Ninjago Fanfiction___ Part-3

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Cole stared at his fellow Ninja as they awkwardly tried to have a conversation. He tried not to laugh out loud. He could tell that Lloyd was still annoyed that Mystery wouldn't tell him who she was.

“What are some questions you think we should ask people?” Lloyd was asking now. 

It took Cole a moment to realize that Lloyd was talking to him. He looked up and made a surprised sound.

“Nice to see you green Ninja’s have stopped trying to hold a conversation.” He laughed. 

They just glared back at him.

Mystery took a step towards him.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked menacingly, her glare intensifying. 

Cole took a step back.

“Gosh, Forget I said anything.” Cole chuckled. “You know, you two can be really intimidating when you gang up like that.”

Lloyd and Mystery shared a look.

“We're at the first house.” Lloyd suddenly blurted out. 

Cole was confused as to why Lloyd walked to a random house in the middle of the town to interrogate first. 

“Why this specific house?” Mystery asked nervously. 

Sometimes Cole couldn't tell if Lloyd and Mystery were just really good friends… or something more.

Lloyd stepped up to the door and knocked on it. With a shrug.

A scared looking woman cracked it open. When she saw Lloyd there, the fear from her face melted away, leaving only pure amazement. Lloyd looked extremely uncomfortable. Cole wondered how often he was spotted out like this. 

He also wondered why people never did this when he knocked on their doors. Not that he went around knocking on doors or anything. Maybe if he did- 

Cole smacked himself.

He really needed a nice big slice of cake right about now. 

The Woman’s Gaze drifted from Lloyd to Mystery and her eyes widened. Cole threw his hands up in the air. Was he not good enough for this woman. 

His hand flipping seemed to do the trick however, because at the motion, the Woman’s gaze flew towards him. 

She let out a shriek. 

Cole smirked, that was more like it. 

Lloyd smiled his perfect calming smile at the woman, Cole wished he had a smile like that. 

“Can we ask you a few interrogation questions?” Lloyd asked.

The Woman nodded, opening her door wider. 

“C-come in.” she stuttered. “You can call me May.”

Out of the corner of Cole’s eye, Mystery was fidgeting uncomfortably. Cole frowned, Mystery didn't seem like the nervous type. 

“Take a seat, um… I'm going to go get the rest of my family.” The woman said, gesturing to some couches. 

“Honey! Get June, the Ninja are here!!!” she called up some stairs.

Cole had to force himself not to laugh. 

Wasn't June the girl who had come to get help from the Ninja? The one Lloyd had been gazing at until Mystery took her home. 

Suddenly, it made sense why they had come to this specific house first. 

A Man came down the stairs a moment later. 

“I don't know where June is.” He said, already starting to panik. 

Lloyd jumped to his feet, flipping towards Mystery.

“I thought you told me you got her home safe.” he hissed. 

Cole ran up to the couple, who was standing in the corner, shocked. 

“It might get a little loud. I would suggest heading outside.” he said to them, they nodded.

“WHY WOULD IT ‘GET LOUD’?” Lloyd shouted at Cole as he ushered the poor couple out of their own house. 

He stood outside, trying to carry out the investigation on his own as the screaming started. 

“I was sure that she was safe.” Mystery assured Lloyd. “I brought her right here to this very house and left her in her room.”

“ALONE!?” Lloyd shouted.

“YES! OKAY? I LEFT HER HERE ALONE!” Mystery shouted back. 

Lloyd groaned. 

“Why would you do that?” he said, glaring daggers at her. 

“I didn't know it would be a problem.” Mystery growled back. 


Mystery scratched her arm as hard as she could, trying not to cry out from the pain. 

Lloyd did cry out though. 

“It. was. a. mistake.” she said. “Why do you have to be so mean about it?” 

Lloyd laughed. 

“So now I’m the mean one?” he said, suddenly quiet.

“What do you mean?”

Lloyd shot a hurt look at her. 

“I mean that not telling your BEST FRIEND the ONE THING they want to know about you, which just happens to be the most important thing about you. Why can't you tell me who you are?” Lloyd said, starting to tremble.

Mystery looked away.

“I thought you said we were a team.” 

“And we are a team.” Lloyd frowned, “But as a team we are very divided. I know almost nothing about you, and you know everything about me. And yet, you couldn't even trust me to take June back home, and now she’s missing.”

“I-” Mystery began. But Lloyd stopped her. 

“You keep making up excuses to stop me from knowing your real identity, and I don't know why. I don't care who you are. You could be a former wanted criminal for all I care, you've proven to me over and over that you can be trusted. So, you can tell me whoever you are under that mask, and we can put all this behind us. Lloyd choked out. “please.”

A tear fell down Mystery’s cheek, she sniffed. It was more complicated than that. At first, she had planned to tell Lloyd once she knew she could trust him. And now she trusted him, but she still couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. 

