Title: A sordid lies conspiracy

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Drama Teens & Young Adult Historical Fiction

Virendra Singh I the primary protagonist with his wife named Shubhashani. This couple was almost a replica of Shakespeare’s tragic drama named “Macbeth”. Macbeth had a great ambition of becoming the King of Denmark and this couple Virendra and Subhashini wanted to become owners of one Property as the sole owners. But there were four someone elder and some other Youngers who too were entitled to get their shares out of their father’s properties, other properties in Comparisons were of quiet lesser financial values. It is generally a known fact of human life that there cannot be any person who has never spoken a lie in his whole life?

              One very weak point of this family was that they never had a round table conference and the silence that usually prevailed was rather instrumental to follies of misunderstanding. Where at some time who had gone out and who had come in remained a mystery unsolved. Such sort of homely atmosphere led to unhappiness and this happened to be in the favors of Subbhashi who very shortly began a concocted decoction of ‘a lie drinks ‘that she served to the Old dad. A regular decoction of lies full of apparently artificial sweet drinks that were poisoned with large bundle of lies against Rajendra and Satendra specially. The other job of maligning dad’s mind against Harendra and Mahendra was handled by her husband Mr. Virendra who always took Baujee in the block’s small garden where he went on poisoning the ears of dad with all the dirty rubbish of the world.

           “This Harendra our eldest brother is good for nothing. Mummy is managing all domestic chores but she keeps herself on the third floor and comes down just to have her lunch. She does not help neither our mum nor my wife.”

               Do you think this can be true? It is Subhashni who told her not to look after the cooking job as she was her elder sister in law and was also pregnant. To Dad she would say “look Dad how cunning fox she is to make excuses every day that She is not feeling well and gets her head aching and never comes to do any cooking job. Dad don’t you think it is a cunning game she is playing with us. This was a really the greatest lie she ever committed. The situation came to such a pass that Harendra now took her breakfast and lunch as well on the top floor. One of the days her backbiting resulted in domestic high pitches of angers and accusations. Dad now sent him to another house in West Patel Nagar so that now this House became devoid of one eldest brother Her next measure was of getting out thrown Satvinder who was an extrovert and had friendly circle who played poker games, smoke, had drinks and boiled eggs or Potato wafers. They played till late nights. He too was married and dad had given him a bed room on the ground floor. He used to lock one of the doors of exit. There were four in all. One of the nights when he was out and had to come back by one am. Subhashini bolted the exit door from inside. Even when Satvinder would open the lock he would not be able to enter the home. He was left with no option but to jump up on the boundary wall and jump down in the court yard.He had to come inside the house like a thief. In the morning she had already filled the ears of Dad that Satwinder had jumped the boundary wall and this resulted in the beating and whipping of that married young son. Subhashini never told the Truth that she had bolted the door from inside and he was left with no option. She went on giving surreptitiously blatant lies That Satwinder not only drinks, smokes, eats mutton chops but He along with his other friends summon call girls and do sex just all together in the same room. They had drinks that was a Truth, they used to smoke that too was a truth, they ate mutton chops that too was a truth but whatever she spoke of call girls it was most dirty and heinous lie on her part. She was again successful. Just two days later Dad said: “You leave my house and better go away. “ He was going to retort but his wife just then intervened: “Dad look into the outhouse, I have already packed my little of my necessities. We are leaving Right now. Go and get an auto-rickshaw, my dear husband.”

Satwinder left and when he really brought a taxi-cab. Shalini and Satwinder bent down into the feet of Dad and asked for his blessings. As she went away she said: ‘Dad I am sorry to state, I am going away from your house, and this second daughter-in-law is not a friend of this family. She is Swaroopnakha the sister of Ravanna. She would be a cause of Destruction of this family. She will lead this family from a point of no return. They all will die separately and only some strangers will lead them to cremation. Now look at this Virendra, he as well began filling poison in This way, “Dad ask Rajendra to get a job of a lecturer in Meerut, Modinagar, Rohtak or Sonipat as you cannot give him any house of your own. If you decide to give him one anywhere Out of your houses, you will lose your rental income. “Dad looked at his face and at the first instance he was flabbergasted with a shock, Actually  Dad wanted his son to settle down in Rajendra nagar but he came to realize that this son was the most mean and selfish person he had given birth too.

      But that fellow could read his feelings of his father and in twinkling of a minute he changed his tone and almost stammered ; “Dad I don’t carry any ill will or resentment Against him .It is for his much better way of life as these cities Are so peaceful and cheap.”Dad was quiet again trying to Access his veracity. He went on in his dramatic monologues:

‘I am so nice to him. I took him in a restaurant and also a movie “(thinks in heart ‘It is just a social drama enacted who cares?)

“Dad I really tell you how much I will miss him. How learned he is?” (Miss him my foot! the better he goes to Sonipat or Hell Wells, who cares, I detest bloody bugger)  

‘He is the most wonderful brother. I am always so worried about him. How he would deal with the people. He is really a Gentleman .Oh dad you know not my love for him is so immense.”

(It is sheer drama that am playing. I have to show my father what I am not. I am giving expression to volley of lies. It is against my nature to be good to them. Wish he had not given Birth to nasty bastards. Lies lies you shameful fie)

Mahindra saw him all the time talking Spoiling attacking the mental central fulcrum. He snorted his Nose like a horse waiting in the stable and keen to begin his race. He was already living in a dream of the city of Bollywood. He wanted to fly like an eagle the earliest that could be possible.

                 He loved not his brothers and he loved not his sisters. He looked towards his brothers like a crocodile just ready to swallow the whole. Whole house lay broken and blasted and none was keen to meet each other. Finally even the will was nothing but a concocted tale of obnoxious lies. His own friends and dry fruits boxes and sweets in many boxes gifted, the T-Shirts gifted, the saris gifted, the scented bottles gifted, the chocolate packets gifted, the liquors gifted all made a magic trick. The will was false and the magistrate bribed. Others got only pop corns.

That largest highest twenty-five crores property went to him. The will was the greatest lie and the judgment was a lie. He paid the price. God did not give him any time. A year had gone. Perhaps some few months more. He trembled and fell from the steps of Central Secretariat building and there in a Single minute he was gone. Lies had to be paid with heavy punishment. 

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