My Journey to Viens

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Christian Fantasy Drama

       - "A sir nameth Hathanias, a guardsman who is't is quite quaint from the outside, his feelings beginneth to roteth. That gent sees Yeshua and hath felt guilt. Yeshua calleth unto that gent, "follow me. " Hathanias did drop his sw'rd, armeth'r, and buckler and hath followed that Gent."

            - Zachonias 1, verse 3

            My name is Clyde Calawis. I have lived so long that I don't know how old I am. Being a nine-year-old forever is quite long since I can't ever seem to age. I will tell you about my past of how I come to be. I lived in the medieval period where knights and horse riders are in play; however, as my Father's kingdom fall when I am just a fresh baby out from the womb, my mother died on the riverbed, holding me in her arms to seek refuge.

            There's a strange person who has come out from the forest, peering his head over the bushes. The person is covered in his brown cloak, dirty like a peasant, rag all over. My mother has difficulty breathing, bleeding badly on the riverbed as the strange person, looking at my father's castle from a few miles away, being burned down by the oppressors and the traitors. The castle is behind my mother from a few miles away since there's an escape route to let her be here on this riverbed. She pleaded to the strange man to take me, which is me, the one who is fresh off from the womb. The strange man looks at her; she looks at him, straight in those glowing yellow eyes. She noticed that the strange man isn't an ordinary man.

            You may think this is a fucking human story. Guess what. It's not! I'm a Tyrenkian, or you may call yourself like, "I'm a human being," for example. My Father's nation is called, "Eglas." He died trying to save his empire before the inside doors let the oppressors come in and destroy our kingdom. I am the only heir to the throne; however, it all went to shit. What remains left is my mother and the strange man in brown rags standing before us.

            "Are you a Variant?"

            The strange man nods a yes. He kneels, looks at my mother when she lay her arms straight on the wet sands, and touches her hand. She notices that the strange man's hand is metallic.

            "I am a Yarenian, from the lands of Old Yareinia," said the strange man.

            My mother gives me to him; the Strange Man reaches his arms out and takes me into his arms. 

            "Please, take my son. Don't hurt him."

            On that day, I ended up with the Strange Man. His name is Yoban Stray.

            - "People of Yodea and its eld'rs shall hark to thee. Bid the king of Akanites to setteth thee free, f'r the L'rd is with thee. He shall taketh thee on a journey to the wild'rness in three days to off'r Him a sacrifice.

            - Yetzote 3, verse 18 

            I am six years old. Yoban and I set sail on a ship. It's almost evening.

            There are men of all ages, young and old alike. What's funny is that nobody on this ship knows Yoban isn't a Tyrenkian. The only person that knows him underneath that rag is me and me alone.

            To describe a Variant, think of us as super-beings with superpowers, living among mortal people who aren't us. We live longer than they do; we are more intelligent than they are because of our longevity. I didn't know what a Variant is until someone tells me that I am one of them. Yoban is one of them.

            Every night, I keep on dreaming about my mother and my father. The dreams are fragments, seeing of how they lived and how they died. I also see my enemies as well of how they killed them. When I wake up, tears are always on my eyes as it drips down to my cheeks.

            Yoban looks at me with those creepy yellow eyes, hiding his head in the dark as he sits on the other side of the bed. He doesn't sleep; he doesn't eat. You may think he's a robot; however, he's not. He has an exoskeleton on the outside, which they are indestructible metal. I remember that I used to be a naughty little four-year-old, running off to a trebuchet sight; he saved me before a giant boulder that crushed him; yet, he managed to survive. The boulder breaks into two.

            On our journey to Viens across the Kypos Ocean, a country for refuge, my home used to be Eglas before the invaders pillaged my father's kingdom. After they burned it down, a sudden strange luminous green light blasted the entire area like a dome; the pillagers, the invaders, and my people perished with it when I witnessed it a few days ago before boarding on this ship. Nobody knows why and how. Some people say it's witchcraft that made the men go mad at each other's throats.

            Yoban sees me in tears from my wake. He said to me, "Men don't cry."

            I rush to him to the other side of the bed and mourn onto his shoulder. Why am I see these nightmares of my mother and father every night? These memories aren't my memories but hers.

            "I miss my home," I cried.

            "Eglas is not safe anymore, my prince. There is someone who vouches for you at Viens."

            "Who?" I wondered.

            "His name is Vorshaal. He claims to be your great, great, great, great grandfather."

            Great grandfather? Oh really? Why is he living at Viens? I do wonder.

            - "Yeshua cometh to the flote of Yodea, seeing Meyenir, Abathul, and Azaiyul. Those gents art fishermen, and Yeshua hath said, "come and followeth me; I shall maketh thee fishers of men. " Then those gents hath followed that Gent to the flote, casting their meshes."

