We humans are strange, aren't we? We always try to keep ourselves positive. We try to symbolise our happiness with nature. For instance, autumn is related to so many rumors. If you take walk with your life partner during autumn your pain will vanish with the end of season. And most of them are related to falling leaves such as if you manage to catch a falling a falling leaf your first love come back to you or your sadness will be over and many else but the one on which I believe is that your wish come true. Not only me but someone else believed it too after listening how my wish fulfilled after catching a falling leaf and they were mother and daughter. So the story is about Tanya, a disabled mother and her daughter Rachel.

Tanya walking between the golden woods was trying to catch leaf and same goes for Rachel. Both of them had their invisible long distances between them. Tanya was dumb which always irritated Rachel because that disability of her mother made Rachel outcast in her class. Tanya had a lot to say to her daughter really a lot but Rachel never wanted to understand her. Tanya like every parent wanted to give best life to daughter but who will hire a dumb person. She used to wash dishes in a restaurant and was doing some other cleaning works too so as to earn little money and was trying to meet ends. At first we can hate Rachel for not understanding her mother and making lives of both of them difficult but in the long run we can't forget that she is just a child who wants to open her heart out and wants to lead a normal life like others instead of being bullied by others just because of her mother.

And see both of them caught a golden leaf or both of them got their keys to happiness. Happiness of Tanya lies in Rachel, next week was her birthday. Tanya was working overtime for her daughter's birthday. All she wished was an amazing birthday for Tanya. And Rachel caught the leaf but she has so many wishes what should she ask for. Her mother was her bigger dissapointment but she managed not to wish anything for which she had to regret later.

A Grand marriage would take place in the hills nearby and they were hiring workers with really high pay compared to normal earnings. Thanks to this destination wedding Tanya got a job of cleaning glass of the hotel. This huge building gave huge pay too, enough for her daughter's birthday party.

The assigned day was the day before Rachel birthday. Tanya was really working hard cleaning glasses with all her energy. The work was really risky as the building was high and balconies were too narrow at some places.

Rachel was gazing at leaf still confused.She decided to pray for lottery so that she can leave her mother forever and run away but is it really what she want. She was highly confused and lost and suddenly she was shocked by a call.

Rachel was running with all her strength as the call was from hospital. Tanya fell from balcony and was hurt badly. Rachel stared at her mother who was inside operation theatre. No wonder the payment was high as no one wanted to risk their life.

Rachel was not crying for her mother for the first time but before she used to cry because she never liked her mother but today she was crying because she wanted her more than anything else. She was now lost in memories. In front of her was her mother who was crying without words in front of their home when her father left them forever . Her mother worked really hard sewing clothes for others with Rachel in her lap. Even when her mother was sick she used to go to work. Every morning when she was sleeping her mother used to kiss her forehead giving her blessings without saying good morning. Now she really felt dissapointed thinking of time when she used to speak ill of her mother. She never gave a inch of respect to her. She wanted to give a lot of loving memories to her mother and herself and for that she want her mother back.

A nurse came to Rachel with her mother belongings. And among them was a mobile wrapped in gift paper with a note. On the note were the words of her mother which were unspoken.

"Dearest daughter, I know you sufferd a lot in life because of me. Every morning when I get up, I feel sorry as I can't even ask you to wake up, scold you with love when you don't obey me. I also wanted to say you that my girl eat beans too, they are good for your health. I wanted to scold you when you roam with those street guys. Also, at night I wanted to tell you stories and let you sleep beside me. But I am not able to behave as a normal and good mother. Please forgive me. You know I love you and only you. Lots of love."

Rachel took that leaf and prayed for her mother.

Today the hospital is witness that rumor of catching a falling leaf is true. Although Rachel celebrated her birthday in hospital but it couldn't be more joyful and heartwarming. As she wished her mother defeated death and is by her side cutting birthday cake. And as Tanya wished birthday was really amazing not only she was able to give her a expensive gift but also today her daughter was able to understand her and both of them were close as never before. Don't know it was true prayer of mother who wanted to celebrate birthday of her child or miracle of leaf but birthday was really a happy birthday. That autumn tears of happiness were shed along with leaves. 🍂

August 03, 2019 16:42

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