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Crime Sad Thriller

This is my worst nightmare ever in my life !!

I feel soo suprised and shocked after hearing this short story . This is because it's today morning I got my nightmare which was very thriller and ofcourse sad. I was wondering like ' Is it true ?' ' I'm I in reality ?' it took me several minutes to make me calm as I started to fear and even cry . A load of tears kocked at both of my eyes🥺 . It was me who did crime in the nightmare 😱

As I may go to hostel next month for further studies, I was very excited about it for past three weeks in reality . Here starts the scene.... in nightmare I'm traveling in a bike sitting behind a guy who I don't know in reality , I didn't see his face clearly in my nightmare but I'm talking with him soo nicely as if I know him very well . It was not a continuous nightmare and also I can only recall it scene by scene . Suddenly we started laughing , had lots of fun and slowly we started to talk romantically while we were still riding to somewhere that I don't know where ? Suddenly we stopped and started walking , there at some point I saw my dad walking behind us, chatting with his friends but did not see us . Instantly that guy with who I came with put this hands on my shoulder . At the same moment I told him my dad follows us behind so go ahead and I slightly pushed him to separate us . After that what he did was such a unexpected thing for me ... He took a sharp object and punched it , I still don't remember that he did to me or my father. It's still a big question mark in my mind . After that I don't remember .

This did not end !! Here starts the second scene . I am taking revenge . Here comes the twist in my nightmare . Read carefully ,

I was keen to kill that guy who I actually wanted to but I don't know why it was some other person who I killed . I seriously don't know why and how did I killed that unknown person ? But I killed him, looking at his dead face it was completely a different person . I am in a complete mess , confusion and tension . I seriously don't know why I got like this nightmare and I also pray God that I should never even get such a nightmare .

Coming to my nightmare again , I don't know why I carried his dead body to my hostel room. I saw many of my friends reached our hostel before me . I seriously don't know how I carried his dead corpse along with my luggage but I did it in my nightmare . What do you think I would have done with that dead corpse ???

Suddenly I saw my father asking something that I don't remember what , but I remember is that I told him that we forgot to bring the bucket to the hostel . As there was no one to help us giving theirs so we need to buy a new one in nearby shop . He just gave me a unique look that I never seen my dad in that expression and went to shop . Then I slowly inserted the dead body into my cot (bed) and above that I spread some bedsheets to make it even as it was very clearly seen like someone was sleeping . Inspite of that one of my friend found and questioned me . But I don't remember what I replied to her ? After few hours I saw the clock it was showing 10 'o' clock in the morning so as usual I was wondering why the classes hasn't started yet simultaneously I feared that I may get caught . It was an intuitive felling of mine , that I did not talk with anyone just was quite and praying . I don't know what I prayed ? But I remember I was praying . After few hours I saw some policemen in our girls hostel eventually they entered our room .. looking them my heart stopped !!! I seriously don't know how the police came ? Who would have informed them ? But they entered the room soo fastly and checked each of us place for a dead corpse . Suprisingly they came to my place first !! They checked and very easily found the body . I was thrilled and before the cop saw me I started running . It was third floor where my room belongs to . I very quickly ran down the stairs while to change my dress I all of a sudden removed the overcoat from my body and my hair clip broken as I hit the wall . In my free hair I kept running but I saw there was no one following me to catch me . It wondered me again but I didn't take it a big issue and I reached the ground floor where I was thrilled to see two big police jeeps . I just gathered some more strength from inside and kept running on the roads .. suddenly I heard some lady voice shouting at me " get up from the bed " and it took me few minutes to realise that it was my mom !! Ohh it was at this time I realised " it's a dream " . The next two hours I don't know what to do as I'm in a holiday , had no work to do so I kept thinking and frightened by it . Then I anyway able to control my mind ,my thinking and my emotions . I just told it to no one and self motivated me to not take a negative impact instead let's learn some lessons from it .

The lessons I learnt from my worst nightmare is :

• always be careful and conscious on what you do .

• always control your mind , emotions and actions .

• learn to convert negative impact to positive one .

So I'm very much happy to share that it was today ( 29/9/2021 ) I got my worst nightmare and it was also today I saw about the weekly writing short story contests . I'm very surprised thinking about it. I thank God for I'm able to recognise this reedsy prompts so that I can also make my writing dream come true !!

Yes I'm a girl who has lot of dreams and desires to fulfill .. one of them is writing . I do write poems and songs . Now it's my first short story related to my own experience .

I thank you all for reading my story . 🤗🙏

September 29, 2021 11:00

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Madhumitha M
11:39 Sep 29, 2021

Even though my story is not continuous , it's the real nightmare of mine . Hopefully gives you some lessons at the end !! 🤗


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