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Jane had been swiping left on her dating app for months. It had only been a year since she broke up with her boyfriend.

Ding ding. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Gasp! NOPE! Can’t do it. Men can be so nasty. 

Jane was always so shocked by the type of attention she got from men. Neverending pictures sent through social media messages. 

Ding ding. “How are you today?” 

She quickly browsed his profile and she saw that he volunteered at the humane society, and was a lawyer. He looks perfect. 

“Wow, thanks for asking! I’m doing well! ” Jane considered this question romantic, in an internet-dating-kind-of-way. The thought of anyone online asking a question about her was unheard of. 

The two ended up messaging into the night. They chatted about simple things such as favorite food, favorite color, and whether they are a cat or dog person. I think this man is marriage material. She sighed rolling over into her bed and fell asleep. 

Exhausted from the night before, Jane slid out of bed. Ding ding. “Meet for dinner?” 

“Yes, yes yes!” The sheer thought of sitting in his presence sent tingles up her spine. My future husband. They exchanged phone numbers before signing out. 

Jane got dressed for the day and headed out to run errands. The grocery store is where she frequented on Saturdays. She dressed as if she was on a speed dating game. She wore a tight fitting shirt and skirt, a cute (but comfortable) pair of heels, and her red lipstick. She always checked her grocery list three times before leaving to make sure nothing was left out. 

Upon entering the grocery store, she looked around. I swear, this grocery store should be considered the dating capital of Indiana. Men were everywhere. The aisles had become her runway. She took her time grabbing what she needed and pretending that top shelf items were out of reach. “Oops, sir, could you grab that cereal for me?”

She was surrounded by eye-rolls and many men simply ignored her. Until she heard a voice from further down the aisle. “Did I hear you say you needed help?” His sparkling white teeth were visible from several feet away. He brushed his hand through his perfectly styled hair.

Jane giggled and waved his direction. He pushed his cart forward and helped an elderly woman who had dropped a few of her items on the floor. The elderly woman smiled and reached out for a hug. 

Clearly, he had become a local favorite as everyone knew his name. “Hey Mike, thanks for coming over to help me with the yard last weekend!”

Mike nodded, “Of course, let me know if you need anything else.” 

Jane was becoming turned off by the lack of attention he was giving her. She cleared her throat, “Ahem, Mike.” She waved yet again.

Finally their eyes met. He returned the wave. Quickly turning back down the aisle, he grabbed a box of cereal and slid Jane his number.  

Ack. Do I want this? Should I really have to work for a man’s attention? The smile on her face began to fade. 

Looking at the time on her phone, she quickly finished her shopping and rushed home to get ready for her date with Tom. I don’t need to go out with some hunk I met at the grocery store, I have Tom.  

Beep! Her phone rang incessantly. A flood of text messages for her dinner date came in. Ooooh. 

“Can’t wait to see you.”

“What will you be wearing?”

“Green top and cargo shorts.”  

Oooo sexy. Jane began to imagine meeting the man in the photos. Brown hair, blue eyes, a strong jaw. She has not heard his voice yet, but she imagined it was deep and seductive. 

“What will you be wearing?”

“A red dress. ; )”  I sent him a wink face, good, seductive. 

Jane arrived at the local Italian place in her red dress and red heels, looking for a black sedan. She sighed, where oh where is my prince charming? 

“I’m here.” Jane giggled with excitement and walked to the front door of the restaurant. 

In the distance a man, with an overgrown beard, cargo shorts, and a green polo shirt approached her. 

“Hiii!” She screamed to get his attention. 

He looked around nervously, scratched his head. “Uh hi?” Plop, plop, plop. His feet slid against the ground as he approached her. “Uh, I’m Tom, how are you?” 

Tom reached his hand out, Jane pulled him in close for a hug. “Ummm, ok.” Tom uncomfortably chuckled. “Lets go inside?”

Jane linked her arm around his and pulled him inside. “This is my favorite restaurant!”

Both of them sat down at a booth that looked out onto a parking lot. 

“Oh, what a great view!” Jane looked out onto a minivan with the front bumper dented in. Her cleavage popping out of her dress did not even make Tom glance over at her. He was too busy staring at a group of women walking by.  Noticing his distraction, she cleared her throat. 

“Oh yes, great view.” He leaned toward Jane and she leaned into him.They gazed into each others’ eyes and smiled. Jane bit her bottom lip. Tom smiled,  “Do you think they are having discounts today?” 

Appalled by this question, Jane sat back against her seat. “Discounts? Here?”  She looked around the room, disconnecting from her date with Tom. 

“So, what do you do for a living?”

Barely looking over at Tom, Jane responded in her monotone voice, “I’m an executive assistant.” Jane twirled her hair. “You’re a lawyer, right?”

“Nah, not anymore. I’m working at the gas station until I can find another job.”

I bet Mike doesn’t have to work at a gas station. I bet Mike is a doctor while helping out his elderly neighbors in his spare time. Sigh.

Visions of the hunk at the grocery store blew through Jane’s mind. He’s probably my soulmate and I blew him off. “At least you help out at the humane society right?”

“Nah, I don’t have time anymore. I hang out with my buddies. We drink beer and play video games.Often we have gaming competitions. Sometimes we go to bars.” 

During the conversation, the waitress arrived. She placed their wine on the table. Tom reached out to grab his glass and their hands touched. The waitress giggled. He looked into her eyes and said, “How are you?” 

Jane got up from the table and walked out.

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