeping bags, not that anyone would need anything to make them hotter. Thankfully it got just a little cooler that night. The temperature dropped about 5 degrees. That doesn’t sound like much but it felt like it was dropping 100 degrees. I could hear everyone breathing sighs of relief. At least the temperature had dropped some. I curled up with Minnie and my sister, or at least that’s what I tried to do but there was too much body heat and I had to separate and sleep by myself so that I didn’t get as hot. That night I had a dream that I was riding through icy plains on a horse with Minnie. My sister and parents were on horses next to me. As we galloped I laughed and threw back my head, my jet black hair blowing behind me. My green eyes were wild. I galloped and galloped. When I got hot I took off a layer of clothing throwing it out behind me. When things tried to slow me down I kept going. I knew life was going to be hard until the power came back, but I could make it through because I was strong.

When I woke up the sun was just rising. Thank goodness there is a sun. I thought. I got up and began walking about. The temperature was back to 100 degrees and I decided to take a walk to our city down below. I walked down and saw something that truly astonished me. Everything was melting. From what I could see from looking inside windows, toys, books, stuffed animals, everything was melting. It was truly amazing. I was just about to turn back to the hill when I heard a voice.


May 07, 2021 02:18

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11:57 May 07, 2021

This was so good! I think that you could've changed the really long paragraph (The one where they start to get things packed) into multiple. Also, the person who called for help at the end could've added a twist and made it even better! Great job!


Caroline Fonteno
12:58 May 07, 2021



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