The Book of Malikiki: Book 1

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Fantasy Suspense Romance

 I walked up to the water. As I looked down I saw a book, an old book at that. Its pages were burnt but not wet. I picked it up and read “The Book Of Malikiki”. My father popped up behind me. I was scared so I dropped the book back into the water. It was taken by the waters and I never saw it again. Fast forward 7 years. “ Good Morning class! Today we will be learning about “The Book of Malikiki”  On the teachers board there was a picture. I looked at the picture confused. It was familiar. I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. We started learning about the meanings and logos on the cover.  The logo had a circle in the middle with a small lady with a crown. “This is the keeper of all, she holds all secrets and controls the land. She has many powers. She is retiring soon and will be looking for someone to take the throne. That means the book will disintegrate and a new one will appear. This journey is not easy. The new queen must sing the song of gods and go across the land. Power will be granted to the one on journey. The powers granted will be mild and the only ones you shall need on the journey. Would anyone like to do this Quête folle?” . “I would madam”  a muscular handsome boy my age said . He was so cute I almost passed out!  I had never seen him around so maybe I should go with him?  “Miss, I also would like to go.” I said boldly. “Alright then, it's settled Tyler and Hailey will do the Challenge of the gods. Please go to the office to meet the Queen. Tyler stood up and smiled at me. “Are you coming?” He asked as I stared blushing. “O-Oh yeah sorry.” I stood up and walked with him to the office. On the way we talked, he asked me “  Are you ready?”  I looked down and said “I hope so. I mean with someone as handsome as you.” I blurted out. He chuckled, “Did I say that outloud?!” I asked. He laughed some more. We got to the office and met the queen and the principal. “ The queen only speaks greek. Hopefully you can understand that.” The queen smiled and started speaking “έχετε προσφερθεί εθελοντικά να πάτε στην αποστολή, θα λάβετε προσωρινές εξουσίες για να την ολοκληρώσετε. Καλή τύχη.”  The queen started to walk away but Tylar smiled and to my surprise, replied. “ Σας ευχαριστώ.”  The queen smiled and left. I stood in shock as Tyler exited the office, I quickly followed. “What was that?” I asked. “What was what?” He replied. “The Greek thing! When did you learn to speak Greek?”  I Questioned. “I was actually born part Greek. My ancestors lived in ancient Greece, So naturally I started taking classes.”  He said with a smile. “I can speak some Greek too!” I said happily. “ I guess it's our little secret language,'' he said with a chuckle. “We better get going, we don't want to waste any time.”  I said. “You're right,” He said. He started walking, I grabbed his arm, “Can I call my mom really quick?” I asked nervously. “Yeah sure.” I walked across the hall from him and called my mom. My thoughts only got worse by the minute, Mom was mentally abusive to me. She always favored my sister more. Mom picked up the phone. “M-mom” I said with a shaken voice. “What do you want?”  She groaned. “I'm going on the quest of the gods. I won't be coming home for a while.” I said, trying to hold back tears. “Suit yourself I never loved you anyway. And do yourself a favor, don't ever come back.”  I started to cry and hung up the phone. Tylar watched in empathy. “Hey,” He said as he hugged me. “  You're great, don't listen to her, you have me” He said with a gentle smile. I stopped and looked at him. I grabbed his waist and looked into his eyes. We stood there for a minute. “I-Im sorry!” I said pulling away. We walked silently the rest of the way and we reached the consoling room. There was a speaker and the gods. The gods greeted us and started the speaker. I knew this song. “One Day my father he told me son don't let it slip away. He took me in his arms, I heard him say.”  Tylar joined. “When you get older your wild heart will live for younger days. Think of me whenever you're afraid.” He sang. Then we looked at each other and sang together. “He said one day you'll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember my father told me when I was just a child, These are the nights that never die. “ We sang. “My father told me,” I whispered. The gods clapped and me and Tylar hugged. I quickly pulled away. Me and Tylar left and in the hall he grabbed my hands and pulled me in close. He whispered in my ear, Your kinda cute. He said. I blushed and whispered back, “You are too”  . He let go and we walked out of the school. “We should go to our houses and get things we might need,” He said seriously. “Mine first? I asked “Sure, I will go with you so nothing bad happens.”  he replied with a smile. We got into his car and drove to my house. When we went inside I went straight to my room. Shortly after Tylar entered. I opened my closet and pushed past my clothes. He followed,  his eyes lit up and opened wide when he saw my secret room. I pushed a button under a couch I had. Guns,Knives,Grenades and many more gadgets. “You're a spy.” He said smiling. “Indeed I am. I know you are too.” I said with a smirk. “You would be correct. Don't tell me who you work for. I don't want it to ruin our relationship if we don't work for the same people.”  He said. “Agreed”  I replied.  We grabbed our weapons and suited up. Tylar walked out, I quickly grabbed something…..In case I needed to turn on Tylar or possibly question him. He is cute but I can't trust his charm. I walked out to see Tylar looking at one of my walls with his phone in hand. “Yes I know I'm supposed to take her out. Bye ”  I knew I couldn't trust that rat! I quickly ran up beside him and took the weapon I had snuck. It was a shackle gun. It hooked him to the wall so quickly he was still putting his phone in his pocket. “Hailey? What are you doing?” He said. “Wouldn't you like to know.” I said angrily.  “I would, that's why I asked.” He teased me. “You are trying to kill me! I heard your phone call with your dad.” I said. He didn't speak. For several minutes he sat there. Then he smiled. “Hailey you should know I do like you, but I have a destiny. Maybe in another world this would have worked.” Suddenly a helicopter ladder burst through the roof with agents and guns. They released Tyler “Take her in.” Tylar said with a grin. They ran toward me as I struggled to get a clear path. I blacked out.

The End......or is it?

December 26, 2022 17:07

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