Contemporary Teens & Young Adult Drama

I stepped into the cabin and unwrapped my scarf from my neck. I hung it up and reached for my hat but paused and looked back at where I had hung my scarf. There were already clothes there. It looked like the snow clothes belonged to a petite woman or maybe a teenage girl. I couldn't understand why they would be here though. This was my cabin. It was also in a remote place in the woods so you'd have to be looking for it to find it. 

Here's the thing. About a month ago, I was pushed into quitting my job as a teacher and I was taken to a mansion by two lawyers. They told me that my great uncle had recently died and left half of everything he owned to me. Cliche, right? Anyway, there was a catch to getting all the money and properties. I would have to marry my great uncle's best friend's niece. She would get the other half of everything. Now, I why am I telling you this? Well, I haven't met her yet but, if anyone could just walk in here, it would be her. Women's clothing too so it's most likely her. The only confusing part about now would be the fact that I wasn't told that she would be here. I was told the cabin was empty. 

Now, I couldn't be completely sure so I decided to leave my snow clothes on and investigate. I'll explain the layout so that you understand. Looking from my stand point at the front door, the living room was to my immediate right. There was a big couch and a large television above a big fireplace. If I walked straight forward, there was a kitchen. It had everything a normal kitchen would have and even had a nice island. I could see that there seemed to be a hallways to the left right before you got to the kitchen. The hallways was under the stairs. The staircase was to my immediate left. It went up quite a ways to a hallway. I decided to head up the stairs first. 

"Hello?" I said as I waited a moment before moving. I didn't hear anything so I headed up the stairs as I spoke a little louder. "Hello?" There was still no answer but I thought I heard the sound of a door close. I climbed up the steps and stopped when I reached the top. There were two doors to my left, two to the right and one at the end of the hallway. I decided to just try the first door to my left.

I opened the door and heard a loud creak. As fast as the door had opened, I realized that there was a girl in this room. The problem now was that she had turned around (probably because the sound of the door opening had startled her) and she must've been getting dressed because she was naked as a mole rat. I stumbled back and covered my eyes while apologizing profusely. A moment after her scream I heard the door slam shut and lock. I heard what I believed to be hurried dressing and after a minute or two the woman spoke.

"Who are you and what in the heck are you doing in my cabin?!!"

"I'm so sorry for walking in on you. My name is Kim Namjun. You must be Melissa."

"Kim Namjun?" She repeated. I could tell that she recognized the name but I don't know if she had linked it to her now fiance, yet. "You're Kim Namjun?" She emphasized "you're" as if I might be lying.

"Yes." I confirmed. I heard the door unlock and watched it slowly open. I watched as her head slowly poked out and I took that time to admire just how beautiful she was. This was the first time I had ever met her.

When I had first heard the name, Melissa, I had imagined an annoying white girl with medium brown beach curls. This girl was nothing like that. She had the most beautiful, perfectly almond colored skin. She had a Nubian nose and full, pink lips. The most startling feature about her was her hair. It was as black as a panthers fur and it cascaded down to her upper thighs. 

We both stared at each other for a moment. It looked as if she was figuring me out too. Then she spoke.

"We need to talk." She opened her door fully and stepped out. Now that I had a chance to look at her body I realized that it perfectly matched her face. 

She had a very sure hourglass shaped body. For how small I had originally judged the clothes to be - she seemed to have very long legs. 

She stepped down the stairs very gracefully and I followed from a distance behind her. She made her way into the living room and sat on the couch, motioning for me to take a seat next to her but not too close. I sat down a foot or two away and turned my body to face hers to show that I was paying attention to her. 

~ ~ ~

We had spoken for quiet a while and finally figured out what had most likely happened. Melissa had already been at the cabin for around four days. She had planned to stay there for a week just like I had. Neither of us had been told that the other one would be there, so we figured that someone must've planned this. Since the cabin was in a very remote place, there was no way to safely get back to any sort of civilization until the lawyers came back to get us. Because Melissa had started her trip earlier, we would probably be together for about three days before she headed down.

We had already set rules. We would be sharing food since it was newly stocked specifically for us so it was all we had. We would (of course) not be allowed in each others rooms without permission. and we wouldn't sue anyone else's stuff without permission.

After setting the rules I finally took my hot snow stuff off and grabbed my suitcase to go unpack into the room across from Melissa's.

~ ~ ~

After unpacking, I made my way downstairs. It was around afternoon time now so, after a quick, late lunch, I decided to watch a movie.

When I was about twenty minutes into the movie, I heard the stairs creaking and ignore it at first but, a moment later, I saw someone out of the corner of my eyes so I turned my head. It was Melissa. She had come down with a warm blanket and sat down in the middle of the couch. She wasn't too far from me but she didn't seem to mind the proximity. I stared at her for a moment longer but she made no move to look at me or explain anything so I turned back to the TV.

When the movie finished I turned the TV off and checked the time. 4:00. Since this was supposed to be a relaxing time for me, I decided to go ahead and make dinner now so that I could go to bed early.

"Hey, Melissa. Do you want dinner?" I turned to Melissa only to see that she was sleeping and, to my surprise, my voice hadn't awoken her. I thought about moving her for a second but quickly decided that I shouldn't touch her. I walked to the kitchen and started on dinner. I just made spaghetti because it was quick enough and simple. I didn't want to be in the kitchen too long since I had a tendency to destroy things and I was pretty surprised I hadn't broken anything in the cabin yet.

