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Fiction Inspirational Western

Write a story that involves a reflection in a mirror.

Sam entered the room and counted his steps to locate his favourite mirror. The darkness made it hard to find it with eyes. He took the predefined number of steps and came across the mirror. He saw his reflection, somewhat different from him. The sound and eyes were the only things that connected Sam with the reflection. The physical feature would be difficult to match without sound and colour of eyes. 

'I think I look hidious...' Sam said to the reflection.

'No, Sam. You are the most desired man in this world,' replied the reflection.

'Are you serious?'

'Yes, buddy. You look cooler than you think?'

'I do not believe in your word, mirror. You are just saying to cheer me up.'

'First of all, I am not the mirror that you are looking at. I am your reflection from an alternate universe that happens to be five years ahead of you. You believe in your future but not the present, Sam.'

'How can I? With limited money and unlimited worries, how can I be the most desired one.'

'You are. You always were. There is nothing that can hold you back other than you. Overcome the self-doubt. Persist relentlessly and make it to the top.'

'Do they serve motivational quotes in the breakfast or they just mix in with the morning coffee?' asked Sam his reflection, who was high on motivation.

'It will be the recommeneded dosge for all in the future.'

'It will be mandatory in the future. Are you saying that?'

'No, I am not saying it, I am living it.'

'But Mootivation does not last and what is the use for that?' asked Sam to his reflection.

'Just like bathing isn't a mandatory chore but to feel fresh and allow others to breathe in peace, majority of us opt to bath. Just the same way, motivation is not mandatory, but it brings all the energy that you need to overcome inertia. With passing time, the inertia may build up to halt your drive but those doses of motivational booster will push you again.'

'Okay, I had my dose. See you tomorrow.'

'And remember that you are not what others think you are, you are what, what you think you are. So never think less of yourself. You will conquer the entire world when need be. Just believe.' said the reflection in one breath. 

'Okay, so I am apt.'

'Yes, you are. Time will tell you what I am saying.'

The reflection in the mirror vanquished to restore the darkness in the room. It was not hard for Sam to locate the exit as he was used to this darkness. 

Sam slept in his not so comfortable bed. He was recalling the words of his speech that he would give tomorrow in his college. He thought less of himself, and he never thought that he can make it out of the debate round. 

With some effort and inner struggle, he completed the debate round and emerged victoriously. There were now three competitors for one place. Everyone knew who was going to win the race. The loser was obvious, and everyone knew that.

Sam was on the list to lose that election with a margin unimaginable by the rest of the college. 

Sam was rethinking the negative thought of others. However, the reflection was saying something opposite to what he was thinking about himself. In the future, he became somewhat of a leader. He couldn't believe that. But for the last nine days, most of the information that his reflection provided proved to be right.

Sam was fighting for a cause, and if he had to do something more than his mettle, he was ready to go. He was going to be the favourite loser, and Sam was feeling that. The reflection mirror acted as the motivational booster for him in the times like this. Sam was intelligent but lagged in confidence. He was bright but failed to shine in front of the masses. He untied the chain of bondage and tried to make some difference in the politics of his college. 

The words of encouragement by the reflection was enough to set Sam in motion towards his goal. 

The next day came, and everyone was ready to hear Sam speak and then make fun of him. 

Sam was not so sure of that after the motivational prep with the reflection. He was ready to tackle the world, one word at a time. It was his will that will uplift him to new heights. 

'My friends, today I am here for a reason.'

'Yes, to entertain us.' shouted someone from the crowd.

'Yes, to entertain you but in the right direction where the learning is something more than memorization. If I am elected to this post or not, I will make sure that you acquire knowledge, not the grades.'

'Then who will give us the jobs?' asked some over enthusiast from the crowd.

'People value skills, not the number of certificates that you have. Degrees, in the past, opened the door to new opportunities. Today, it is the skills that you possess that are apt to open the doors to new opportunities. That is my proposal, and if you think you want to make a dent in the universe and not on the chair of the office, vote for me. We will change the way how the education is imparted.'

The crowd was not mesmerised.

No one clapped.

There was an odd amount of silence. 

No one moved around but were lost in the thought of education.

Then one laughed out loudly. The rest followed, and it happened as imagined by Sam. The only difference was that now Sam knew the reality and was ready to face it as it comes. He feared this moment, but he overcame that fear to face this moment. He knew that fearing the future outcome will not help him in any way, it is the present that counts.

He thought that reflection was right, that we all need a motivational booster to overcome the inertia dipped in fear. With a proper push, internal or external, we can move mountains.

That night he decided to take the advice of the reflection once again. But he could not summon the reflection as the mirror was missing. 

The angels had placed that mirror into the darkroom of some other person who needed someone to overcome the darkness within.  

July 07, 2021 13:37

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Lee Kendrick
13:56 Jul 21, 2021

An entertaining short story. The idea of the mirror motivating Sam was also a good concept. Please recheck your spellings, and your writing will certainly improve. For example, Mootivation (motivation) and vanquished (vanished). Best wishes and luck with more stories Lee Kendrick


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