She sniffed, and looked at Lloyd’s sincere face. She smiled under the mask. He was so perfect to everyone, even if he lost control of his emotions every once in a while. 

But she just couldn't do it. 

“I-I cant.” she said, and tried to walk away. However, Lloyd grabbed her arm before she could go too far. 

She was forced to face him, and when she saw the expression on her face, she crumbled. Lloyd looked as if his whole life was a depressing lie.

“How long are you going to make me wait for an answer?” he asked her.

She choked, and a few tears fell down her face. 

“I-I don't know Lloyd. I really don't.” 

She tried tugging away, but Lloyds grip held tight.

“Fine then, just tell me this-and be honest-” Lloyd’s eyes teared up. After a moment he asked her; “Does anybody else know?” 

Mystery shook. 

“I have to go.” she said, shifting her gaze to the floor.

Lloyd shook his head at her, looking more betrayed than ever. 

Then he let her go as the tears began to fall from his face. 

Mystery left him there, crying on the floor as she ran out the door and past Cole. 

The truth was, she really did want Lloyd to know who she was. But she didn't want anything to change between them. She really liked it when she was with Lloyd, and him knowing her identity would change everything. 

When Lloyd was with Mystery, he was fun, amazing and perfect.

But when he was actually with her, he was a whole different person, and Mystery wasn't sure she liked it. She didn't want Lloyd to treat her differently if he knew who she really was. 

At least June was out of the picture now that everybody thought she was missing too. That helped make it easier to focus on finding the missing folk. 

Mystery pulled out her phone, and sent a message to the only other person that knew her not only as Mystery, but June as well.

Hey Skylor! June’s reported as missing, you don't have to worry about changing your form to help me out anymore, I’ll just be Mystery for now! Maybe you can help us find the missing people? -Mystery

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, other than my Oc June and Mystery, this is a fanfiction. Thank you for reading!

July 05, 2020 21:57

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Deborah Angevin
23:19 Jul 15, 2020

Enjoyed reading it! Would love to read more, Cam! Would you mind checking my recent story out, "Orange-Coloured Sky?" Thank you!


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01:45 Oct 08, 2020

Oh, heeeey, Cam!! So glad you’re back on Reedsy!! ❤️ Your stories 😆😆😆


Cam Croz
01:59 Oct 08, 2020

Aww! Thank you! I love yours so far as well!


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Amogh Kasat
12:42 Aug 24, 2020

It's a wonderful story! Please read my latest story The Secret Organisation { Part 2 }


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Corey Melin
04:52 Jul 08, 2020

Enjoyed the read that kept you reading to see what happens. I'm assuming there will be more??


Cam Croz
02:40 Jul 09, 2020

If a good prompt shows up! Of course!


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20:30 Jul 29, 2020

Totally loved reading this! This was terrific! Also, would you mind checking out my new (and by that, I mean I posted it 10 minutes ago) story, ‘Jax Off Ash (Part 1)’? Again, amazing work! Keep writing. ~A


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Abigail Slimzy
22:01 Jul 18, 2020

Nice work. Keep writing dear! Please, if you don't mind, see my stories too like and comment on them. Thanks.


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22:15 Jul 16, 2020

Dear Cam, Writing and then showing the world your work makes one feel raw. So bold of you to share, good for you. I would suggest that you look at your vocabulary to see that you are not over using words, especially not that close together. We have plethora of lexicon to use. You are also using conversation to push the story along. It would make it more interesting if you added more tone and mood to the story, such as adding description of scenery, or weather, something that would weave more into it. Think of your work also as art, not ...


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Ari Berri
16:26 Dec 18, 2020

Awesome story! I saw in your bio that you read They Both Die at the end. I read it, too. It was so sad!


Cam Croz
20:50 Dec 18, 2020

Thank you! And yes, that book is VERY sad. Its still like my favorite book though.


Ari Berri
20:53 Dec 18, 2020

Have you read any of his other books?


Cam Croz
20:58 Dec 18, 2020

Yeah, just What if Its Us because it was also by Becky Albertalli (one of my top favorite authors!)


Ari Berri
21:00 Dec 18, 2020

I've read What if it's Us and History is all you left me. What books do you like from Becky Albertalli.


Cam Croz
21:03 Dec 18, 2020

The whole Simonverse series, What if its Us (of course), Ummmmm, Yes, No Maybe So was good.


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14:12 Feb 15, 2021

Oh, your oc is cool!, even if I have never actually seen 'ninjago' I like your fan fiction XD, tho don't leave it like that, did you loose your inspiration or something?


Cam Croz
00:16 Feb 17, 2021

Eh I guess so? I just kinda stopped watching and obsessing over the show as much and writers block kinda took over as well, so I never really continued it lmao. Thanks for reading!!!


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