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It was a chill noon.The weather was cold. serena picks her jacket and waits for her mother. serena is 10 years old.she looks beautiful and she always smiles with her heart.

After serena's mother comes from upstairs they both went to shopping mall.. when they reached the mall serena's mom was busy with talking her friends. In the meantime serena went to see the new collection toys. she searched for a nice toy more than 20 mins. after 20 mins her eyes started to like one teddy with a quote "I am alone take me with you". After seeing that quote she decide to take it home.

she went to find his mother and she brings her mother to the toy section but she was shocked.The teddy was not there.Her mother understands the situation from her face and she asked the salesman about that teddy.while she was asking serena started to walk with a sad face.suddenly a boy rushed into serena. serena fell down.

The boy helped serena and she wake up.The boy looked into serena's eyes and serena looked into the boy's eyes and they were started to staring each other. The boy also looked like 10 years old.Even though they want to looked away they cannot able to blink their eyes from each other.Their heart is full with joy.when serena's mom return she saw the boy with a teddy and asked serena "Is that the teddy you want?" she came back into the real world and looked that teddy and she shake her head with a smile.

With her smile the boy understands that she want it and he give it to her .Then he said " Treat the teddy like your family".she smiles and shake her head.Then she started to walk with her mother. after for a few weeks the boy is in search of that girl.but he couldn't find her.

Years passed the boy turned into handsome man ; Serena turned into a gorgeous woman everything is started to change but their heart is not changed. Both of them were thinking about each other, but they couldn't able to find each day Serena read a newspaper she saw a headline " THE PEOPLE OF GENOVIA WELCOMES THEIR NEW PRINCE DAN BRYANT" .Then she looked the picture and she saw the eyes of that prince.she realized it was the boy who she met her 10 years back.

when she realized he is a prince, she stopped dreaming about him.she seems so sad.She thinks that a girl like her cannot able to end up with the prince.On the other hand the prince was thinking about her so badly. At that time the prince went to toy shop in mall as usual to search her but this time he found Serena's mother and he introduce himself as a boy with teddy and he asked about Serena . The prince explains about himself and her love and attraction towards Serena .Serena's mother seems shock.Then she tells about Serena that she is a good kind hearted girl , may be she likes you too but she is a dumb.she cannot able to speak since birth.She cannot able to marry a prince like you."I AM SORRY".

Then Serena's mother left.After serena's mother returned to home she tells about the prince.serena was sad but her heart was filled with joy that the boy remembers her.

Next day the prince was standing in front of serena's house and ring the bell.when serena came and open the door , she was happy to see that eyes once again they were again looking into each other.The prince came to serena's house with the king and queen of genovia(his mom and dad) .serena's mother looked confused .All over the press is in front of the serena's house the prince standing in the door step and he suddenly take a ring and kneel down in front of serena and he told This is going to sound crazy, but...from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you ,"WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

serena smiled with her heart and shake his head, they kissed each other.The people of genovia were in happy about his new beautiful countess.The king and queen were happy.serena's mother seems happy.After a few years he become the King of genovia and he married serena.

KING DAN BRYANT AND QUEEN SERENA BRYANT lived a happy love life with their kids.

November 22, 2019 12:31

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