Atlalune stared with pride at the small sleeping bundle in her arms. She smiled at the new prince Astrum. Merely by looking at his beautiful ivory skin and silver hair. She lay back, making sure not to wake her precious baby. She hummed a sweet little lullaby, almost giving in to the peace from the darkness of the room. Before she had completely drifted off, a bright figure entered the room, giving off a comforting warmth, her skin becoming silver. "I have arrived, my love." Her husband, Sol, stated warmly. "Hello my dearest sunlight." She smiled. She shifted a bit to reveal a beautiful baby boy in her arms. "Come here and meet your son, Sol." She said. Sol seemed to brighten. He looked softly at the sleeping child as he was handed his child. "What's my son's name?" The sun king asked. "Astrum." She said softly. "It is a wonderful name. It fits him perfectly, moonshine." She smiled, nodding. Sol cooed at his starry son. For that moment, everything was perfect.

A few hundred years had passed, the star prince in the care of his mother, the moon. Astrum's relationship with Atlalune had become the strongest there was. "Mother! Look what I can do!" The young boy called, running up to her. Atlalune looked to her son in amusement. "What is it starlight?" Astrum, in response rubbed his hand a little before blowing on it, releasing a flurry of shining objects off of the skin of his hand. Atlalune's eyes widened. "They're beautiful my little prince!" She said, seeing as the objects flew toward her husband's domain. "Mother, what do you think I should call them?" Asked the innocent voice of Astrum. Atlalune thought for a moment, before perking up. "Well, seeing as they come from you. Why not call them stars?" Astrum, hearing this began to jump. "Cool! I can make stars!" His mother chuckled as she watched her child make continue to rub more off of him. The young prince stopped for a while and turned to look at his mother. "I'll always be by your side. It's a promise!" She smiled.

By the time of King Sol's arrival, Astrum had already made a hundred of the 'stars' as he and his mother had called them. Once he saw his father, he ran at him, nearly knocking Sol over. "Hello there Astrum! It's wonderful to see you are happy." Sol flashed a warm and nearly blinding smile to his son. "Father! Guess what I can make!" Said the over-excited star king. "Hmmm... I wonder. Could it be you make darkness? Or do you make light?" Asked the king playfully. "I can kind of make light. Mother and I named them stars! Do you want to see them?" Astrum asked. Sol nodded, eager to see these so-called 'stars' his son could make.

Sol, however was very confused when his son rubbed the skin on his forearm repeatedly until it looked flaky. However, the King was awestruck when he saw the small creations that manifested when his son blew. Beautiful little lights formed and moved toward the king's throne at the far end of the castle. The King smiled. The stars were beautiful. "You are the star prince my son!" Sol smiled before walking into the room in which his wife waited.

For the next few thousand years, Astrum grew, and so did the number of stars that surrounded the king's throne. Astrum had become a sweet and airy boy, he blazed hot like his father which pleased his mother. His job was now arranging the stars in a beautiful swirling pattern that centered the sun, Which was what his father had become, permanently. His mother would often joke about how everything revolved around his father. And so, Astrum had chosen to play a prank on his father. "Mother!" Called the starry prince to the moon. She smiled at him and noticed she had gone dark. "Mother, why have you gone dark?" She simply smiled and said. "I always go dark on your birthday dear. Your father and I have made it a tradition." The star prince's eyes lit up as he hugged his mother. He listened to her song, which she had sung to him for millenniums.

When the first humans formed, Astrum would watch them, alongside his mother, while his father would keep them alive on Terra. He would watch them with his mother for thousands of years before he and the humans became bored. So he chose to make figures for the humans with his stars, creating two of the same, which he heard the humans give the stars named through their little looking objects. They began to name his family too, making up personas. "Mother, they've given us names!" Atlalune smiled at her son's flabbergasted expression. "They named me Astraeus." Atlalune chuckled. "What have you heard they named me?" Astrum laughed. "They gave you three names! One of them is Selene, the other is Artemis, and the third is Hecate!" He then pointed two the two similar connected star creations 'constellations' or as the humans called the two "Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. That's what the humans called them!" Atlalune smiled as she listened to her son ramble on about the stories he'd heard the small creatures living on Terra tell.

Mother and son continued to watch the humans, continuing their jobs to provide light for their darkness. About two thousand years later, did Astrum begin to fade, his mother looking more and more worried. He once was solid, now he was made of gas, every movement giving off more stars. "Astrum? Are you sure you're well enough to watch the humans right now?" She asked tentatively. "I'm alright mother!" He smiled at her. He looked closely at Terra, seeing many scatter toward their homes, the mindless chatter of the adults as they listened to their televisions. Suddenly, Astrum began to glow much brighter and hotter than his usual appearance would let him. Atlalune turned to look at him as he walked away, as far as he could from Terra and his mother, afraid of bringing harm to either. He knew what was about to happen.

He became a supernova, ignoring the cries of his mother. He knew he was a dying star. Flames much similar to his father flared away from the view of Terra as he seemed to grow in size. It didn't hurt him, and he wouldn't exactly be dead. Each star would be a part of him, and so he would remain by his mother's side. He closed his eyes as he merged with one of the larger stars he had created before looking to his mother and smiling one final time before be became fully stars. And he burst, becoming a beautiful red nova. Three of his stars made their way to his mother. Atlalune looked sadly at him before she stated. "You truly are a star, my prince." She took the three stars, holding them to her heart, before humming the lullaby for him. He may not have been in solid form anymore, and she would miss seeing his face. However, she remembered his promise to her when he had only been five hundred thousand years old: "I'll always be by your side." This thought made her smile, as she continued to sing for the stars.

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