Tossing. Turning. A cold sweat broke out across the figure on the bed. A small whimper broke the tension in the air. Quiet words were mumbled out into the darkness. A sharp gasp and the figure was gripping her head. Blankets were tangled at the feet of the figure. The figure trembled and shook. A piercing scream ripped through the air followed by shouts and groans of pain. A hissing sound filled the room as the figure rolled once more. The sound of an explosion followed by a growl caused the figure to let out a whine. Tossing. Turning. Unable to stop it. Powerless to stop the nightmare that plagued the night. Helpless to stop reality. A sharp whistle filled the room. It increased in intensity getting higher and louder. A small yell escaped the figure's lips as she sat up. Glass shattered. The vases and glass figures now in thousands of pieces. The window and mirrors cracked. A deep silence filled the room. Heavy breathing being the only thing to pierce it.

The figure set still on the bed face pale and expression haggard. White hands curling tightly around the blankets. Slowly the figure raised her head. Waving her hand a ball of light filled the dark room. It floated just to the left of her. Glancing around the room it landed on a picture. Two smiling faces met her pained one. A man and a woman stood holding hands. Slowly the figure rolled off the bed and to her feet. Staggering over to the photo she let her hand trace it. Pale hands trembling she turned and stumbled over towards the broken mirror.

She looked up at the figure in the mirror. Staring at the pale face and disheveled appearance. The matted black hair tumbled over her left shoulder. The figure that stood before her wasn't the person she used to see. The figure in the mirror was weak and in pain. Once a long time ago when she had looked in the mirror a confident woman had stood there. The woman used to stand with dignity and courage. She used to be well put together and strong. She used to smile, but the figure that stared at her now was nothing like that strong and confident woman. The figure in the mirror now was a shell of what she used to be. She was nothing like what she used to see in the mirror.

The mirror blurred and another woman stood before her. A woman who she used to be. She stared at the woman that now stood in the mirror. The one that was no longer her. She glanced at the smiling face and confident expression. The woman in the mirror's hair was up in a bun and her blue dress was clean and clung to her form just right. Nothing like her own nightgown that hung off her. She was nothing like this woman. The woman that stood with a confident set to her shoulders. The woman with love in her heart. The woman who stood with an elegance belonging to Eleanor Mercia. Not to her. Their features were the same, yet they were not the same person. She glanced up to look into Eleanor's bright blue eyes. Her black eyes stared into the soul of who she used to be. Into the soul that was now gone. The soul of the woman who used to inspire others. Who fought for others. She watched as Eleanor smiled at her sadly. Eleanor's voice echoing in her head, "You have fallen so far."

The ball of light to her left flickered and she glanced at it, fear creeping up her spine. The light flickered once more before all went dark. She waved her hand, but instead of a white ball appearing the mirror blazed with blue light. She spun and turned to look at the mirror and was met with a sight that caused her to stumble back. The mirror had become a battlefield. She could hear screams echoing in her mind. The sound of explosions and pained groans. A figure in black walked menacingly through the chaos. The figure held a black sword in their hand, slashing at anyone who got in their path. A cloak covered their head. Their left hand clenched in a fist and a ball of fire formed around their hand. The figure threw the ball at a house causing it to burst in flames. Waving their hand the house exploded. Splinters of wood flow at the figure who put their hand up. The splinters stopped and the figure sent them flying the other way.

She stood staring at her mirror. Unable to look away from the bloodshed. Her eyes followed the figure as they cut down defenseless people. The skyline was filled with blue fire and smoke. Buildings burning with the blue fire. She watched as a little girl and her mother rushed from a burning building. She watched as the mother tripped. She watched the black figure advance on the mother. Stabbing her and ignoring her pleas for mercy. The young four year old girl stood there staring at her mother. The figure turned towards the child. The young girl looked up, but instead of screaming or pleading she just stared silently as the figure raised their sword. Tears streamed down the child's cheeks. The child's small voice echoed in her head, "Why?"

The figure hesitated for a small moment before slashing their sword forward. The figure watched as the little girl tumbled to the floor before turning and looking directly at her. Red eyes piercing her black ones and the figure stalked forward. She felt herself take a step backward. Blue fire burned behind the figure as they came to a stop in front of the other side of the mirror. She stared into the red eyes of the monster. She heard herself echoing the words of the child. "Why,"

The figure laughed, "You know why."

She took a step back, horror filling her features shaking her head in denial. The figure just smirked at her whispered no.

"Yes," The figure's voice dropped into a growl. The figure reached up and removed the hood. "You did this," The figure whispered, "This is your fault."

She just shuttered in horror. The figure in the mirror was her. Her black eyes took in the figure that stood before her. The figure that wore a black dress. Black hair framing the face of the figure. She stared at the red eyes of Ember. "You killed innocent people. You killed children. Your a murder, Zilla."

She felt herself stumble back at the accusations. Fear creeping into her black eyes. Ember just smirked at her red eyes glittering with delight. Zilla found herself taking another step back away from the glowing mirror. Clutching her head as a whistling filled the room again. Ember just laughed as the sound of shattering glass filled the silence again. The mirror shattered completely this time and the scene in front of her disappeared. Without the light from the mirror the room was plunged into darkness.

Zilla felt her knees give out as she collapsed to the ground. Breathing heavily Zilla knelt on the hard ground for hours. Tears streaming down her face and guilt suffocating her heart. She only glanced up as a light bathed her face. The sun was rising, but she was not. Zilla crawled across the floor black eyes glancing at the picture on the wall. The one of her parents. She came to a halt by the broken window. A breeze swept across her face drying her tears. She stared at the golden sun as it rose into the sky. The brilliant sun casting shadows on the ground. She was only a shadow of her former selves. There were shadows in the dark and in the light. She was a shadow. She was Zilla. Eleanor and Ember were dead. She was a shadow of herself, but was she a shadow of the sun or darkness.

Glancing once more at the sun Zilla rose. She couldn't bring those she had killed back to life, nor could she bring her parents back, but she could try and make it right. She quickly pulled on a black dress, before grabbing a brush and pulling her hair into a bun. She would answer for her crimes and face the judgement of the court. She turned to leave determination set in her face. Determination that glinted from her blue eyes.

August 14, 2020 15:54

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