Lemons or Lemonade

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Leaning against a brick wall Jones eyed the lemon flavored popsicle in his hand. The melted crystals dripped down onto his hand leaving behind a sticky trail. Jones stared at the popsicle with a forlorn look before letting out a long sad sigh. He turned to look at the men surrounding him. There were five of them in total, and since none of them had a name he decided to do the only logical thing. Name them. The first man was rather short and burly and he had a long scar on his face. Maybe Shorty. No definitely Scar Face. The man next to him was rather tall with red hair so Jones called him Red Hair and the third man was hardly a man and more of a boy well a young man anyways. Being that he was the smallest one maybe he could be shorty, or should he just call him boy. Then there was the tallest of the five men, but he was also the most burly of them too. Big Guy? Maybe. The final man was somewhere in between all the others and had a mask on. Probably a Hubert. Scar Face stepped forward, “We don’t like cats that sit outside our windows.

Jones rolled his eyes, “Maybe You shouldn’t keep so many rats around, unless you like cats.”

“You know what I meant,” Scar Face snapped looking slightly annoyed.

“I thought we were talking about cats,” Jones sighed, “Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me when we are moving on from a topic.”

“Were talking about you!” Red Hair growled.

“Really?” Jones asked.

“You want to die?” Hubert demanded, “Cause I can arrange that.”

“Just tell us what you were doing under our window and why you ran away when we found you?” Scar Face threatened, “Or we really will hurt you,

 Jones sighed once again, “You couldn’t just wait until I was done with my popsicle?” All five men gave him odd looks, “I guess I’ll just have to work quickly then.” Turning quickly he stuck the popsicle stick in a crack as more juice rolled down its sides and dripped to the floor.

“I don’t think you understa...” Scar Face started to say.

“Yeah, Yeah. I get it you're here to kill me cause I saw too much. I get that a lot, but could we hurry it up? I have a popsicle to finish,” Jones did not give them any more time before spinning and with a roundhouse kick he sent the Scar Face flying backward. His actions sent the other men into motion. Hubert pulled a knife before charging him. Jones spun avoiding the sharp point of the blade while slamming his fist into Red Hair who had attacked him from behind. Bringing his knee up hard into Red Hair’s groin he sent him to the ground while Boy jumped on Jones’ back wrapping cold hands around his throat. Jones brought his left hand up to grip the hands around his throat while he turned to dodge Hubert as he jabbed the knife forward again. Jones’ right hand came down to grip Hubert’s arm with the knife. Quickly he spun behind Hubert trapping his arm. Boy’s feet slipped when Jones spun causing them to ram into Scar Face’s chest. Jones’ left hand had held Boys arms away from his throat while he slipped out from under Boy's grip. This sent Boy flying and he landed beside Red Hair who was trying to get to his feet. Jones then ripped the knife out of Hubert’s hand. Hubert, desperate to get out of the vice grip, elbowed Jones’ in the face which sent him stumbling back into the arms of Big Guy. Big Guy wrapped his arms around Jones in a vice grip.  

Jones grinned, “Why hello there! How’s your day going?”  

Big Guy made a confused noise as Jones dropped the knife while slamming his foot as hard as he could down on the knee of Big Guy. Big Guy roared as his knee popped out of place and he let go of Jones collapsing to the ground. “Does that mean you're doing great or bad?” Jones questioned the man on the floor.

Hubert who had picked up his knife, lunged at Jones who jumped backwards. “Hey, it's not nice to attack people when they are talking, Hubert.”

Hubert paused, “My name’s not Hu..”

“Shh, don't speak nonsense, Hubert,” Jones then spun and slammed his foot into the side of Boy. Boy cried out as his ribs broke. Scar Face was also back on his feet although Red Hair was still on the floor. Jones backed up facing Hubert and Scar Face. His eyes settled on where he had put his popsicle. His now melted popsicle.

“My poor popsicle, look what you've done to it.” He complained before he lunged at Hubert.  

Gripping the hand with the knife he rammed it into the brick wall causing Hubert to drop it. Jones released Hubert and moved just in time for Scar Face to slam into Hubert. Gripping the back of their shirts, he slammed them into the other wall. Both of the men slumped to the ground and Jones spun just in time to kick Red Hair in the thigh. Coming to a halt Jones stared at the five men that now laid at his feet. He turned and walked over to his popsicle or what was left of it. Yanking it out he glared at the men on the floor before waving the popsicle stick at them, “Look at this. I hardly got to eat any of it. I wasted money on this thing. You all owe me a dollar and fifty cents.”

At the sound of police sirens he let out a frustrated huff, “Oh now the agency sends help. After I lost my popsicle. If they had sent it earlier I would be enjoying the taste of my lemon popsicle.” He strode back over to the wall and leaned against with a scowl.


A dark figure stood silently in the shadows of the alleyway. Sharp black eyes were fixated on the brick wall and the man leaning there. The figure smiled before turning and walking further down the alley. The agent had lived up to the standards of Shadow. He had passed the test that Shadow had created with flying colors and why shouldn’t he. He was the agency’s best agent. Shadow would be pleased to know that the agent would work just fine. The figure quickly climbed up to the roofs of the buildings before moving to look out over the city. The black eyes stared at the alley where flashing lights and shouts had surrounded the area. Yes Agent Jones would work just fine.


Jones strode into the S.E.A building waving cheerily at the secretary sitting at the front desk. Striding past his fellow agents Jones pulled out a chocolate bar. Stuffing the chocolate in his mouth and throwing out the wrapper he walked into the elevator. Hitting the button for the top floor he leaned against the wall of the elevator and looked at his phone. He had been working at S.E.A for about ten years now. Being a senior agent came with some great perks, but also had its disadvantages. Such as often having to deal with the very dangerous missions. Though his last one was easier then they thought it would be. The ding of the elevator brought Jones out of his musings. Walking out of the elevator and up to the desk of the Secretary of The Head. 

