Mystery Thriller Horror

"The Diary'"

Chapter 1: The Scout Leader's Tale

The flames of the campfire danced and crackled, casting eerie shadows on the faces of the gathered scouts. It was a perfect night for a spooky story, and the scout leader, Mr. Thompson,

had just the tale to send shivers down their spines.

"Alright, kids," Mr. Thompson began, his voice low and mysterious. "Gather 'round, for I have a true story that will chill you to the bone. It happened not too far from here, in the

darkness of a moonless night."

The young scouts leaned in closer, their eyes wide with


"Long ago, there was a group of adventurous children, much like yourselves," Mr. Thompson continued. "They were exploring a remote part of the woods when they stumbled upon a diary. The diary belonged to a mysterious person, its pages

filled with secrets and untold tales."

"But Mr. Thompson," one of the scouts interrupted. "Did they

read the diary?"

Mr. Thompson smiled knowingly. "Ah, that is where their story truly begins. They debated amongst themselves, unsure if it was right to delve into someone else's private thoughts. Eventually, they decided it was wrong, and instead, they found

an address scribbled on the last page."

The scouts exchanged curious glances.

The crackling fire seemed to grow louder, drowning out the

"They were intrigued by the address," Mr. Thompson continued, his voice growing darker. "Something whispered to them that they had to find it. So, they set off on a daring

adventure, unsure of what awaited them at their destination."

sounds of the forest as Mr. Thompson's story wove its web of


"After a long journey, they arrived at a dilapidated house," he continued, his voice a mere whisper. "The doors creaked eerily as they approached, and a terrible stench lingered in the air. But undeterred, they summoned their courage and rang the


"And then what happened, Mr. Thompson?" one of the scouts

asked, his voice trembling.

"The door swung open, revealing a dimly lit interior," Mr. Thompson replied. "Despite their instincts telling them to run, they stepped inside and called out a tentative hello. That's

when they realized they were not alone."

The scouts leaned in, captivated by the unfolding tale.

"The moment they crossed the threshold, the doors slammed shut behind them, locking them inside," Mr. Thompson continued, his voice tinged with a touch of unease. "They found themselves in a world of darkness, with only a small, flickering

light to guide them."

"What did they do?" another scout asked, his voice filled with


"They huddled together, their hearts pounding in their chests," Mr. Thompson replied. "And then, one of them noticed the diary, forgotten in the midst of their fear. Against their better

judgment, they opened it and began to read."

The fire crackled ominously as the scout leader's tale reached its peak. The young listeners held their breath, eager to know

the fate of the ill-fated children.

"The diary revealed a horrifying truth," Mr. Thompson said, his voice filled with grave solemnity. "It spoke of a serial killer who lured unsuspecting victims to his lair, using the diary as a

twisted invitation. Those who fell into his trap were never heard

from again."

The scouts gasped, their eyes wide with terror.

"And what became of those children, Mr. Thompson?" one of

them whispered.

Mr. Thompson gazed at them with a knowing look, a shiver

running down his spine.

"No one knows for sure," he said, his voice barely a whisper. "They vanished without a trace, swallowed by the darkness of

that accursed house."

The scouts sat in silence, the crackling fire the only sound in the night. Mr. Thompson's chilling tale had left them both frightened and intrigued, their young minds racing with thoughts of what lay beyond.

Chapter 2: The Run-Down House

The flickering flames of the campfire cast eerie shadows on the faces of the scouts as they huddled closer together, their

imaginations running wild with Mr. Thompson's

haunting tale. Their hearts still raced from the chilling revelation

of the diary's connection to a malevolent serial killer.

In the midst of their fear, a brave young scout named Emily broke the silence. "That story can't be true, right? It's just a campfire tale meant to scare us," she said, trying to convince

herself as much as her fellow scouts.

Mr. Thompson, his eyes gleaming with an enigmatic glint, responded with a sly smile. "Well, sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction, Emily. But remember, that was just a

story, a cautionary tale to remind us to be careful."

