Drama Fantasy Fiction

(This story is set on earth’s twin planet GAIA2, 800 years younger and evolving}

Rubi Isle was a prosperous place. It was known as the granary of the region due to its massive agricultural output for which the Rubi river was mainly responsible. Nero was a rich landlord of the place. He was elderly and despite having two wives and children was always seeking to find a new woman to have a liaison with!

Pico was only 21 and had strong biceps due to working as a farm labourer since childhood. He lived in a cottage on the farm where he was employed. Sigma was a young woman only 16 and would be seen in her pareyou which covered her waist down. Her budding form would always attract male yes as she was also comely. Sigma worked as maid in a house nearby. It came to pass that Pico was greatly attracted to Sigma while she was also enamoured of him. He proposed to her and the two were married. She came to live in his cottage. A cook who was a woman of the neighbourhood would come home and cook for them as both were employed.

Nero had been watching Sigma settling down. He was very angry as she had refused to have a liaison with him for which he said he would pay. He decided he should take vengeance for her refusal to cohort with him. Nero knew the apothecary Macho who was a shame to the profession. If he was paid he would kill or disable patients who came to him. Nero met Macho and said “I want your help to wreak vengeance on a woman. Don’t bother about reasons. There is a labourer Pico.....”

“I know he recently married that wench Sigma.”

“I want your help to harm Pico.”

“But he isn’t my patient.”

“I’m paying you for a package deal.” Nero knew that if Macho was paid he would kill or disable patients who came to him. “You work out details.”

Macho wanted a big sum which was accepted and an advance was paid.

Macho said “I’ve discovered a new root whose extract would cause blindness.”

“Now don’t ask me how to feed it to Pico.”

“No no. You don’t worry. I’ll do whatever is necessary. You’re paying me. I’ll keep you informed.”

A few days later, there was a sudden flooding of the Rubi and people and livestock were swept away. Though Sigma was a good swimmer, she was caught in the flood but managed to find solid ground to stay on. Pico went in search and found her lying nude holding on to a tree root. The flood was ebbing and he managed to find a cloth to cover her middle. When she had come out of shock he said “I’ve made love to you so many times but had never seen the secret tattoo until now. Nicely made."

She laughed and said “My mother got it made when I was a baby as advised by a wizard. It was meant to bring me luck.”

“It looks like a tattoo of a pool. Why there and so close that curls would become wet as it were when you cross legs.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“But for this sudden flooding I suppose I would never have seen it.”

She laughed and said “It’s one of my secrets.”

“You’ve made me feel randy. Wait till we get home.”

She again laughed and said “I’m ready and willing to participate in whatever you plan to do with me.”

At home the cook had made the usual dishes. She had made a pot of porridge which he alone would consume and which Sigma would never touch. That way Macho’s medicine reached Pico. A few days later Pico said “Sigma, I feel there is something wrong with my sight. It is gradually deteriorating. I fear I’ll go blind soon.”

Sigma sought advice of an elder who was a soothe sayer and would help such cases. He asked her about her financial status and then said like all religious frauds “Sigma, I recommend that you take a vow to offer 300 bags of rice to the needy Then your husband’s sight will return.”

She said “I’ve taken the vow.”

Now came the problem. Neither she nor Pico could afford to buy 300 bags of rice to give to charity. The news of her vow to donate the rice spread.

Pico said “You’ve made a vow. You must keep it.”

She went to Nero and sought a loan.

Nero said “You made a mistake in taking such a vow when you have no money.” He thought a little and said “You come to my cottage on the seashore tomorrow evening. I’ll consider your request and if feasible will grant it.”

She was silent.

 He said “Think it over.”

Suddenly she said “I don’t want your money. I won’t come to your seashore cottage.”

Sigma consulted a woman relative.

 She said “I suggest you consult apothecary Macho. He can treat cases of failing eyesight.”

Sigma met Macho and told him about her husband’s eyesight problem. He said “I guarantee to cure Pico but I won’t take money.”

“How then do I compensate you?”

“That is a good question. Be with me here one night.”

She said “I won’t do it.”

She told Pico about proposals of Nero and Macho.

Pico said “I’m helpless. You have made the vow. To meet it do whatever you think is appropriate. Don’t worry about my sentiment.”

Sigma was greatly worried. She had made the vow without thought. One thing that struck her was Macho guaranteeing to cure Pico. Could it be that the blindness was deliberately caused and could be reversed? She met the Chief Minister and told him about the matter who promised to act on it. The CM reported the case to the king who ordered a confidential investigation. Nero’s complicity with Macho was revealed as also the matter of Macho having caused the blindness through the cook. On the king’s orders Nero, Macho and Pico’s cook were taken into custody. They were to face trial in court.

In a matter of a few days Pico’s eyesight returned to normal after a different apothecary had treated him. He started work again. The king who had been told about the vow taken by Sigma ordered 300 kilos of rice from the royal granary to be given to the poor in Sigma’s name. Both Pico and Sigma were taken into the king’s service and were provided appropriate housing.

At home Pico clasped Sigma when she said “It’s still daylight.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve to see the secret tattoo.”

She said “One thing will lead to another at this hour.”

As he continued his exploration of the delighted Sigma he said “You’ve opened my eyes and I’m again wanting to see what I’ve literally seen hundreds of times.”



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