            -  Matthias 12, verse 12

            On a low windy day, Yoban is feeding me food. He did catch one of those dangerous fish that eats children in the sea. With his improvising, he uses the equipment on the ship as the sailors protested against him. The food on the ship isn't enough for everyone. From his improvisation, he uses one of their ropes and any equipment they have.

            He tosses a piece of raw fish and plops it goes down.

            Not just for a second, the biting begins.

            "Oh, lad! You got a bite!"

            "I know. It's a big one, and I can see it," when Yoban replies.

            Down and down as it goes, the rope suddenly that once loose is now stiffened straight. Yoban put his foot at the edge of the boat since he knows that this fish is a Dabolas. This fish is giving a contentious time, making it harder for Yoban to fish it out. He grunts and pulls to reel it in with his bare hands. One pull after the other; it all seems like it's easy for him to draw it closer and closer to the ship. I do wonder. How strong is Yoban?

            One grunt, he pulls. The fish flaps its head out as it swivels from left and right, shaking it hard before going under again.

            The second grunt, he pulls it even more challenging as if this is a game to him. It looks all too easy for him to get this fish.

            The last grunt, the fish has finally arrived next on the boat, flipping and flapping its fins and its tail next to the ship. Yoban comes closer and approaches the Dabolas fish and socks through its head. His fist went right through the fish's skull, and it died instantly.

            "Lunch is now ready," said Yoban.

            "How did you do that?" said the old man who is the captain of the ship.

Yoban looks at him before reeling the fish in with his fist. It’s stuck inside the Dabolas's head. He didn't say a word and looked at the man before dropping the fish on the floor. He's using his feet to pull his wrist out from the head of the Dabolas. Slurp! That's how it sounded when he pulls it out from the head.

            Almost everyone on that day glares at him for being the strongest man on board.

            "I think I got a story to tell when we get to the country of Viens for a fisherman tale," said the captain.

            - "At which hour righteous cries out, the L'rd hears those folk; at which hour mourning and drops of sorrow cometh out, the L'rd knoweth and doth feel their troubles. F'r those people art broken in spirit, flesh, soul, and mind, He cometh to saveth."

            - 1 Prayers 32, verse 7.

            The next day, I wake in tears again. These dreams constantly are going against me, like going up the river, fighting against the current. The dreams are becoming more vivid than fragments.  I start seeing dead people and seeing how my parents die; I also know what is inside the glowing, luminous light that destroyed the capital city in a thirty-mile radius. I can feel the dead speak, knowing their immense pain and anguish. The pillagers who raided us speaks to me; the traitors who betrayed my father, they talk to me; the oppressors who got swallowed by the green light, they speak to me. They come in bones, knowing what a fool they've been.

            I tell them what do you want! Then I wake up from that nightmare.

            Yoban, again, stares at me with those glowing yellow eyes when he continuously hides his face in the dark.

            "My prince. Men don't cry," Yoban said. "The dreams that you have are the dead that goes unjust. The true enemy has triggered that green light as we have seen."

            "Who?" I asked.

            " His name is Dylamae Greed. The men who killed your father, the richest man in the world, your enemies have awoken a demon lord by their foolish mistakes.  These dead fools come to you because of what they have done wrong to you.”

            "It serves them right; however, why come to me and not Yeshua?

            "Because you have the gift to answer their call. Stay strong, my prince. Our true enemy hides in the shadows, making sure everything in its path dies with its temptation."

            What am I? A messiah? I am no messiah; I am just a six-year-old boy, stuck with a stranger, where mother commands him to take care of me. He's not a knight; he's a stranger. Why will mother trust a stranger? Maybe she knows him before I did.

            "Why did you save me? You're not a knight," I replied.

            "I know your mother when she is a child. I roam from lands far and wide until your grandfather kept me when I sought refuge. Your great grandfather is my master. I am the one who trained your mother to protect Eglas."

            "Oh. I see."

            "Come, my child. I know that you're upset. I know what it feels like when you lose someone."

            Then I approached him and hugged him before wiping my tears away. His body is as warm as a chimney as it soothes and calms my mind, my spirit, and my soul.

            - "At the dunnest hour, the L'rd cometh to taketh he'd. Protecteth me from evil and their shall; alloweth not tempteth me to beest the Fallen of the Old and our ancest'rs."

            - 1 Oppressor 7, verse 7. 

            Another dream again. This time, it's more vivid and terrifying.

            Yoban tries to wake me up, but I can't. My body turns bright as the sailors on the ship see me from below deck.

            "Save us! Run!" said the dead fools in my dreams.

            I jerk my head from left to right, seeing dead people all around me, saying to save them and to run.

