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Aaron stretches himself, as he sits on the comfortable peach colored couch. Sipping on a cup of hot coffee, he looks at Rose, whose wild hair, for once, is slipped in two pigtails. Concentrating hard on the recipe she is making; Rose doesn't notice Aaron staring at her. She lifts the cream colored batter, moves it around, in a 'Rose' sort of way, and plops it back in the mixing bowl. She rubs the back of her hand against her rosy cheek, and Aaron tuts, as it leaves a small imprint of flour. He gets up from his now too-comfortable couch and pads towards the kitchen counter, shrugging off his leather jacket as he does so. Rose, still engrossed in her baking, jumps at the soft touch of Aaron's finger against her cheek. Her marron halter top is not forgiving, and goose bumps rise on her hand.

She blushes, and warm grey eyes meet her brown ones.

Aaron smiles.

"There's something on your cheek," he says, hand lingering on Rose's soft skin.

Rose nods, smiling, no, grinning inwardly.

Smiling Aaron is one of her favorite shade of Aaron.

Rose and Aaron have known each other for as long as they both remember and are close ever since.

Presently, Rose grabs a fingerful of the batter, and brings it near Aaron. She has poured eggs, flour, milk and her heart and soul in this batter for the past hour, which is meant to be a 12:00 am birthday cake for Aaron. 

"Taste?" she asks.

Aaron licks her finger, clearing all of the batter on it.

"Hmm...very tasty, Rose. Good job," he winks, gazing at Rose.

Rose reflects a rose, blushing furiously. She had meant to transfer the blob of batter to Aaron's finger, but Aaron had...

"Thanks," she whispers, not herself at all.

Aaron smirks at Rose's reaction. His sandy brown hair dances a bit in the wind coming from the open window, and his olive skin shines brightly.

He pulls in his lip ring and gives off that 'I'm handsome without trying to be' look. 

Rose slaps Aaron's arm, but Aaron catches it, and pulls Rose in a hug, his face resting atop her shoulder.

"Oh my Rose, what do I do with you?" he says, softly.

"Let's see, maybe plan out the next year' resolutions?"

Rose grins, as Aaron sighs dramatically.

"Ms. Rose. The typical Ms. Rose."

Rose always loves to plan out everything and stay ahead of time.

Aaron steps back, hands still clutching Rose's, and winks.

"Let's do it!"

"Thanks," Rose whispers in Aaron's ear, as she leans in.

Aaron inhales sharply, his eyes darkening.

"Anytime, Flower," he mutters, caressing Rose's cheek, purposefully slow.

Rose’s eyes flutter.

"Shit! Aaron, before planning 2021's resolutions, I need to complete this year's resolutions!" Rose says, eyes widened.

Aaron chuckles inwardly. He is always amused with Rose and her planning habits.

"Yeah? And what is left to do? I can think of a few things..." he says suggestively.

Rose swats Aaron's arm.


"'kay I'm sorry!" he laughs. "What's left of 2020?"

Straightening up, Rose says, "Well, on 1st January this year, when it was your birthday, I had decided to learn the Happy Birthday song on your guitar and play it for you on the upcoming 1st of Jan."

Her face pales, "which is in 5 hours! But I totally forgot about it!"

Aaron raises his eyebrow. His heart warms more than ever, at the sweet thinking of Rose.

“I’m so sorry, Aaron.”

"Hey, don’t be. You can learn it in the upcoming year, and play it for your birthday!" he replies, trying to calm Rose.

If looks could kill, Aaron would be lying on the floor right now.

"Are. You. Crazy. ? Who the hell doesn't complete resolutions?"

Aaron smiles.

"Chill out, my Elizabeth Bennet. Let's learn it now. I'll teach you."

Rose blushes.

"But it was meant to be a surprise for you!" she protests.

"The resolution is more important, right?" Aaron gets excited, and he doesn’t know why, to teach Rose a song on his guitar. Perhaps it is because this will be the first time Rose will learn the guitar, and Aaron would be her first teacher. He smiles to himself. Yes, he’d like it very much. Love it, actually.

Rose dives in thinking.

"Yeah, I guess so. Ok, let's do it quick!" She’s frantic about completing her last resolution, but with Aaron at her side, she has no worry. She can do this.

 Aaron grins.

He grabs his beloved guitar from upstairs, as Rose prepares herself.

For the next two and a half hours, the time is spent with Rose trying to concentrate on learning, while Aaron concentrating, really concentrating on the masterpiece of his life. Rose. He watches, as she pays attention to his every word, trying to learn it perfectly. Her brow furrows when a note is mismatched. Aaron watches it

all, and loves that he’ll be the only one to share this experience with Rose. 

"Hey, that's it! You did it!" Aaron gives his best charming smile, a proud one, as Rose plays the Happy Birthday song in à la perfection. Rose smiles broadly, too, as she manages to complete her resolution.

"Happy Birthday, my dear Aaron," she mutters shyly, as Aaron bites off a piece of Rose's cake, touching her finger as he does.

"Thanks R," Aaron replies, kissing Rose's forehead.

"Happy New Year! And new resolutions!"

Aaron grins.

"Yup! Happy New Year! Let’s make it the best we can! We managed to complete your last 2020's resolution too!"

"Thank you so much, Aaron!!!!" Rose twirls around happily.

Aaron grabs Rose and lays his hand on her waist. "Yeah, that’s all right, but what about my birthday gift? Let's start 2021 with a interesting take off, shall we?"

Rose traces her finger down Aaron's sculpted jaw.

"Let's see, it is your birthday, after all, yup, definitely worth an interesting start. I-"

But she is silenced by Aaron, as the guitar in Rose's hand falls lightly on the couch.


December 30, 2020 17:57

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18:37 Mar 02, 2021

This is so cute! I love the last line! You didn’t say they kissed, but you showed it.


Yellow Lemon
04:17 Mar 03, 2021



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Yellow Lemon
17:58 Dec 30, 2020

Yippee!!! Goodbye 2020! Happy New Year, guys!


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