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"Jason how is everything going? Look I brought Jayden's favorite pizza." says Rita. "Everything seems to be alright mom, Jayden will be happy to see the decoration, and you know mom, Emily is here too and she is helping me with the decoration work." says Jason. "Wow, great news son but where is she, is she in mood of playing some hide and seek with me?" asks Rita. "oh, come on mom, why will she play hide and seek when we still have decoration pending for Jayden's birthday?" asks Jason. "Leave it son, my bad luck." says Rita. "hey, Mrs. Gray nice to see you!" exclaims Emily. "Ms. Mercer, I am divorced and am single now." says Rita. "Oh, I am sorry Ms. Mercer, Jayden never told me about this before so I didn't knew about this before but from the next time I will remember this." says Emily. "Oh dear, no worries for this thing, I just hope that things went nice between you and Jason during the decoration, after all I know what kind of work my son can do." says Rita. "No, Ms. Mercer it was good I just had to remember that I can't say any Idiom or phrase in front of him as he do not understand them." says Emily. They hear something fall on the ground and so Rita and Emily ran toward Jayden's room to see what had fallen down.

Jason had dropped a box which contains old diaries of Jayden and all the diaries came out of the box on falling and were scattered on the floor Emily and Rita helps Jason in cleaning them. "I never knew that Jayden writes diary" says Emily. "He still do write diaries when he have no work and no one to talk he sits and start to write, he never forgets to make entry in his diary, this is that important for him. The day when his father left us he is being doing this, all these diaries are written after that there is total of 15 diaries which he wrote in this 8 years, out of these 15 diaries 10 are work notebook in which separate pages are assign for different appointments but he was writing everything which happened with him along with what he feel and what we both might be feeling after the incident, his future goal and how he is planning to achieve them." says Rita. "You will be surprised to know that due to thickness of the diary Jayden had completed those 10 in the second year only after that we got the rest 5 diaries and he is using the 6th one now." says Jason. "he seems to miss his Dad a lot" says Emily.

Rita found a picture which fall out from one of the diary. There was a baby in the picture a small boy, Rita and a man in that picture. "wow, the baby is go cute." says Emily. "This baby is Jayden and the small boy is Jason, this is the first family picture in which all 4 of us were together." says Rita. "we all are looking happy in this picture." says Jason. "Yes, we all were so happy in those times, we both were having jobs but still our income was very less, but we somehow managed to..." Rita's speech was interrupted by the door bell. Rita gets up to se the person at door.

"Why did they got divorced?" Emily asks to Jason. "when Jayden was 12 mom lost the job and it became terrible for us to live because we were very poor, Jayden was very naughty and due to which mom have to frequently visit his school due to which she was fired." says Jason.

Rita enters the room saying " Look kids Jayden's cake is here.!" exclaims Rita. "Wow, can I see the cake now, please Mom" says Jason. "No, Jason you cannot see this now but you can see this once Jayden is home" says Rita. "or when he will be down we will bring the cake out to decorate it with candles." says Emily. "yes, I have ordered candles too along with the cake" says Rita. "you have what?" asks Jason. "ordered candles" says Rita. "but why?" asks Jason. "I thought you will forget this so I had ordered it." says Rita. "But Mom this time I had ordered candles and I had forget lighter." says Jason. "Don't worry, I have lighter along with few birthday candles." says Emily.

Everyone was working together for the birthday. "Ms. Mercer I am actually planning for a surprise date with Jayden, if you allow, I have brought some scented candles also with me." shouts Emily from Jayden's bedroom. Rita doesn't reply to her so Emily repeats her sentence. " She is sleeping in her room, one floor down." says Jason. Jason sat down on the bed and Emily sat beside him, "Do you think she will allow me for the date?" asks Emily. "Absolutely...not" says Jason. "Can you do something that will give me at least 5 minutes of beautiful moment with Jayden?" asks Emily. "look Ms....umm" Jason was interrupted by Emily. "Ms. Emily Moran." says Emily interrupting Jason. "yeah, so yes Ms. Emily Moran.." Jason was again interrupted by Emily saying " yes Mr. Stupid Jason Gray." "oh, how great and cute this was Ms. Emily Maron." says Jason. "you are so irritating Jason and for your kind information it is Moran not Maron, hope so you understand?" says Emily. "alright Ms. Moran." says Jason. "Can you do something for me and your little brother, who is having his birthday today." says Emily. "Wait I cant do anything; most of the time when I try to do anything using my brain then things always go wrong." says Jason. "ok but this time this is for your little brother can't you..." Emily was interrupted by Jason saying a loud no.

