Coming of Age Black Fiction

         “On the D-Day, all that would be Shaking would be

           Shaking and only those with tap root would remain”

The quote is what is boldly written on the wall and files that Mrs. Rose Ikee and her dogs carry around and on their departmental wall. You can never see them without hugging the files and the quote on them like their second body.

What the department she came from in the state house is called specifically, no one knows.

Some said critique department, some say accusatory department. Whichever, the woman and her department is known to many as nothing but mosquito. Some even prefers to refer to her and the department as serpent and Scorpion. Accusers and destroyers.

They’re not even satellite department of the foods, drugs and standard organization of the nation but different body created by the state government to foresee the smooth running of the due process like they put it in the state. Some refers to the department as body created by the government to criticize the activities of the federal government agency meant for that function. They claimed were not performing. 

Everyday seems to be the ‘D-Day’ for her dogs like her field workers are referred to by the people yet, the woman always claim that D- day is yet to come. Entirely different day from what people are witnessing.

Who knows if their foray into town almost each working day is legal or not. Their disturbance is getting out of hand. No sector is safe from their scrutiny. Education, business, internet, bank, transport, religion, agriculture etc. 

       Whatever hidden agenda this reign is up to is puzzling to the people.  Is the governor trying to unify the behaviors of the entire citizens?

Are they subtly introducing communist ideology into the society?

What type of Utopia society is this regime dreaming up?

Why do the governor and his hangers-on fail to realize the society they are in and type of behavior they are trying to will into existence are two different things altogether?

If what they had in mind work in the Western world, we are in the third world continent. The two worlds are two mighty different things, the creatures in them two different things too. 

What works there can’t work here. How come their education for years in the West didn’t make that obvious to them.

     “We are nation of organize and civilized people, we must work to maintain that assertion daily” she said in the recent interview she had with the state television few days ago. Masses had phoned in to enquire if she forgot about human rights.

“ Human rights didn’t give anyone right to behave anyhow, talk anyhow, laugh or even dress anyhow” she answered the caller.

Another caller had called to enquire what her definition of anyhow is.

“ There are natural lines any grown up should know exist. Yellow, green and red being the most prominent. Each person should know when he/she crosses any”

When asked to tell the masses in detail when they cross the red lines in their choice of fashion, she said:

“ Here is Africa, we have our culture and values to take care of. There are enough to serve as source of guide to any sensible adult. You can’t just as a man wear three ear rings in one ear and another on the nose and be walking up and down and expect not to be talked to. Imagine, only last week we arrested 257 of such dressers and 163 women wearing swine suit and night gown in living day light walking up and down in the name of fashion. No, this administration says mighty NO to such madness.”

She had two days ago sent her dogs to arrest those preaching in the morning in their streets and people were surprised and confuse on where she stands on the issue of morality.

“ Mrs. Rose, you arrested some people you claimed their fashion gave praises to Satan, why do you arrest those doing preaching that give praises to God?”

“ This is exactly the Misconception about this department we have been trying to correct for long now. We are for due process. If you’re preaching God, we commend that. It’s encouraging. But do so with what common sense dictates. You can’t just weak up by 3:30 am and pick up megaphone to disturb the entire community sleeping in the name of God. If you’re suffering myopia, let us know and we can render help. You want to preach? Do so from 5am.”

“What of the priest your office sent to court for carrying out his official duty. The first in our history”

“ Yeah, the office had not been existing. That would assure you that there is no sacred cow or any thing like that. If you as a priest crosses the red line, we will pay you a visit. That priest did exactly that and more of his kinds would join him in the court soon”

“ Mrs. Rose, this state is known in this region as center of commerce. Recently, many traders have relocated to other states, why are you driving traders and revenues away from the state”

“ Revenue? How many of those traders do you think had been paying taxes for decades now? Billions fly around those markets yet not 500k enters government coffers each year. Yet from government pocket, the market is maintained. This administration won’t tolerate that. Each market must be self sufficient and follow due process of buying and selling and pay their due to the government”

“What of the publishers and authors your office is embarrassing in public, educational materials has gone to Mars. Don’t you want our children to be educated like you?”

“ Copyright, quality work, research and independent thinking is what we are fighting for. We don’t want our Children to be educated like us, we want them to surpass us in education. For that, this administration made it compulsory that every protocol in that sector must be complied with to the least. Quality and honest work is future we want for our kids”

“ Mrs. Rose, you came out with queue observation in filling stations, schools, government offices, traffics spots etc. That move is causing more harm than good. Don’t you think it is high time you do away with it?”

“ That would tell you how disorganized the society had been for long. A man that can’t wait for his turn to be served but prefers to muscle or bribe his way to the front can’t be good husband, wife, administrator, teacher, preacher, citizen etc. If we succeed in that aspect alone, we would have right millions of wrongs in one move alone. We are determined to see that succeed”

Even how people walk, stand, laugh and chew food did not escape the criticism of Mrs. Rose and her department. One painful thing to the masses that wants her kicked out of the office is that her efforts seems to be producing visible results and some masses are being won over to their side. Those still criticizing does so among their circle.  

April 12, 2022 09:20

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