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"Hey you" a man's voice yelled from behind the storage container, echoing off all nearby containers. You turn back, it's dark so you can't see who or where he is. You stay quiet and slowly squat down behind the large anchor and chains, hoping he'll lose you.

"Hey, get out here, get out here now, your wife won't be happy once she hears that you won't even stand up and fight for her" he said, voice booming threateningly throughout the ship. You roll your eyes and wait for him to do his worst. You're a fully trained investigator, lead chief police officer, undercover agent and...you're damn good at parkour. Plus, the woman this man is holding hostage isn't your wife, you're just undercover as her husband, Gregory John-Patrick Kinsley. The man thinks you are Gregory, and not David Richard Simballuck.

You found a place to hide, up on the door latch of one of the many many containers on this ship. Sitting on it like a ledge, only about five or six meters high, you decide to have one more look at the case.

It reads:

Nora Gabriela Kinsley, 23, wife of Gregory John-Patrick Kinsley, 25, was kidnapped by Halil Feisal, an Arabic 34 year old man who had been stalking the Kinsley's for at least 12 months. Gregory reported her missing at 9:30pm the same night, when she didn't return home. It is presumed that Halil got Nora on her way home from the gym. It was 8pm, she'd taken the long way home on an empty road. It is assumed that he drove up behind her, shot her tyres so the car spun and rolled sideways approximately 50m down the road, and when the car stopped, went and took her body from the vehicle. Assumed that he put her in his car and traveled to a currently unknown destination. Three days later he was spotted forcibly dragging her onto the 9677 Container Ship to Mexico, along with some black bags with unknown contents.

Alright, you got everything you need on this man to take him down. You just gotta catch him, then find where he's hidden Nora. They've got Gregory back at the office, trying to keep him calm and out of the way. Although, they've also got him on standby, in case they need him to make a phone call to Nora in order to assist with her rescue. Just gotta hope she's unharmed.

You wake suddenly, panicked, thinking you heard a banging sound. Damn you fell asleep on the door of the container. Luckily it's black like your entire outfit, otherwise you may have been spotted. It's now 10am. You eat a blueberry muffin out of your backpack, skulls half a bottle of water, and climb back down onto the ship floor, not making a sound.

You sneak around, peeping around corners, searching for signs of life. You notice a chain swinging, it hits the container, making a loud banging sound. The chain swung as the ship rocked - well, that explains the banging sound that woke you from you deep sleep. Another four hours passed as you searched around all containers on the ship.

But then, you notice that one of the containers is ever so slightly opened. It's a burgundy and green colored container with no company logo. You take a step back and think. You wonder if they are inside. You wonder what else might be inside, or who else. Will this be a one on one, man to man fight? Or will there be a crowd of murderous faces about to tackle you down the second you place a fingertip on that huge container door. Well, only one way to find out.

You wait for a full five minutes before making a move, just to observe and listen for anything that may indicate if they are inside. Nothing. Regardless, you inform your superior of what you are about to do.

You enter the container.

"OUCH" you yell, feeling something on your head.

It's two days later, and about 6pm. You wake up to see Halil's face just inches from your own, grinning. He stunk as though he hadn't washed in weeks, breath with an odor so strong you could barely breathe. You had been knocked unconscious by Halil, who had been waiting patiently for you to enter the container. You notice a mallet sitting in the corner of the container, you assume this is what he used when he hit you. You observe the inside of the container. It's grey, it's hot, it's got a bed made from a folded tent and some old looking blankets, and then you see Nora, tied down in the corner with her mouth taped shut. She's alive! You're so relieved she's alive.

Halil grabs you by the shirt, lifts you up with one arm, then throws you against the container wall. "YOU'RE NOT GREGORY" he shouts angrily. Of course this is the first time he's seen you, since he knew you were present on the ship, but you had not yet confronted each other until now. The department sent notice to him, posing as Gregory, saying that he was coming to get Nora, that he was going to safe her. This encouraged Halil to assume that you were Gregory on the ship.

You kick him where it hurts and as he bends over in pain, place your hand at the back of his head, pushing him behind you, throwing his body forward, face first slamming into the container wall. You run, you see the container more clearly now since you regained consciousness, and since slamming Halil into the container wall made the huge door open further, letting more light in. Noticing the abundance of crates, bags with unknown contents, boxes and piles of what appear to be bricks, you put your parkour skills into action.

You leap, jump, skip over, flip onto and fly through everything in your path as fast as you can. You managed to not touch any of the bags, in case they contained explosives or weapons. Standing in front of Nora, protecting her, you see Halil walking towards you, in an almost creepy manner, in his black singlet and green baggy pants, tattooed muscly arms, and a remote in his hand. Oh no, there are explosives.

Your fingers tensed around the object in your pocket, ready to pull it out at a moment's notice. You see Halil raise his hand, you take a deep breath. "And now you must die, David." Not even taking the time to consider how Halil knows your name, you pull the gun out of your pocket and shoot.

Right in the neck, the bullet went clear through the left side, blood spattered and shot out everywhere. The remote fell to the floor, button unpressed. Relief!

You inform your department, free Nora and both of you leave the container. Your department informs the ship's crew of the incident and you two are fed and give places to clean up and sleep until arriving in Mexico, where you were flown home and Nora was reunited with Gregory.

Thank goodness you had that gun in your pocket!

December 01, 2019 11:02

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Tim Law
06:58 Dec 13, 2019

Wow Lara, what an action packed story! Just watch your tenses, pick past/present/future and stick to it. Keep writing, well done.


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