As the scouts pondered Mr. Thompson's words, a distant rustling in the underbrush interrupted their thoughts. Their wide-

eyed gazes darted toward the darkened woods. A twig

snapped, followed by a low hushed whisper that sent shivers

down their spines.

Suddenly, a voice broke through the chilling silence. "Hey, guys! Look what I found!" exclaimed Mike, holding up a

weathered, leather-bound book.

The scouts gasped in astonishment, their eyes fixed on the diary that Mike held in his trembling hands. The realization struck them like a bolt of lightning—this was no ordinary book.

It might hold the secrets of another twisted tale.

Curiosity battled with fear in the minds of the scouts. They debated whether to open the diary, but a sense of foreboding settled over them, mirroring the cautionary words of Mr. Thompson's story. They couldn't shake the feeling that history

might repeat itself.

Despite their doubts, a desire for answers overwhelmed them. Emily, the brave scout who had questioned the story's veracity,

found her hand reaching out to open the diary's worn cover.

"Are we making a mistake?" whispered Jacob, his voice

trembling with uncertainty.

Emily hesitated for a moment, her fingers lingering on the diary's edge. "We won't know until we read it," she replied, her

voice tinged with a mix of fear and determination.

With a collective breath, the scouts leaned closer, the campfire's glow illuminating the diary's pages. They followed the faded ink, their eyes tracing each word as if reading a

forbidden incantation.

The diary revealed a macabre world painted by the hand of the serial killer. Each page unveiled the inner workings of a disturbed mind—a chilling chronicle of pain and suffering

inflicted upon the innocent.

As the scouts delved deeper into the diary's twisted tales, a

sense of dread loomed over them. They became ensnared in

the web spun by the killer's words, transported into the dark

recesses of his mind.

Outside the circle of firelight, the forest grew still, as if nature itself held its breath, sensing the impending danger that encroached upon the scouts. The crackling of the flames

seemed to echo with the killer's malevolent laughter.

Unbeknownst to the scouts, the shadows of the run-down house loomed nearby, hidden amongst the dense woods. The air became heavy with an oppressive stillness, as if the house

itself anticipated their arrival.

Just as the scouts were about to close the diary, a strange noise pierced the silence—a faint jingle of keys, followed by the creaking of a door. They turned their heads, their eyes meeting the sight that chilled their hearts—ajar door, inviting and ominous.

Chapter 3: The Sinister Grin

The scouts stood frozen in terror as the door of the run-down house swung open, revealing a dark void beyond. The flickering campfire light barely penetrated the ominous depths of the dwelling, leaving their imaginations to conjure

unimaginable horrors.

"Should we go inside?" whispered Emily, her voice barely

audible amidst the pounding of her heart.

Fear and curiosity waged a fierce battle within each scout. The warning from Mr. Thompson's story echoed in their minds, reminding them of the sinister fate that had befallen those who entered the killer's lair. But the allure of uncovering the

mysteries held within the house was too potent to resist.

A shiver ran down Mr. Thompson's spine as he watched the scouts stand on the precipice of a haunting decision. With an air of unsettling calmness, he urged them, "Proceed with

caution, my young adventurers. Remember, once you enter,

there may be no turning back."

With trembling steps and bated breath, the scouts crossed the threshold into the foreboding darkness. The door closed behind them with an ominous creak, sealing their fate within the

house's suffocating grip.

Inside, the air grew thick and oppressive, heavy with the stench of decay. The feeble light of a flickering lantern revealed dilapidated walls, cobwebs hanging like drapes, and the

remnants of a forgotten life.

The sound of their own heartbeats mingled with the silence, amplifying the tension that filled the air. As they cautiously explored the rooms, each step sent shivers down their spines,

their senses on high alert.

Suddenly, a cry rang out, piercing the stillness of the house. "Guys, look!" Mike's voice trembled with a mixture of terror and


The scouts gathered around him, their eyes fixed upon a tattered, bloodstained diary lying on the floor. It was a mirror image of the diary they had discovered by the campfire, pages filled with sinister secrets and a trail leading them deeper into

the killer's twisted mind.

