Knock Knock I jolted awake, and quickly looked around around my pitch black room, then my eyes set on the window beside me. I slowly set my feet on the ground, my legs were shaking non stop. I stood up, slowly walking to the window

         Ring Ring, Ring Ring I jumped in surprise, I calmed down realizing it was just my phone.

          My heart was beating fast and my breath was raspy. I felt like I was in a nightmare. My body was telling me to not look or answer the notification, but my legs were forcing me forward. I wish I could resist but I was already in my bed. 

         I looked down at my phone, but I couldn’t help but notice the feeling that I’m being watched, 

         Knock Knock, the knock was even harder, louder. I laid my head back just pretending everything was alright. The knock ringed in my head like a bad memory  Knock Knock, I looked at the mirror.

         “Collin??” I whispered. My eyes started to tear up. And my voice was shaking. My heart was racing and the knock kept on getting louder and louder. “Stop playing tricks on my Collin” I cried out, I got up done with his stupid pranks. I walked towards the mirror madly and threw it down. I gasped in horror.

       There was a boy staring back at me from the mirror, I blinked hoping it was just my imagination. He was gone.. Just like that.


I had a nightmare about that same boy. I still couldn’t make out his look. I opened my eyes to see the mirror was back up on the wall. I threw off my covers and jumped out of bed. And ran down to the kitchen.

        “Hey Ari, your mirror was on the floor yesterday so I put it back up.” my mom said. “And you’ve been getting bad grades lately, if you don’t bring your grades up I’ll have to send you to summer school and cancel all our plans.” my mother complained. I groaned, I picked up my bag and headed out the door. The knock repeated in my head. It felt like I was stuck in a bad dream, I couldn’t run, I can’t escape, but it was just a harmless little boy, right? I walked into the library and headed to the front desk. The man was new, he had a pale skin color and there was a scar on his forehead, his hair was spiky and brown, he was wearing a black leather coat and his shirt was plain white. He was wearing casual jeans. Very weird. 

“Hey, um. I was wondering if you guys had any ghost fact books?” 

          “Uh yea, section M”, He replied. I headed to section M. Knock Knock. I turned around quickly looking around the library “Whose there?” I looked down and saw the little boy, he looked like the same one in my mirror… “Sorry didn’t see you there.” 

         “You can’t tell anyone..” the little boy whispered 

         “What do you mean?” I asked, but he was already gone..



         I couldn’t sleep tonight, I just couldn’t believe what happened. This is the biggest secret I’ve ever kept.. knock knock This time I noticed that it was my door. I pulled off my curtains and walked towards the door scared, could it be him? I opened the door in shock

         “Collin! What are you doing up at night” I shouted.

         “I’ve been seeing things.. ghosts it feels like.” He answered, it felt so real his voice was so quiet it looked like he was about to cry. I wrapped my arms around him. 

“Ari, he said your name. Do you know the boy, the boy in the mirror?” 

I quickly pulled my arms away. “Ari are you okay?” I backed away slowly “Ari?” I pulled him into my room 

         “Collin, that boy, he’s dangerous. You stay here ok?” I told him, I ran out of my room heading to Collins room. I opened the door forcefully. 

         “I told you. Not to tell anyone.” I looked behind me and saw Collin. I don’t believe it. I pushed Collin away, at this point I couldn’t trust anyone, I was confused and I felt like this was all just a big dream and everything would be fine tomorrow, I mean there is no such thing as ghosts. I closed my eyes, If I just close my eyes I’ll wake up, but nothing was happening. I opened my eyes and felt a burn on my waist, I couldn’t focus on that right now I had to get away, away from this mess. Knock Knock, Knock Knock. The sound rung in my head, I am going insane.

         “Some help, please!” I cried out. I ran downstairs into my moms room and shook her. She wasn’t waking up, she was a deep sleeper and didn’t wake up u til like 1pm. Ring ring, ring ring, my friend was calling me. I needed her help so I picked up.

         “Hey whenever you brung up the knocking and the boy in your house, I hear knocking on my window..” but then my phone went black. No.. it can’t be out of batteries now. My mind, it felt so light. Just before I knew it all I could see was pitch black. I woke up in my bedroom. Was it all a dream? It feels like a never ending dream. My head hurts, It feels like I’m sick, I’m like reliving the day. I throw off my covers and head downstairs. I head out the door before my mom can even talk, I head to the library and know that I’ll get answers there. 

         “Hey! New guy, who was the little boy that was here yesterday?” 

         “There was no little boy who checked in, sorry.”, He replied, but how? The only answer is his a ghost, every customer has to check in, but there’s no such thing as a ghost. Maybe I was hallucinating? I’m going insane, I need help.. or I won’t make it alive.


         Am I just reliving the same day? I’m always hearing knocks on my door or mirror. This is getting weird and I’m lying In my bed defenseless. I keep on telling myself that I’m hallucinating and there is nothing such as ghosts but I’m getting an eerie feeling.. I ran to the living room and packed up all my books and went to the library. I knew that there was something there I could get to find more about this boy. “Hello? Do you have any little boy ghost story that has a little boy trapped in a girls mirror and it turns out to her brother?” He looked at me like I was crazy, but am I going crazy? 

