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Once again, we are going to delve into the weird and not so wonderful world of gang stalking - the descendant of the Nazi Stasi campaign that is being orchestrated by the Americans and their allies full of all lies. Let's face it, you can't get more questionable in morals than someone who is always lying to get their own way.

By now, if your a loyal reader, you would have figured a few things out from my various interconnecting stories. This is good, because it relieves me of the need to summarise what I've already gone through. If you need a refresher, read all my stories. There is a common theme between most of them, regardless of how they are written.

I'm dealing with a situation being run by incredibly sick people. I mean, these people are ruthless and evil. I've been doing a bit of background research on the Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret societies. May I point out an excellent author - Mark Dice - and his book 'Illuminati - facts and fiction'. It is very enlightning and eye opening. Chances are if you are reading this, you are one of my stalkers. Perhaps it would be good for you to get a grasp on the people pulling your strings.

I've been studying the people pulling the strings for a few years now. There is a lot of BS from paid disinformants and disinformation campaigsn and psyops to keep the truth hidden. Q Anon was a paid mis/disinformation campaign run by the elite to discredit people who were currently waking up from the evil of what was done to them. There is also a lot of good information out there about these evil perpetrators. don't take my word for it, even though I am a living, breathing witness to some of these crimes, do your research. Or, are you too scared that if you start researching your masters you might be targetted? If each and every one of my stalkers put themselves to the task and untied with each other, there is no way the evil ones could target every single one of you.

These people pulling your strings, darling stalkers, are not good people. These string pullers are not concerned about what is best for humanity. They actually don't give a damn about the people they are paying to stalk me. When the time comes to eradicate the majority of the worlds population (and it will) there are a lot more stalkers than people who have been targetted. Let's face it, the people who have been targetted are the other 1% of the population. 98% of the population is made up of stalkers. Who do you think is going to be wiped? That's right, boys and girls, it's you.

I don't expect you to change your behaviour on my words. If you ask me, my stalkers have been well brainwashed, programmed, groomed, conditioned and trained to be evil. A lot of my stalkers attempt to self justify when they speak to me. I don't know whether they are consciously lying or they believe, because of their mass brainwashing, that they are good people.

Let me tell you about your masters, stalkers, if you haven't been reading the information I have. Your masters enjoy buggering little children, killing them, and making movies about that. Look up the Bohemian Grove. It's a fact. I'm grateful I've never been there, however I have been to a military base, as a child, in the US that isn't even on the map. If I lived in America I would attempt to find it. Maybe that's why they had me brought back to Australia, to keep the truth from me.

Your masters, enjoy talking beautiful, intelligent, innocent little children and commiting insanely evil and cruel things on them. They takes this little creatures, and perform illegal and evil experiments involving radiation, drugs, electroshock therapy (sometimes with the electrodes on the genitals), sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional and psychological along with spiritual abuse. The worlds silence on this is defeaning. Your silence, stalkers, supports these people. Your silence, stalkers, enables evil paedofiles to continue to perpetrate the abuse. How does that make you feel? Your enabling paedophiles. What does that make you, stalkers? Are you so numbed out with television, music, drugs, alcohoal and other various and sundray addictions that you just don't care? This is your world. Many of you have children and grand children. How can you be comfortable knowing your children are growing up into this? There is no garuntee this won't be done to your descendents. If your masters have lied to you about me and lie to me, who says these monsters with questionable morals will not turn their evil eye upon the slaves that are in bondage to them?

Your masters, who have got incredibly questionable morals tell you to attack me, because, what, I have morals? Because I refuse to engage in immoral behaviour? Why? Why is it so important to people (and if it wasn't you wouldn't attack me) for me to engage in immoral behaviour? It is none of anyones business what I do or don't do and I would think for a person who has had such an amazing amount of evil and cruel things done to them, that the fact I do not result to immoral behaviour, should be a shinging and guiding light for the rest of humanity as an example of what sort of behaviour is moral. Instead, though, I am persecuted relentlessly because I have morals. My stalkers have questionable morals if they think that that is the right thing to do.

I hear you say, but what can we do? Well, look at how you've united against me, someone who has morals. How come you stalkers can't unite, with the technology that your masters have given you, and bring down the system of evil choking the soul out of this world?

This world does not have to be run the way it is. A person with a flexible mind, rather than a concrete mind, can see viable solutions and alternatives. A person who is moral and truly living for the greater good can find outcomes that can be enacted in a way that not a person, ever, needs to suffer.

I wonder, a lot, if my stalkers are conscious or if they have a conscience. I wonder, if they do, how they justify their behaviour to themselves. I wonder why my stalkers never question themselves on their behaviour. I wonder why my stalkers never look at their behaviour in the mirror.

The Illuminati and Freemasons have deliberately bankrupted the morals of society. It isn't an accident that we have such immoral music and television saturating our screens. All these industries are controlled by the elite. It isn't conspiracy, it's a fact. If the Illuminati had genuine spiritual illumination would they be running this society down into the greatest darkness that humanity has ever seen? Be real, people. Start asking questions. Start thinking. Start using your brains. What are you so afraid of? It's a garunteed win if people change and instead of perpetrating evil become a movement for the greater good.

The Freemasons and Illuminati know that in the long run, they lose, and they lose big. They gain for a while, they win big for a while, but somewhere along the line, they lose. It's a fact of history. I'm not sure how they lose, I just know that they do, They know this too and sometimes I think that in their warped minds they believe if they take out the moral people that they will win. It won't happen like that, because both Karma and God will ensure that moral people spring out as if wheat from the crop of tares the Devil has planted in order to win this massive spiritual war. Make no errors in thought, this is a spiritual war.

I could go on and on about this, as I know you are well aware, if you are paying attention. For now, I will close down my story and if you are brave enough, with courage in your blood, you will at least consider my words and ask yourselves some very pertinent questions about yourselves. Otherwise, if you are the mass of cowards that you demonstrate yourselves to be, you will switch off your mind, drown in your addictions, and continue perpetrating crimes against humanity, of which you happen to be a part and may one day find yourselves on the unpleasant end of your own actions.

August 06, 2022 00:41

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