The Black Tanzanite

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Black Fantasy Science Fiction

Traveling through space on our ship trying to find the item we're looking for. JJ Bonne a sell man that purchases the best rare items in the universe patrol waiting for the signal from the market to open. JJ always likes to show off and promote his items to the universe. Carmen looked around the list of items while waiting “We need a new energy source for our ship our last energy source last about three years or more but it's expensive. Today is the only day of getting that energy source for a valuable price. My hands gripping the armchair when I hear a gasp behind me. As multiply ships surround the area from various kinds of criminals, and civilians just to shop at JJ Bonne Black market. Once in a lifetime event “Sis look I found the item on the list The Black Tanzanite!” I jumped over toward Anna to observe the gem located in the middle of the market with its first come and first served.  

Seeing the Black Tanzanite who can strengthen and automatically repair the ship. With its black color reflecting the light you could probably see yourself. Anna looks back at Carmen, I heard it can also awaken your connection between your inner world but it is just a rumor. A gigantic gate appears with a mystic gold with JJ Bonne Black market appearing in fireworks. It was announced that we must leave our ships to dock “Anna get ready. Do you have our bag?" Anne holds the bag over her shoulder gear up to dock into the Black market like everyone else. You would expect the marketplace to be jam-packed it was very spacious stores from different brands over the world and the smell of food. The top quality of food is fresh smelling of varying of mix flavors. The welcome scent danced inside my nostril making my mouth water. Touching my shade to get a closer look toward our goal by the center of the marketplace was protecting cage surrounded by guards inside was the Black Tanzanite glowing with dark energy. 'It looks like it's not open right now must be the main event. "We need to get close before the main event, the crowd is slowly swarming us. 

Both me and Anna move closer as JJ Bonne appears on the hologram “Greeting everyone the main event is about to begin. Light beaming through space “Welcome to my groovy market place and my high-quality price of the year is this...Black Tanzanite!” The crowd was awed at the beauty of the special item. While JJ was explaining the Black Tanzanite Anna was giving me my gloves slowly glances around seeing the competition. Besides about ten humans around the majority are aliens. The was a hugged crowd surrounding the ones who wanted the challenge of taking such a rare prize. There were at least two hundred use weapons was allowed so everyone carries their guns, swords, and more at the ready. “Remember the plan Anna and don’t get distracted”. Anna smiled holding up her hand with the watch remote to the ship “Don’t worry am 100 percent prepared” The cage was slowly lifted open and a horn was blowing across the market.  

Everyone jumped and started to attack each other explosions coming from all angles I ran toward the stairs people blocking my way. I jumped over the first couple of people and kicked a Hog-Hound in the face squealing in the process. Dodging my way through the crowd not stopping pacing myself to the top. Moving toward the stairs four Space Goblins was blocking the way up the stairs shooting laser guns at anyone who challenges them “Oye, ye not pass the stairs or yer getting shot between the eyes!” Snarling as everyone slowed down. Daring anyone to go against them. Fear and anger flow through the crowd. I pulled two knives out running toward the side pacing myself. Anna was in position near the back ready to use her telekinesis to throw the bombs in the backpack. Almost reaching the top glancing around with no one around. I quickly grabbed it and put it in my bag.

My heart suddenly started when I turned around and the blade was thrust almost stabbing my back. Bunny ninjas appeared before me maybe they had the same idea but I have no chance am giving them this. The air was filled with an intense affirmation of wanting the one idea The Black Tanzanite. It was silent for almost it was been for hours until the rabbits hopped aiming for me. I hastily grabbed my grenade and flash threw but as a signal. Also, to the downside, the enemies of bunny ninjas ranked one of the top five assassins to hire from a top important assignment. Gotten a few bunny ninjas and others that were now reaching the top from the grenade and flashlights. I leaped from fifty feet from the floor seeing Anna's insight I smirked tighten my whole arm throwing the bag with The Black Tanzanite toward her.     

“Anna gets the ship ready to leave, I shouted to Anna from afar while kicking the ninja space rabbit with a sword. The rabbit was swift but thankfully my reflexes were dodging the fast sword. Waiting for the right moment to strike the space rabbit ninja, the rabbit jumped back and blew a whistle appear was five rabbit ninjas heading toward Anna. The rabbit was jumped up with his sword slashing down and I tighten my grip powering up my fists. Anna rode through the crowd and used her force shield to protect herself as I punch their way into the force shield, she created. Along with the Black Tanzanite glowing it “seems like its calling to me”, she briefly looked down at the gem flashing rapidly and stronger. Embracing the dark energy repelling the people in the crowd from Anna. She feels herself emerging and her powers getting stronger overwhelming her. The people were being gravitative from the ground. “Quick grab the merchandise the pirates were grabbing anything that they could keep their hands-on”. One of the bunny ninjas had reached within their side to grab a laser gun pointing out Anna. Pulling the trigger, a massive of laser beams went through lessoning the crowd surrounding Anna. 

“Anna be careful”! me running behind catching up to her. Pacing my breathing to keep up with the bunny ninjas three of them left. “Need to get the fly boots boosters ready to get to Anna and the ship. Looked down at the watch pressing the button glowing up. My eyes pierced the target enemies and protected my sister. My heart beating gradually feel with anxiety  

“Focus Carmen, focus” closing clearing my mind my body heating up, the burning passion arise eyes glowing gold. Everyone running was beginning to look slow down some. Feeling my foot pushing her forward. The ship was floating down and began to open the door pick up the pace I shouted in my mind. Catching up to Anna she turns around the energy decreasing notice me now leaning more boosting up the speed. The rest of the crowd was roaring right behind us like a giant wave monster.  

We jumped toward the door Anna pulling up another shield with the powers of Black Tanzanite from the others coming in. My legs shook from the force of the boost a use to run. “Carmen get to the controls!” Shouted as the crowd began shooting the shield. Carmen balance herself feeling the sharp pain ran to the control room “Computer closed the door and get us outta here pronto!” Using the rest of the energy-boosting out full blast. I feel back and chuckled relief breathing hard but satisfied that we got the item. I slowly close my eyes from exhaustion and everything fades to black.    

December 03, 2021 04:59

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