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I came running back home with a big smile on my face. I was pleasured to have a special reward in my hand to my best courage shown in camp. But the most interesting thing was it was given by the chief minister of "Eldan" state. The person was not an ordinary one, as the most successful cheif minister of our time. He was my role module and I used to follow him and was eager to hear his speech at the time of independence day.

But as I grew up and went to get my education in college the clear picture of true political leaders was being framed. The leader which I admired most was at last cruel and guilty about corruption charges in part of the district and many more members of parliament were included. This was the person, I shouldn't follow anger of blood rose in my body. Life took many twisted turns there after manyajor incident happen in my life, I lost my parents on car accident. I lost my job at the age of 28 though being quailifed. I was only living for annya she was my only family memeber now.

I was upset with my job and nothing came in mind confused, worried, neverous. She took me to a one week vacation trip. I was glad that helpede find my way.

Annya said," raj couldn't you start writing some books as you use write in college day's".

I said," I thought too about it but it was long time ago anna, I'm not sure about I could write that perfectly".

Annya said," oh, don't be afriad write something wonderful, I know you can do it". She insteaded me.

Without giving any doubtfull look and started to wirte something you would not believe me. In next month I got a job in magazine company to wirte my aritcles on different related topics and they were paying me well enough.

My contacts grew bigger and better at my time in magazine, I spent almost three years working for magazine. I had got many promotion in this dew time. But at some piont of time I was not happy with the magazine they publish, the magazine tells half truth about any political situation and funding process. At some piont of time, I was also said to edit my article's beacuse the information was to many for people to know they used to say.

I encountered many such occasions, there were many wirters like me, who were willing to do something good for society and something valuable. I didn't needed any over thought about my thinking. I sopked to my freinds and colleagues and at last came to an decison which would change my entire life. I had already said thosuand time to anna about my dream which I had awaken three month's before.

I offical formed a political party named," people's party ". With every formal files. I know this journey wouldn't be easy at all, but nothing comes easy. I started recurting the members, I always ask them only simple question, " why you want join my party" ? But this question was not asked much in first year of party beacuse nobody turned there head's towards us.

Soon elections where approaching and some other party were in great form at that time. Nobody was intrested in us. We all knew that it would take time to develope trust between the people. We had all set for it we didn't have much funding so we just set for minimum requirements and started to organize people, "why they should vote for us"?, we didn't spoke about the benefits of which they would get but we thought that doesn' matter much.

Only one cantidate was being elected for parliment and that was me others all had been turn down. At night on bed I was nervous that, I am going to face this? All members and how I am going to stand different? Every prepartion looked fooled. Annya came back at me and placed her arms in my shoulders though understanding my thoughts.

She said, I know you are going to be best just don't judge yourself stay focus".

And the suggestion really helped and spoked against the government in parliment without any fear or doubt but after that the things started going wrong. I had hundreds of calls of my murders and they all spoked to annya once when she was in her office. I was angry like a bull.

I have to fight this all soon the party focused its attention to the farmers, workers. We wanted to understand needs and basic requirements. We were statred to get friendly with all this lot.

But there were still many people, who didn't liked this attitude. I was being mention in news paper for my bad humor in people and everything was corrupted wright from media to even in science. I was taken aback by this nothing works properly the traffic, the drainage problem, roads and safety, security. We had to manage everything the jobless people were increasing, though my many letters conten important things but they were ignored and put it into the trash.

It took time to people to realize that who fits for better government and after five years, I was being elected as chief minister of state same nervousness rosed me day before my oth as chief minister only one woman always stood besides me that was Annya. In this years I had been able to give her much time which is deserveved it. I was being fallen guilty about this. But the important task was looming.

I mad many changes and some strict rules, there was also a strong opposition. But overcoming this all we manage to govern the state in peaceful way.

And I was now being retrie as prime minister of my country tomorrow would by my last day of my overlasting duty for my country and soon, I would spent my remaining life with annya peacefully.

June 12, 2020 17:56

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