            I see a dark throne in the dark, and there lies a demon with an outstanding outfit.

            "Clyde, wake up!" Yoban shouted in fear. The lights that shine from me are brighter than the sun; the light seems unaffected to Yoban’s eyes. His levels of concern went up high, knowing for the fact that I am visiting one of the demon lords.

            "My prince. Who are you?" said the demon lord in his demonic voice.

            "Who are you?" I rebuttal.

            "Dylamae Greed," as it replies.

            "What do you want?"

            "You, of course! I killed your father when I tempted the enemies to kill him so that I can wake onto this beautiful world. Your enemies cry for you because I fooled them to do so in my bidding. Then I killed them after making a great lie about them, receiving the throne of Eglas. However, since you're alive, I cannot let the prophecy fulfill its destiny. You're in my path, you wretch!"

            Yoban, on the other hand, suddenly hears the demon lord in my dreams when he felt its presence. The sailors on the deck can see how bright I am. The captain on this ship tells everyone to get ready to dive in when this is over.

            Now, back to my dreams. Dylamae, the demon lord of greed, wants me dead. He gets off his dark throne as I run away from him. I try and try, but it's futile since I am kicking and flapping my legs; it seems that I cannot go anywhere except on the same spot that I am stuck in, unable to move.

            "This will all be over soon, you wretch!" said Dylamae.

            "Someone, help me!" I cried out at the top of my lungs.

            Yoban sees that I start to mumble as if I am shouting for help in desperate need.

            "Clyde, wake up!" said Yoban.

            Going back to the dream, Dylamae's scary hands come near. With a top hat it has, pointy ears, and those menacing horns, this ugly imp is coming near.

            "Please! If there is someone out there, save me!"

            In a matter of an instant, a bright light blasted the dark, and the dark throne went away. I got freed from it and fell onto the ground. There I look on the floor, and I see two feet with sandals. I look up, and there is a man with long hair. He is so bright; the light is even purer than the sun and stars combined.

            "Don't be afraid, my child," said the man who is brighter than the sun. "I will deal with him."

            "Please, I will do anything. Save me."

            For that moment, a blast of knowledge burst and surges through my entire brain. I now know who He is when He has told me through telepathy and His presence.

            Dylamae had shrunken into a tiny insect when the light blasted the darkness. It disperses his throne and the darkroom to dust. He squirms in fear, curling into a ball of shadow since I now know who the Man is.

            "Yeshua," as I said His name.

            "I am that I am."

            After saying his name, Dylamae got smacked into a pancake when an invisible wave blasted him into smithereens. He then is no more; the shadows of him curl down to the floor, like a worm that slithers down into the dirt.

            "Clyde!" as Yoban continuously shouts my name frantically.

            The bright light that pops out from my body begins to die down in a matter of an instant. I finally wake up and take a hard breath to breathe when I gasp for air.

            Yoban, who is crying in tears, finally sees that I am okay.

            "Men don't cry, Yoban. Didn't you say that to me?"

            Yoban didn't care about crying anymore. He puts me in his arms before he brushes my hair with his hand.

            "I thought I would lose you. I felt the demon lord's presence when I touched you."

            "Yeshua saved me."

            The sailors from the above deck and the captain also approach down quickly to see what is going on.

            "What in the blue sea is going on down here?" said the captain.

            I looked at the captain and said, "Yeshua saved me. It’s all you need to know why my room is brighter than the sun."

            The crew of this ship stands and watches us both, their eyes glued onto Yoban and me.

            - "Turneth hence from evil and denounce Lucif'r, who is't is known as Satan, the Fallen of the Old. We cannot alloweth that wretch outwit us, f'r his schemes art to destroyeth us. In his nameth, Yeshua shalt setteth thee free from the Evil One."

            - 2 Ranonas 16, verse 17.

            We finally arrive at our destination at the end of the voyage, passing Kypos Ocean to Viens.

            I feel free, like a bird that wants to fly in the sky. I feel at peace, and the dreams and nightmares have stopped.

            After telling the crew on this ship about me battling against evil, I didn't know what it is from the start; it latched onto me when I left Eglas to the Sea of Kypos. I'd even tell the men about Yoban, who has metal skin from the head top to toe. He'd even show how he looks from underneath that ugly rag of his when he unwraps it. The men are shocked to see as I tell them that he is the one who is there for me. The entire crew on that day, have a story to tell. I have met Him, and He has saved me. With His knowledge that surges through me, I now know my purpose. Yeshua wants me to save the world from that demon who has awoken to destroy us.

            Dylamae. I won't forget what you have done to Eglas, causing my people into confusion to destroy each other with your temptation and greed. Justice will be done in His name.

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