Mrs. Matilda Beck waved him through with, “She’s waiting for you.”  

Jones grinned, “Well that’s just rude. No good morning or how is your day.”

“Jones,” Mrs. Beck groaned, “Don’t keep The Head waiting.”

“Well between you and me I think that The Head can wait. She needs to learn patients anyway.”

Mrs. Beck opened her mouth to retort when a buzzing was heard and a sharp voice filled the room, “Mrs. Beck is Jones here yet?”

Mrs. Beck pushed a button and replied, “Yes he just got here and will be in shortly.” She gave Jones a pointed look. 

“I’m not going in until you tell me good morning,” Jones smiled.

“Good morning, Jones,” Mrs. Beck grit out.

Jones smiled, “Good morning, Mrs. Beck! How was your weekend?”

“It was fine,” Jones gave her a pointed look, “How was your weekend?”

“It was great,” He gave her a blinding smile, “although I had to hold a funeral for my lemon popsicle. It melted while I was trying to arrest some bad guys.”

Mrs. Beck rolled her eyes, “Well, yes, that’s nice. Now would you please..”

“What do you mean by ‘that’s nice’ it’s not nice. It was tragic,” Jones gasped.

“Whatever,” Mrs. Beck shot, “Now would you just please go in.”

Jones leaned forward, “Not until you apologize.”

Mrs. Beck narrowed her eyes, “For what?”

“For being insensitive,” He replied easily.

Mrs. Beck glared at Jones while he just smiled, “I’m not apologizing.” They stared at each other neither giving in until the voice buzzed back.

“Jones,” It snapped, “stop antagonizing my secretary.”

“Ugh! Fine, but I expect an apology once I’m done,” He said glaring at Mrs. Beck. He turned and marched into The Head’s office.


Standing in front of The Head’s desk was often a nerve racking experience. Miss Skylar Wolf was a hard woman. Her hard grey eyes often unnerved agents and most found themself shaking with fear in her presence. Well that was true for all but one. One of her agents that never seemed afraid and that was the one and only Jay Jones. Jones was unconcerned with her sharp voice and hard eyes. He simply strolled in and draped himself across the chair in front of her.  

Commander Wolf glared at him and with a sarcastic voice, “What not going to ask to sit down.”

Jones just laughed before smiling, “Well considering you would never tell me I could I’ll put comfort before manners.”

“You're late.”

“Well if I was on time for you I think you would become unbearable. You know you really should invest in some more lights,” Jones replied. 

“I rather like my room the way it is,” Wolf snapped, “as for why I called you here I have a special assignment for you.”

Jones looked around the room with a judgmental face, “You sure you don’t want to redecorate?”


“Alright if you're sure,” Jones leaned back. The two agents stared at each other. Wolf’s eyes expectant and Jones’ full of amusement.

Wolf sighed before speaking, “I see you're not going to ask about the special assignment.”

“Why should I,” Jones asked, “All of these ‘Special Assignments’ end with me taking out your trash or something. I don’t want to do it.”

“Well you are going to do this one.”

Jones sighed leaning forward, “Are you always so demanding.”

Wolf ignored his comment in favor of clicking the intercom on her desk, “Mrs. Beck you can send her in now.”

“Alright will do,” Mrs Beck’s voice responded. Jones sat unbothered in his seat as the door creaked open. A young woman stepped in. She had straight auburn hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement. She walked in further and gave Jones a curious glance before coming to a stop in front of Wolf’s desk.

“Jones this here is Amanda Wolf,” The head stated, “Amanda this impossible man is Agent Jay Jones.”

Amanda stuck her hand out, “Nice to meet you Jones.” Jones ignored the hand.

 “Amanda Wolf, huh,” He turned to face Commander Wolf, “She related to you.”

“Not that it matters, but yes she is my cousin and also your new partner,” The Commander frowned.

“I’m excited to work with you Jones,” Amanda retracted her hand.

Jones frowned, “Partner?”

The commander gave the two of them an amused look, “Well I suppose she is more of an apprentice, but yes.

“Well thanks for the offer Commander,” Jones scooted the chair back before standing, “But I’m not looking for an apprentice.”

As Jones turned to leave Commander Wolf frowned. Also standing she spoke in a hard voice, “It’s not an option for you to refuse. You will work with Amanda and that's final.”

Jones turned and glared at the Commander, “I work alone.”

The Commander's gaze softened and when she spoke her voice was rather gentle, “It’s only for a little while.”

“How long is a little while,” Jones grumbled.

“Until you finish this mission,” She handed him a folder, “I expect you to work together on it and once it’s done you don’t have to see each other ever again.”

Amanda was staring at both of them with wide eyes, “Does he always act like this?”

“Unfortunately yes,” Commander Wolf frowned, “Don’t let him make you as insufferable as he is. Now get out of my office.”

Jones and Amanda turned to leave and the Commander shook her head. A found smile formed on her lips however as she heard Jones address her secretary.

“Now Mrs. Beck about that apology.”


A dark figure rushed down the alleyway. The figure jumped quickly climbing to the top of the building. Rushing towards the south side black eyes searched for the white building. Having just come from there it was not hard to find. Without moving the figure counted down softly out loud. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1... a thunderous boom filled the silence as fire and smoke exploded from the white building. Debris flew into the air as half of the building collapsed. The figure smiled the plan had been set in motion. Evidence had been placed. It was time for the game to begin. Soon very soon. The fallen will rise the figure thought we shall meet very soon Jay Jones.

August 03, 2020 22:23

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