A Clouds Job

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“Why are the clouds crying?” Curious eyes watched the raindrops run down the windowsill. Tiny raindrops connected as they ran down and formed a giant drop. Petite fingers traced the path of the drops while the Babysitter kneeled down next to her. “Are the clouds sad?”

“Oh, no! It’s the clouds job to bring the water down.” She ruffled his hair as he gave off a bewildered look. 

“The clouds have jobs? Who pays them?” She chuckled and lifted him up to see out the top half of the window.

“Not that kind of job. It’s a job that you do to help other people because it’s the right thing to do.” He nodded his head while still tracing the raindrops with his eyes.

“The right thing? Who do the clouds help?” 

“The plants outside, they need to drink so they can grow and feed you so you can grow.” He turned his eyes away from the drops and gave a wide-eyed look to his Babysitter.

“The clouds make the veggies grow?” She tightened her grip and made her way to the kitchen. 

“Yes, and veggies are good for you. How about we make a snack with some veggies?” 

“I want Ranch with my veggies.” The Babysitter laughed and placed him at a seat by the counter before opening the fridge.

“I think that can be arranged.” They both started to hum along to ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ while she washed the carrots, celery and tomatoes. He happily dug in with his side of Ranch while the Babysitter answered a phone call.

“Hi, Mrs. Hallen.”

“Madeline! How is my little Joey?” She glanced over at him; the little boy with Ranch smeared all over his mouth and cheeks.

“He is doing great, just having a healthy snack.”

“Healthy? That boy doesn’t eat healthy snacks unless they’re disguised as candy. How did you do it?”

“My secret weapon is ranch, Joey loves it.”

“I’ll have to add that to my grocery list when I get home. Oh, about that! There is a terrible thunderstorm here, and the planes can’t take off. My flight has been rescheduled for early tomorrow, so I won’t be back until 8am. Are you okay about staying one more night?”

“Oh, Course! I love spending time with little Joey.”

“Thank you so much, Madeline! You are a lifesaver!”

With the phone hung up, she walked over to the boy finishing up his snack.

“Was that Mommy? Is she home yet?” Madeline let out a sad sigh as she grabbed a wet towel and wiped his lips and cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Joey, but Mommy is stuck right now. Her plane isn’t taking off until tomorrow.”

“The plane is sick?” She laughed and lifted him out of his chair.

“Oh no, Darling, the plane isn’t sick. The plane is just taking a break while the clouds are doing their work.” Joey tilted his head and gasped at her.

“Planes take breaks, like naps?” He asked as they made their way toward the stairs.

“Yes, they do, and I think its time for you to take a nap as well. Just like the plane.”

His gasped turned to a frown when he heard the words come out of his Babysitter’s mouth. Veil, evil words.

“I’m not tired! I want to stay up and watch the rain through the window! I love the rain, I want to watch the clouds do their jobs.” She tightened her grip as they made their way up the curving staircase.

“Oh, bud, you have to have a nap. A Nap will give you energy.” He shook his head a gave a huff.

“I won’t stand to this injustice!” Madeline had to surprise a giggle has he quoted his favourite tv show.

“Do you even know what the word injustice means?”

“Yes, it means we make a deal.” She couldn’t hold back, laughing as she placed him down on his bed.

“Okay, how about we go stomp in some puddles after your nap. How does that sound, Mr. Joey.” His eyes widened and were practically sparkling.

“That sounds amazing! I’m going to nap right now so we can play! Please leave so I can start.” She ruffled his hair as he pulled the covers over and squeezed his eyes shut. After turning on the baby monitor, she whispered a ‘sleep tight’ before closing the door and heading down the stairs.

In the living room was the radio for the baby monitor, clipping it onto her waist before venturing to the kitchen to prepare her own snack. Within the top shelf of the fridge were her favourite soda and fresh strawberries left with a note ‘For Madeline.’ She smiled to herself as she grabbed a can and helped herself to a bowl.

“I hope my house could look like this one day,” She mumbled to herself as she laid her stuff out on the countertop along with her textbooks and notes. Next to a pot of flowers near the sink was a picture frame. Joey and his parents sitting in the garden.

“This looks like a dream, my dream for me,” She got herself comfortable in her makeshift study area while listening to the pattering of the rain on the windows.




Madeline hummed her own song along to the beat of the rain while she waited for Joey to arise.


“Look at me!” Joey screamed right before jumping into a large puddle in the backyard of the house. He stomped around multiple times before turning to face his Babysitter. “Did you see how big that splash was?”

“I did see it magnificent! Can you do it again?” Madeline followed him around with a camera, snapping photos every once in a while so his Mother could have a good laugh when she arrived at home.

“I can! I’ll make it even bigger this time.” He ran as fast as he could towards a large puddle, jumping in and splashing far enough that it hit Madeline’s rain jacket as well.

“Wow! That was your best one yet!” She laughed and walked closer to see him smiling and shivering. “I think someone is getting cold, let’s go inside and warm you up with a bath and hot chocolate.” He smiled and dashed towards the door with Madeline following in suite.

‘What a good child, Joey, is. I hope I can have the same.’ She thought while rubbing a hand over her slightly protruding stomach.

March 27, 2020 20:52

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Elizabeth Voll
18:04 Mar 28, 2020

Loved the innocence of Joey! It created a nice, playful tone.


Lynn Penny
19:07 Mar 30, 2020

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!


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Fred Aiken
13:36 Mar 31, 2020

I liked the little twist at the end. It was a nice little vignette. Probably needs a once over to catch some grammatical and spelling errors.


Lynn Penny
19:20 Mar 31, 2020

I'm glad you liked it! I didn't really know where I was going with this one but I liked how it turned out. I wrote it right before the deadline so I was cut short on time. Whoops! :)


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Pamela Saunders
13:19 Mar 31, 2020

This has a nice feel to it :)


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Peace Nakiyemba
08:49 Mar 30, 2020

Lovely story, very lighthearted. Fun to read too. You captured the little boy so well. You might want to note the sentences His gasp turned to a frown... He shook his head and gave a huff.... and Madeline had to suppress a giggle as... All together a beautiful story. Keep writing!


Lynn Penny
19:08 Mar 30, 2020

Aww, thanks. Also thanks for the points. You can probably tell I ran out of time to submit the story so I forgot to proofread. Whoopsies!


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Eian Wright
18:08 Mar 29, 2020

I loved this story. It was so playful and fun. You got the mind of a little boy just right. The last paragraph just perfectly tied it together.


Lynn Penny
19:09 Mar 30, 2020

I’m glad you liked it! Took a while for me to think up a nice ending.


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