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Greetings fellow human beings, cats, and aliens! My name is Harken Void and I'd like to give you a warm welcome to my profile page. I hope you enjoy my stories at least half as much as I enjoy writing them. Just pick a title that appeals to your literary appetite and leave a comment if you thought the story was good. Happy reading :) Harken Void is (of course) my pen name. I’m a geologist from Slovenia who is transitioning to the world of writing. My dream, goal, and purpose is to become a full-time author, sharing my thoughts and stories with the world. I prefer writing and reading fantasy, sci-fi, and philosophy/spirituality, but dip my pen into other genres too! Writing is my top passion, here are some others; hiking in the mountains, playing the guitar, listening to music (concert tickets please!), smashing rocks with my geological hammer, learning as much as I can about this mysterious thing called life, filming nature, proving people wrong and picking up trash that people threw in nature. AUTHOR'S UPDATES: I have an ongoing series titled 'NIGHTBORN' here on Reedsy. It's about a police detective and a young woman who gets caught in the middle of something beyond their comprehension; the coming of an Apocalypse. So if you like reading about vampire-werewolf-demon-monster type things, feel free to give the Nightborn series a try! REVIEWS: I appreciate honest and constructive criticism, so if you have the time and some magic of editorial reviewing to spare, I'd appreciate your thoughts/suggestions/tips on where I could improve my writing. Your comments have ready been helpful and I look forward to hearing what you have to say next! Also, you can ask me for a review! BUT BE WARNED, I have no patience for romance, sad stories, overly dramatic inner monologs, and religious preaching. I do, however, love and devour FANTASY, SCI-FI, PHILOSOPHY/SPIRITUALITY, and weird new writing styles (as long as they are readable).

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