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James worked as an accountant for a large business in New York City, you may be thinking how busy he must be everyday since he works for a large business and in NYC! Well it was actually quite the opposite for since Mr. James Steele (as he was formally known at his work) worked in such a large business there was already five accountants and about a thousand other people doing his job, in fact, he felt rather unimportant sitting from seven A.M until six P.M for five days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year in his diminutive yet pleasing office. 

The walls were a most lovely light blue, which reminded him of his mother who made the best bread, the office had a large window which overlooked the nicer part of town although the sky was polluted and usually bore a dead colorless expression it was a nice view. In the middle of the room was a wood carved desk with the most exquisite and artistic touch, this desk reminded him of his father. Everywhere in his office there was something there to remind him of his family. All this thinking of his mother and father made him think of how he missed the quite days on the farm back in Virginia. He remembered how when he used to look up at the moon and think it was cheese, his stomach would growl hungry for his mother's home made cheese made with love and from milk from his favorite cow. He would also think about how he and his siblings had so much fun just being together on the farm. As he slowly fell deeply into these thoughts he doesn't hear his secretary walk in with his cup of coffee.

   "Your coffee sir." Said his secretary in a usual bland voice, "Oh, yes thank you." He said a little startled as he remembered that he had asked for it at ten o'clock sharp. "May I go sir, or will you be needing anything else?" "No I won't be needing anything else, you may go." And upon those words his secretary left. He doesn't care much for his co-workers for they all seemed to be of the undead, and had no recall of there seemingly so for away childhood, but he could remember his as if it were yesterday. One time at a picnic luncheon when he first started five years ago he asked one of his co workers what they did for fun as a child, they just looked at him dryly and said with little concern, "That was many years ago, I do not remember." But they were no older than he and twenty was no the age to be forgetting your childhood.

  One especially dull day when the sky was gray and paper and plastic bags flew round in a whirl wind, he went to the window to look out upon the depressing city in which he had to bear through until his two brothers and three sisters finished school. Leaning toward the window, he looked to see how busy the streets were since he was feeling quite peckish and there was a nice café across the street. He went there whenever he could for the good food was almost as good as his mothers. Then suddenly without any warning he was enveloped in a cold yet refreshing burst of water. It was as if swimming in the sea on a hot summers day. He submerged into a most beautiful scenery with willows and flowers blooming like sunshine coming from behind the clouds on a rainy day. A cool spring breeze rushed by almost as if it was laughing at his suprise, in fact it was no breeze at all it was a Nymph. There was also a babbling brook and beside it there was a small group of little children, with their bottom halfs goat and the other human and goat ears and horns. He was surprised, but for some reason he was not afraid. The fauns did not at all looked frightened or surprised of any sort and just went to great him, in time they all became great friends. 

  They introduced him to all the forest animals and faries, they told him that he must be a Morpher. They explained that a Morpher is someone who can go between the two worlds, magic and non-magic. This meant he must have some fairy blood in him which made him partially magical. But limiting his power to only going from world to world. He soon found that the lovely forest he stood by was called The Cherrywood Forest. They soon went to meet the fairy princess in which he could not believe her beauty.

  She was as if the moon and stars had had a child. With glowing skin and sparkling eyes, her hair was a lovely auburn with a crown of flowers. She wore a pale pale yellow dress and he immediately fell in love with her. He stayed for two weeks and then went back and forth between the world's for three months. Then one day he came to the princess and asked her to marry him and she accepted. He at once rejoiced and decided to bring his family to live in this world to live. He knew that they did not have many friends and no extended family for his Mother was an orphan and his father's side of the family had all died. He sent word to them at once, and they came as soon as they could, "What's happened?" Said his mother in a worried voice, " Nothing mama, I just want you guys to meet someone. " James replied very calmly. "I bet it's a girl. " Said his youngest sister Ary in a teasing yet kind voice. He smiled at her and told them to all hold his hands. He then took them to meet his fiancé and they were soon married by the babbling brook of the Cherrywood forest. And they all live there happily ever after

March 08, 2020 21:16

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22:46 Mar 18, 2020

Liked the story. The unexpected twists toward the middle and end were a nice touch. Good job.


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