‘Are you coming tonight?’

 ‘No.’ I declined

This isn’t just one invitation

That I have refused

But all of them

I don’t want to go anywhere

Anywhere at all

I just want to be alone

Away from this world

From This brutality

This viciousness

My every positive element

Parted me

When she left me alone

I lost interest in this world

I lost the urge to live anymore

She was the last person

I had thought that would leave me

I wish! She hadn’t left me like this

I wish! This wasn’t happening

I wish! This was just a bad dream

A nightmare

That I will wake up from

My heart burns to the core

 When I take in

My life without her

I have gotten so much used to of her

No one knows

How much I miss her

How much I need her

Her nonchalant ways

Her adorable laugh

Her endearing smile

Her pink flushed cheeks

Those blue watery round eyes

Her small face

Her tiny white hands

Her heavenly fragrance

Every single thing about her

From the very start

She was a little fairy

A princess, a doll

To me

She was my renewed hope

A beautiful dream to me

A soul that I got so attached with

Being in love with someone

Is like plunging into a deep colorful warm sea

And I was deeply in love with her

At times

 I found myself lost in her

I loved her more

 Every passing second

Every exceeding moment

Her sweet and melodious voice

Whenever she laughed

She used to light up the whole atmosphere

Her eyes used to shine

Just like stars in the night sky

She stole me to her universe

Gripped me with her kindness

Her beauty

Her flaws

Her mistakes

Her cuteness

Her weaknesses

Her shyness

Her loveliness

Her strangeness

Her attractiveness

The softness

 In her eyes

The warmness

 In her gaze

Always melted me from inside

I got lost in her vastness

I loved every inch of her

Every inch of her that made her who she was

Whenever I was with her

I never felt blue

I never felt like this before

These feelings

Of freedom




Her touch made me forget all my woes

My all sorrows

Being with her felt like

nothing could be

Better than that

It’s just me and her in the whole world

She introduced me to

The genuine happiness

And the most pleasant feelings I ever had

She told me what real happiness is

She showed me

All the beautiful parts of life

She told me that happiness

Is where your heart is.

But in the end

It all came apart

It always does

That time I felt this

The people u love the most gives you the most pain

It was so sudden

So unexpected

So heart-breaking

That I felt like

My world has just fallen apart

The box in my chest exploded

And shattered

Fragmented into pieces

I felt crestfallen

My eyes lost the liveliness

My lips forget to smile

My body felt like

It has lost a soul

Her absence cuts through me

And deepens my wound

My heart weeps for her

To reach her gentleness

And her humbleness

To be near her

Just to felt her presence

And her sweetness

Want to grab her hand

And never let her go

 Until the last breath, I take

She was the one who melted my heart

And she was the one

Who hardened it

Like a stone

And now I have become

Someone whom she won’t even recognize

I am now just the opposite of who I was

I have become an emotionless

A cold-hearted person.

There is no one

Who will love me

Like she did

And there will be no one

Whom I will love

Like I loved her

That same day

The day when I lost her

I abandoned my soul

Deserted all my dreams

And I buried my heart

Deep in the ground 

With her corpse.

July 29, 2021 15:08

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07:52 Dec 13, 2021

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Graham Kinross
10:38 Nov 24, 2021

That was deep, dark and unique. What inspired it?


Amel Parvez
15:20 Nov 26, 2021

Thanks for your comment! and it really made my day:) and what inspired it? am not sure i just usually pour down my feelings on the paper.


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TJ Squared
03:33 Oct 29, 2021

Hey Amel! It’s been a while; how are you?


Amel Parvez
15:06 Oct 30, 2021

hey ! yeah me good wat about u?


TJ Squared
18:46 Oct 30, 2021

:) that's good :D I'm alright :)))


Amel Parvez
07:40 Oct 31, 2021

amazing! so how's life going?


TJ Squared
13:36 Oct 31, 2021

Lol It’s pretty good I suppose. Hburs?


Amel Parvez
14:08 Oct 31, 2021

lol mine's fine too 'i suppose'


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Wirda Bibi
20:09 Aug 02, 2021

Another piece of writing, 😊 Good written Feeling well described ☺ But again sad 😔 But it was good to see your story and loved reading it😊 Like the way you describe sad feelings Loved it❤❤ Liked it❤❤ #stay safe #be happy ❤💜


Amel Parvez
08:33 Aug 03, 2021

Thanks a lot❤


Wirda Bibi
11:13 Aug 03, 2021

Anytime ❤


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