"ok, maybe I should go and ask your m mom about this she will totally agree with me. says Emily. "woah, nice idea, I don't know why whenever I try.... hey stop I was saying something" Emily left before Jason could complete his sentence by saying that she is not interested in any of his non-sense. Jason was hurt by this but he continued to decorate Jayden's room by asking Emily not to wake up his Mom because she would be very tired. "How will I ask her then Mr. Stupid and where is she now?" asks Emily. "In the first floor in her room on her bed" says Jason. "So, now to ask her I have to go down?" asks Emily. "yes, I guess this is what I said." says Jason. "Fine, see you soon" Emily left by saying this.

Jason came out of the room and saw Emily sitting on the sofa and says. "I thought you are downstairs waking up my mom" "I am not that bad Mr. Gray." says Emily. "oh, really, how come you become this good?" says Jason. "I don't want to disturb Ms. Mercer by waking her up to ask if I can have a small date with her son on his birthday after the celebration for which she was excited" says Emily. "You can have mini date on 3rd floor, if you want to" says Jason. "you guys have a 3rd floor too, you all are rich enough" says Emily. "no way, we are not rich that floor belongs to my ex dad and he only visit us once a month and at those time he take rent from us for using 3rd and 1st floor, but after today he will only rake rent for 3rd floor." says Jason. "Why does he take rent and only for these 2 floors?" says Emily. "Look when he left he gave 1 floor to me and to Jayden so this floor is mine and I am above 18 so I am out of his custody and due to which this totally belongs to me." says Jason. "Why rent for 3rd floor?" asks Emily. "look when we all were together this 3 floor was a house all the floors are different at those times we were having 2 floors 1st floor belonged to someone else in this floor my grandparents used to live but when my dad left us he took his parent along with him and so this floor is now totally ours." says Jason. "still not understood story of 3rd floor!" exclaimed Emily. "ok, so he thinks that we are using 3rd floor, when he was leaving he gifted Jayden 1st floor. and Mom lives there because that is only having 1 room and no one is there for the top floor but we have few things extra which we keep there and his couriers and all comes here only which we have to go and keep there and due to all this we have to enter that house and we have keys so we are paying rent." says Jason. "I wish you would have organized the sentence according to the event, anyways I am not going there." says Emily. "why, you wanted a date." asks Jason. "yes, but not at cost of hurting anyone." says Emily. "Jayden will ignore the fact of 3rd floor belonging to our ex- dad." says Jason. "Do you think that I am blind, I can clearly see your tears Mr. Gray." says Emily.

Jason ran to his room because he can no more control his tears from coming out of his eyes. "Jason, look today is your little brother's birthday. Do you want to make him cry on his birthday by crying on his birthday?" Emily was trying to console Jason by saying these words. "yes, you are right, I should not cry but I can not resist crying, you know it was my 18th birthday when he left us now after 6 year when Jayden is 20 his memories are here." says Jason. After few moments Jason was out of his room and saw Emily. "Hey, I am sorry for ruining your mood Ms..... ummm....." says Jason. "Emily Moran , you will learn this, I know you are still crying but I will behave like I can't notice your tears and we will continue the work." says Emily. "Ms. Moran , my dad was not always like this but when mom lost her jobs things became difficult Dad took the promotion and he was transferred to a different city and he met someone there and within few month he left my mom and married some other girl and he is very happy with the other girl." says Jason. "Mr. Gray I know you are feeling bad but let's not remember your dad for few moments" says Emily. "Maybe you are right Ms. Moran I should not talk about him, talking about him ruins my mood and so it's better not to remember the bad past" says Jason.

"Kids fast, Emily go and sit in his room Jason bring the cake out and sit here on the sofa, everything should be good." says Rita. "Is Jayden here?" asked Emily and Jason together. "Yes!" exclaimed Rita. Emily and Jason did as directed. Jayden was climbing stairs when suddenly lights went off. Jayden took out his phone from his pocket and turned on the flashlight and started to move again, he was thinking that Rita and Jason must have done some planning and so they switched the light off. Jason and Rita were thinking that Emily turned off the light and Emily thought that Jason turned off the light.

Jayden opens the door and then everyone was shouted surprise but there were no lights. Rita says "Emily had turned the light off, I don't know why she is not turning the lights on." "me, no, it's Jason, I never went near the switch board." says Emily. "Emily, you here!" exclaimed Jayden in shock. "yes brother she is here to surprise you and I am not the one who switched the lights off." says Jason. "is it a power cut?" asks Emily. "no way, its a big city how can we have a power cut?" asks Rita. "Mom Mom" Jason shouted. "yes son what is wrong with you now?" asks Rita. "No one in the society will get electricity supply for next few days" replies Jason. "who told you Jas?" asks Jayden. "Secretary" replies Jason. "when did he told you?" asks Rita. "just now he dropped message on the society group.' says Jason.

"We have lots of candle we will light them for the celebration." says Rita. "yes, I have scented candles" says Emily.

whole family enjoyed the candle light celebration but when the candles were no more it was again darkness, but everyone was happy that they all are together. Despite the darkness they were together with the family.

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