American Christian Fiction

Thanksgiving day was always a time for the Moore’s family to gather to celebrate, wine and dine together. It was always a time most members of the family anxiously await. It was a time to exchange long kept pleasantries. It was a time to iron out pressing issues. Speaking and chatting on the phone weren’t just enough in this regard. It was a time to end all rancour, bury every hatchet and move on. More importantly, it was a time for Mr and Mrs Moore to see their children who always gave excuses for not paying occasional visits. Seeing also their grandchildren was also a bundle of joy for them. Thanking God together, telling stories and reliving past memories always bring so much joy and strengthens the bond in the family.

James, the youngest child in the family had been rehearsing for long on how to break the news on his recent plans. He doesn’t know whether to call it a bad or good one. This plan had been upmost in his mind for a while but considering so many facts he hadn’t been able to announce it to his family. Although the youngest, he was a pivot in the family business. Aside Mr Moore, the CEO, he was the next person who was skilled and efficient in the business. He knew his onions well good. He knew when and where to pull the ropes. His decisions has always been the icing on the cake and had always put them ahead of their competitors. Smart, intelligent and shrewd, he was a replica of his father, an indeed younger version of him, a chip off the old block. He’s endowed with a business acumen that’s one of its kind. Last thanksgiving was actually the time he wanted to announce his exit from the family's business but he was considering how his father would accept such news. He was so reliant on him that he hardly takes important decisions without letting him in. At first it was a tug of war between them. His suggestions were ignored and considered unimportant. He was seen as young, naive and inexperienced but now the chief corner stone the builder once rejected. He felt his father might be heart broken and disappointed. The news might not go down well with his mother also. She’s been so proud of him. Being much loved by her, she doesn’t fail to sing the praises of his unalloyed committment to the family business. She calls him the future of Moore’s Holdings and Ventures. A business name she coined by herself. He felt she would be twice heart broken than his father. He wasn’t ready to make his parents sad. He wasn’t ready to cut them to the deep. He wasn’t ready to kill their zest and vitality. His mother was too dear to him and he wasn’t ready to make her feel bad. But this time around, he was prepared to face the consequences of his decision. He was ready to make known his plans to his family irrespective of how they take it. Though hurt they might be, he wasn’t taking any chances this time around. He needed to pursue his dreams. He needed to tow his path. He had given much of his time to his family’s business. He had poured himself into the business and was glad with the end result. The business has blossomed exuberantly and has leapt by leaps and bounds. Now a household name.

He stands up, walks up to his father and whispers in his ears. Mr Moore’s face brightens up, expecting it to be as usual. James was fond of doing that anytime he had a new idea and innovation. He always loved his father to usher him in. Anytime he did that, he could see the excitement and eager anticipation from his mother’s face.

“Hello! Hello! Attention everybody!”

“James, one of the sole heir of my business, our family business has an important announcement to make. Please can we give him audience.”

James clears his throat and looks around the table, looking at each and everyone. He then starts.

“You all know how I've been committed to our family business. You all know how I've given my time and total effort into this business. I have given my best in complement with your effort dad and that of my other siblings to give this business an edge over its competitors. Though, the youngest of all, am proud of be a part of this family. You gave me room to harness and hone my skills and abilities. You gave me a voice in the family though after much pressure. I want to say thank you to you all.”

He pauses and clears his throat the second time. The expression on everyone’s face changes. They wondered what the pause and clearing of the throat the second time meant. Was he in trouble? He continues, “Am leaving the family business to chase my dreams. Am not leaving totally. But will not be committed as I have been. Am relocating to somewhere else outside this city. I know you might be thinking what’s that dream that’s more important than establishing this business for time immemorial. Am actually going into writing. I intend to be a writer. I have so much locked up on the inside of me and now is the right time to harness it. Am relocating to a place that I think will be of good use to me and the future of my writing. I want to say I love you all and am proud to be a member of this family. Am grateful to God for been born in this family. Am glad to belong here. Am blessed to be part of this home.”

After his speech, he took his seat. For some few minutes, there was dead silence. His father looked bewildered. His mother was speechless. His siblings looked at one another in amazement. Everything looked like a movie. His announcement came out of the blues. After a while, Mr Moore been who he is, summoned courage and congratulated his son for the new path he has taken. He said he admired writers so much because it takes a whole lot of courage and effort to write. He said it’s one thing to write and it’s another thing for your writing to be accepted. He wished his son great luck and told him to also do a rethink perhaps it might not be the right timing. His siblings embraced and congratulated him likewise his surprised mother. A sudden change has come in the family.

November 27, 2020 07:05

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