The Flicker of Freedom

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Horror Suspense Thriller

This story contains sensitive content

(This story contains sensitive content such as sexual violence, gore, abuse, and physical violence readers discretion is advised.)

Lost, frightened, and captured, held in this damp, dark, gloomy hole. Nothing to eat but whatever the guards drop down this hole. The constant flicker of the dim light makes it hard to sleep or even think most nights. I was trapped like an animal, surrounded by filth, not knowing if I'll live or die or see the radiant blue skies or when the sky is dark and full of tears, ready to cleanse the Earth of its misery, how I miss the mysteries of the multicolored sky. Will I ever feel the warm sun rays on my skin? Will I ever run through a meadow full of beautiful wildflowers, dandelions, and daffodils? Will I ever see nature at its most refined form once again? I must get free!

 Serving morsels to eat and their leftover scraps, crumbs, and slop. The laughter as they look down on me trying to scrape up my supper naked and cold, like a scavenger. With bugs and rodents for my company day and night, I've grown accustomed to their furry little bodies and the creepy crawlers keeping me warm on cold nights. My guests are always frightened when the men intrude to have their way with me. My pleads and screams for help fall upon deaf ears as one man after another enters my body—the smug grins on their faces as they hunch and hold onto me. The scent of bloody sex clings to the air as I lie lifeless, violated, mortified, and abused. I look up to the flickering light, thinking and hoping the Lord will come to save me, only to be pissed on by a guard while laughing, calling me all types of sluts and dirty whores. 

From hunger, exhaustion, and pain, the flickering light doesn't stop me from dozing off. Drifting into a soundless slumber, almost peaceful and sweet, all that's missing is the bright stars burning in the captivating night sky and me lying beneath. Awakened by rats nibbling on my wounds and the dried blood that stained my legs, this flickering light may be the thing that saved my life. Tired of being tired, feeling claustrophobic, famished, and overwhelmed by emotion, I begin my search. Search for weapons, rocks, anything to defend me from these predators that maliciously take advantage of me. From a small hole in the wall, I see a speck of light shining through, thinking my freedom is at the tips of my fingers. I think it's been about four days since being kidnapped.

I know someone else was here before me. The prisoner left messages engraved in the dirt; I found a strong object stained with blood buried in decomposed bones, dirt, and debris. I began to wonder if they ever survived from these savages called men. My thoughts were interrupted by vociferous commands and laughter. Looking up, I can see him. The one who's always come down here to maul me. I have something for him this time he comes, and his men won't get the satisfaction they so desperately crave. "Hey, you want me to give you something to stare at whore?" One of his henchmen laughs. "Boss, I'm going to call it a night, have some fun for me." Becoming slightly deranged, wanting nothing more than revenge and escaping this recurring nightmare. I think this will be the most exhilarating fun yet. He lowers the ladder like he usually does and jumps down like a wild, savage heathen. He never gets fully undressed, but it looked as if he had different motives tonight, being he was the only one on guard. He circles me as a vulture does before descending to execute their prey.

The flickering light from above dances around us. I stood with my head lowered to the floor before he forcefully shoved me to my knees. Unbuckling his belt and his pant falling heavily around his ankles. Grabbing a handful of my hair, strenuously holding my jaw, forcing me to open my mouth. "Come on now, you know what to do," he says, trying to push his manhood down my throat. He let his head fall back in pleasure from stroking my dry, warm mouth, not knowing this would be his last stroke. He let out a sigh of relief after ejaculating. Vulnerable and off guard, he didn't notice when I retrieved the object I found. I plunge it into his foot, penetrating the skin, blood spewing like a fountain. Then I bite down hard. His scream sounds like an orchestration to my ears. He falls to the floor, still screaming. I begin spitting out raw meat, flesh, and blood. This flickering light is now becoming a delight, a scintillating euphoria. I quickly grab a nearby boulder and repeatedly smash his head into a bloody pulp. His face now mutilated, 

deformed, or should I say gone. 

     Retrieving the sharp instrument, I quickly climb the ladder up the hole. The flickering light gets bright and warm, and I can taste my freedom. Quickly scanning the ground, the coast is clear. I pulled myself up and quietly made myself scarce. The upper level wasn't much different from the filthy hole I was thrown in. I see a door slightly ajar, another flickering light for sure, but this one seems different. I walk closer to hear water steadily hitting the ground. I reach my bloody hands to push open the door. "HEY, YOU? YOU DON'T BELONG ON THE UPPER GROUNDS. GUARDS, SEIZE HER!" I pushed open the door, and the rainwater began to pour, cleansing my body of a dozen men. The flickering light was clarified as lightning illuminating the night sky, followed by thunderous roars. I began to run till my feet were sore, blistered, and raw. The echoing voices of my predators who hunted me in the far distance could chase me no more. They could no longer manipulate, bruise, abuse, torture, and violate me. That animal got what he deserved as for me, Raven Gomez. I'm finally free.

June 10, 2022 13:08

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