Holiday Christmas Happy

“As case’s surge and health officials pleading for people to stay home for this holiday season to prevent the spread of the virus, many still object and continue to go through airports and travel to meet their families.” 

“Well doesn't seem like we are going anywhere anytime sooner” I said to Tony.

“We can still go but we just have to be careful.”

“Careful, that's what we’re going to do. As if everyone else who went knows that being careful is going to help.” I told him

“Well what else are we saying we should do then, it's not like this whole chaos is going to end in the snap of a finger. It's either going cold turkey this year or take the risk, you choose.” Tony tried to explain to me

“You know we don't have to do either…” I told him while he gave me a raised eyebrow.

“You want to have a “virtual” Holiday feast, and we have to be on computers and we all stay at our homes?” my mom asked questioningly on the phone.

“Yes! That way we won't risk someone passing on or getting the virus.” I told her enthusiastically.

“Clair, you know that that's going to be way too hard knowing how much of a big deal this time the year is for us. This is our once in a year time to see family. We get to see only then.” Mom tried to explain.

“We can still see them at the virtual meeting.” I tried to persuade her.

“But I meant in person Clair, not some video of them on a computer screen”

“Mom, please it's the best option for this situation, you know how many seniors we have in our family including you and dad as well!” 

“Okay fine, I will let the rest of the family know about this and if you want you can let a few of your friends know as well, and you’re going to show me how to set this meeting up.” Mom finally caved in.

“Thank you so much! You're the best!” I told with joy

  “But I do hope you realize that Me and Dad were very eager to meet Tony.”

“It's fine, I promise I will get you to meet him as soon as I can come back home” I promised her.

Through the coming week mom and I compromised on a few options so that easy everyone would be happy. We decided that mom can invite 5 guests max to our home for a small feast, all must be socially distanced and wear a mask. 

As the date came closer and closer the more work that was involved in spreading the word to friends and family. I gave mom a little lesson on how to set up her computer for the meeting and how to send links to others to join this week, it took some practice but she got the hang of it. Tony and I decided to invite his sister, who volunteered to bring the three of us some homemade turkey. At last it was the day.

When I had joined the meeting all I could hear was loud noises of kids and parents talking and scrambling around to get set up, some had their cameras on while others were off.

“Please settle down everyone, todays a big day!” Mom told everyone cheerfully, as everyone muted themselves waiting.

“Ah, how nice is it to see everyone, even if not in person. Now if everyone can just mute for a moment, so that way Clair can explain how this is going to work.” mom announced.

All the chattering had stopped, everyone was in their seats, waiting for what to do next.

“Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving I hope everyone is having a great day. Well first of all I would like to tell you about how the speaking system is going to work so that we all get a chance to speak, my mom will be starting off with prayer and if anyone would like to speak you can click the blue hand icon so we know who wishes to speak, and also please keep your microphone muted unless you wish to speak and once finished turn off again.” I said calmly.

I explained for the next 5 minutes on some feature that they would find helpful and our schedule. Once finished, mom and dad started the prayer and everyone told us what they were thankful for, when it was my turn I said…

“I am thankful for everyone who agreed to this because it means a lot to me and I am glad knowing that everyone will still be with me during the next holiday season.”

The prayer and all went by quickly and after for the feast we had made a small seerate meeting for the little kids so they all could eat and talk with their cousins and all, while usually all the adults happily had a debate on politics. Some people couldn't stay very long but it still meant a lot for showing up.

As the feast was coming close to an end and family and friends were leaving I stayed on with mom watching her do the dishes while I did mine as we talked away about our favorite parts and what we should do next year or maybe even for Christmas. Mom had even recommended it for New Years but I told her it wouldn't really work because of the time zones in which everyone lived in. 

“You know mom, I wasn't expecting you to accept doing this virtual meeting for Thanksgiving!” I told her as a matter of fact.

“Clair, you were right this was a good idea, and not only are we all being safe we have less dishes to do now!” she told with a laugh at the end, as I laughed with her realizing that was true too.

“But Clair thank you dear, I see how much you care for our family.”

“Oh mom, it's fine!” I told her

We spent the rest of the evening finishing up dishes talking and laughing, It finally got late and I told her I had to go. Tony and his sister were waiting at the dinner table.

“ Would you like some pea-can-pie?” asked Tony’s sister holding a pie tin with a can of pea’s she said chuckling. Me Tony laughed as she passed both of us a slice of real pecan pie. We spent the rest of the time making pie puns and being funny until Tony’s sister had to leave and while sending her off Tony told me…

“Clearly you didn't let the Holidays gobble you up!” He said laughing alongside me as we went to bed, where I knew that next year was going to be just as amazing.

November 26, 2020 23:44

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