         “Uhm, surprisingly we do.”

         “Great! What section?”

         “Section C”, I quickly ran over to section C looking through all the books, then I saw.. Collin Ray, my little brothers name. It could be just a coincidence, I mean I’m sure there is so much more people with the last name Ray. I looked at the cover and it’s exactly what I needed. I grabbed it and flipped through the pages, why does it feel like I’m in this book, but in real life.. trapped. I had no idea what I was gonna do and this book didn’t give any information. I flipped to the last page, it didn’t give ANY information of what to do, just a normal book with a bad ending. I decided I’d take some more horror books or you could say little boy horror books. And checked out. 

         I wish I could just have a normal day without hearing these weird noises, but yesterday was just a dream so, this couldn’t be real. 

      I got a call from my friend Jade, I was still looking for books in the library so I couldn’t pick up and she sent a voice mail. 

         “Please, Ari pick up I need your help I’m hearing knocking on my window and I see something in my mirror plea-” and then the voicemail ended. I quickly dialed in her phone number, but she didn’t pick up.. I’m gonna find out about them 


         I flipped through the pages and found a interesting sentence, “They are usually called Ukcyo’s but are much different from that type personality, and they are sneaky.” Nothing else? This didn’t help, and I really needed it. I jumped up out of my bed and ran to my friends house. 

         Ring, I rung Jades doorbell, but Jade didn’t answer her mother did. “Hello, I’m looking for Jade.” 

         “I can’t find her. I even called the cops, sorry but please find her..” I ran back to my house and heard knocking again, it was coming from the kitchen. 

         “Hello?” I whispered, then I saw the little boy.. “Leave me alone!” I screamed. Then he disappeared. I felt a light touch on my shoulder, it was so light but hard. I fell flat on the floor. I felt the burn again so I pulled up my shirt. It was like a star sign it hurt so much. I looked up and saw the little boy and people behind him

         “You’re now one of us…” he said. I felt so hypnotized, my vision went blurry and before I knew it I was passed out on the kitchen floor..

        I woke up in a new world it looked like. It was filled with joy and greatness but everyone there looked dark and mean. 

         “You might’ve seen me in your mirror, you think me your brother is normal but.. I’m a Ukcyo.” 

         “Bring me back to my home!” 

         “Sorry but, you’ve already became a Ukcyo”, how was I gonna get back to earth..? I didn’t belong here. Why do they think this.. I can’t stay here.

         I’m starting to feel like this is my home. I belong here, this is my new home

They told me me some new rules. I had to have a good attitude 

Coroporate, and don’t let anyone know you exist, but that dumb.. I knew my brother Collin exsisted, I’ve known him my whole life. But, I’m now, I’m now who I’m supposed to be. I looked at my star again and it was shining bright. Goodbye old world.. Hello new world.



The End    

April 16, 2020 22:34

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Scott Smock
14:01 Apr 30, 2020

You do need to work on your editing. I do mine on the fly. I write a paragraph, read what I've written and check for mistakes right then. Try it, you'll like it.


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Harken Void
11:43 Apr 23, 2020

I agree with Juan, it was hard to read, check for editing. Also, you could break some sentences, make them shorter as I think it would make the story read smoother. As for the story, it was an interesting concept, though the ending didn't work for me, sorry. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like there was something missing, the end just... happened.


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Niveeidha Palani
04:36 May 19, 2020

A lovely and suspenseful read! However, I do encourage you to edit the story, it's a little complicated to read and digest it into the reader's head...keep it up though!!!


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Chloe Alistar
06:03 May 08, 2020

Interesting story! I really liked it


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Mac Thomas
12:04 Apr 30, 2020

I thought it was suspenseful and well written.


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Kerry Williams
05:22 Apr 30, 2020

This story was really intriguing, great job.


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05:08 Apr 30, 2020

Keep writing!


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20:28 Apr 29, 2020

Interesting concept! A bit hard to follow though, and re-reading helped clarify what was going on. It made me wonder what she's going to do in her "new world"


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L. M.
19:38 Apr 29, 2020

Good ending. :)


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01:43 Apr 23, 2020

Really liked the concept and weird story, plus that ending would make HP Lovecraft proud. But you really should check and do some edits, it was hard to read. That said, it's the type of story I wish I could come up with. Best of luck!


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Lee Mar
22:44 Apr 16, 2020

Nice story!


Mc Kinley Burns
23:02 Apr 16, 2020

Thank you!


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Show 1 reply
14:33 May 06, 2020

Great writing, keep it up!


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22:52 May 02, 2020

Esshh the creeps! Grammatical errors here and there though. But liked the suspense.


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👏👏👏👏👏 This was amazzzzing! Great work, McKinley! Would you mind checking out my story ‘The World Is Your Playground’ if you have a chance? Thanks! Aerin


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