A sense of foreboding washed over them. The words on the pages taunted their sanity, promising an inescapable fate. Panic and desperation clawed at their souls, intertwining with

the dark secrets held within the diary.

Just as the scouts were about to retreat from the house, their hopes of escape dwindling, a chilling realization struck them like lightning. The diary was not meant to be found; it was

meant to lure victims into the clutches of the serial killer.

A cold breeze swept through the house, extinguishing the flickering lantern, plunging the scouts into complete darkness.

Fear consumed them as they fumbled in the blackness,

searching for an exit that seemed to elude them.

Then, a soft chuckle resonated from the shadows, sending a chill down their spines. The chilling laughter grew louder,

echoing through the walls, tormenting their fragile minds.

Suddenly, a dim light flickered in the distance, casting eerie shadows on the walls. It emanated from a small room at the end of a narrow hallway. With trepidation, the scouts followed the beckoning glow, their hearts pounding with a mix of dread

and desperate hope.

As they reached the room, their breath caught in their throats. Mr. Thompson stood there, bathed in an otherworldly light, his

face twisted into an evil grin.

A nightmare crafted by their protector and guide. Their fate now lay at the mercy of the wicked mind that had manipulated their

every move.

May 22, 2023 07:44

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Dimitra M.
10:45 Jun 01, 2023

Great idea ! Curiosity killed the cat... ;-)


KG Green
20:57 Jun 01, 2023

Thank you Dimitra :) Indeed it does :)


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Amanda Lieser
21:46 Jun 21, 2023

Hi KG, Oh my goodness! This story sent chills down my spine. I have never gone to a sleep away camp, but I just get the feeling it’s a bad idea after hearing so many horror stories set at one. This story was interesting because the way you formatted it felt like a diary. There were some sentences specially, that began on a separate like. But I felt like that could have been purposeful since a diary isn’t always easy to read the way a book is. I thought your change is perspective to the kids was a great idea since it gave us a sense of fore...


KG Green
06:39 Jun 22, 2023

First of all thank you for your kind words Amanda. Admittedly not something I have ever done either due to the same theory as you! Great spot, it was intended as a diary. Admittedly, pasting it on here did cause a few issues. Initially it was something to warn young people of being careful who to trust, so many things you hear of scammers, fraudsters, people online not who they really are but used the campfire stories to promote safety. Thank you so much for your words. Have a lovely day


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Shannon C.
19:31 Jun 02, 2023

I absolutely loved this story! Loved being on the edge of my seat.


Show 0 replies
L Farr
11:43 May 29, 2023

Really vivid imagery. I loved all the twists and turns....what a great story


KG Green
19:25 May 29, 2023

Thank you so much Loz x


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Connor H
19:05 May 27, 2023

Wonderfully creepy! I got chills reading this. At first I was wondering why you started with a campfire story, but then once the kids found a diary mirroring the one in the tale, I found your opening to be an inspired choice (it's also one i wouldn't have questioned if I hadn't known the prompt that inspired it.) It leaves me with a feeling that this will happen again and again. This was very spooky and enjoyable to read.


KG Green
19:36 May 27, 2023

Thank you so much for your kind words. I do enjoy writing for young people as a rule so this was different to write as it would be read by adults. YIKES! As the saying about curiosity and cats these children's curiosity would get the better of them. Thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed reading. Have a lovely day


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18:07 May 27, 2023

He did try to warn them, not that such warning was of much use. Not with him being guide and protector of these children. How did their parents allow this situation. Last time I checked, the dead don't leave reviews and I tend to look for aggrieved parental experiences before entrusting my child with annyone! Fun story!


KG Green
19:32 May 27, 2023

Hi, thank you for your comment. I know, could you imagine leaving your child with such a fiend. Good policy you have, Sadly, children are entrusted with the wrong kind of characters in life so this was something I wanted to put out there and warn the dangers. Thank you again for your lovely comment.


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