I must've jinxed myself because I was only ten minutes into cooking when disaster struck. I had set the water to boil and turned the heat up to high so it would boil faster. I had also poured the pasta sauce into a separate pot and started to cook that at a medium heat. I had gotten the noodles and strainer out and the water had quickly started to boil so I put some noodles in and then pulled my phone out while waiting for the noodles to soften. After a while I could tell that the pot was really bubbling and I heard the sound of what I believed spilling water would sound like hitting the sun. I looked up from my phone and, not only was the water and noodles boiling over but, the pasta sauce was starting to bubble so fast that it was shooting sauce everywhere. I yelled a profanity as I dropped my phone and ran to move the pot. I was being splattered with burning hot pasta sauce and when I tried to lift the pan I hadn't realized that the boiling water had spilled onto the handle too and it burnt my hand. I dropped the pot and it hit my foot as it spilled everything causing me to yell in pain. I started to hop a little but slipped on what was left of the noodles and boiling water and landed hard on the ground. I heard footsteps running towards me and Melissa quickly came into sight with a look of panic on her face.

"What is happening?!" She yelled as she moved to turn the stove of and moved the sauce onto the counter. She picked up other the pot from the floor and set it on the counter as well. She started to scoop the noodles off of the floor and drop those onto the counter too. After she got the bulk of them off the floor she looked at me. She looked angry but she still knelt down and looked at my foot.

Luckily, I had been wearing socks so, when she took them off my foot was just very red. She looked back at my face for moment and then her eyes shifted to my hands. She moved my first hand that was cradling the other one and took a look at it. Again, it was just very red but there were no problems besides that. She took one more look at me before standing up.

"What were you trying to do?! Kill us? You don't take your eyes off of boiling ANYTHING and you ESPECIALLY don't look away when you've turned the heat up that high!!" Melissa shouted. She opened a few drawers before finding the rags and wetting one. She started to wipe down the splatters of sauce very aggressively as she kept glancing at me with a big scowl on her face.

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to make some dinner so I could go to bed early. I should've payed more attention. That won't happen again." I apologized and finally stood up. Melissa didn't answer but, instead, continued to wipe down the kitchen angrily. I gently grabbed her hand to stop her aggressive wiping. She looked at me and her scowl only deepened. "I'll clean it." She yanked her hand away from mine and then threw the towel at me before leaving the kitchen.

"Don't ever touch me again!" She yelled as she walked away. "And don't make anything else in there. Your great uncle might've thought you were smart but he was VERY clearly wrong!!" I heard her stomping up the stairs and her door slammed after a moment.

~ ~ ~

After cleaning the kitchen up I didn't feel that hungry anymore so I just headed to my room. It was now about five in the evening so I decided to just head to bed.

I had been sleeping peacefully for some unknown amount of time when I was woken up by the sound of crying. When I opened my eyes, it was dark. I turned my phone on to check the time and saw my cracked screen. I was surprised for a moment before remembering that they had cracked when I dropped them to fix my mess in the kitchen. My phone still seemed to work so I was glad for that. It was one in the morning. I turned to my bedside lamp and pulled the string to turn the lamp on but nothing happened. I tried again but it didn't work so I stepped out of my bed and fumbled my way to the bedrooms light switch. I flicked it up. Nothing. Strange. I headed out of my room and across the hall to Melissa's since that's where the crying seemed to be coming from. I knocked on the door.

"Melissa? Are you okay?" The crying quieted down but still continued. I slowly opened the door but couldn't see anything. I stepped in and looked around as I pointed my phone around the room. Melissa was huddle in her bed with her head on her knees and her hands holding onto her head as if the ceiling was falling. "Melissa?" I gently put a hand on her back and she slightly flinched before looking up and after staring at me for a moment she jumped towards me. It startled me but, I found that she wasn't trying to hurt me. She had jumped into my arms to hug me. She started to thank me over and over again as if I had done something. "What's going on?" I asked her. She just continued to cry in relief and after a good ten to fifteen minutes she finally let go.

She pulled the covers over her legs before looking at me.

"Please don't leave me. I'm scared." She said as she held onto my hand. I didn't have it in me to say no. I'm just not that kind of person. I looked at her softly before sighing and agreeing.

"Alright." I climbed over her small body and laid down on my side so that I was facing her. She turned to face me and after a moment of staring, she closed her eyes.

. . .

I woke up with arms holding onto me tight. I blinked open my eyes and my eyes were immediately met with the sleeping face of Melissa. She had migrated closer and had one arm on my chest with the other around me. I managed to slither out of her bed and I left the room quietly.

She approached me later in the kitchen and timidly thanked me for staying with her last night. She explained that she had accidentally locked herself in a closet and she had been too small to reach the lights. She had been stuck for two days before someone had found her and, ever since then, she had been afraid of the dark.

I found that someone had turned the power off. I figured the lawyers had something to do with this too but I wouldn't know for sure until I could ask them in two days.

Melissa and I ended getting along pretty well. I think the rest of this trip won't be as bad as I thought it would be.

January 20, 2021 03:45

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