Bedtime Drama Fantasy

TW: Suicide

The night is dark. Darker than chocolate. You know what else is dark? People. Its been a week since I teleported into an unknown world. The people here look like humans, like you and me. But they have powers. Powers that are unusual. When we think of a supernatural power, we think about flying, shooting lasers out of our eyes, or reading minds. No dear reader. I'm not talking about those powers. These powers that these people hold dear is not supernatural. It is worse. They have the power to hurt or help. No, these people aren't dictators, theyre not gods. Though, they could be if they tried. So here am I, walking alone in the night, in an unknown world, with people who have the power to destroy or create.

Also, one more thing. It is always nighttime here. No daylight. But you can see very clearly in the dark. It is as if you dont need light. So where am I? Dear reader, like I said before, I do not know. I only know I am a mere human in a world of monsters.

Before I continue, I must tell you how I ended up in this cold dark world. It started off as a bad day. I got up, bumped my toe on the bed, screamed in pain. Limped to the bathroom to brush my teeth, only to realize I had no toothbrush because I was poor. Damn you rich folks! So, in pain and frustration, I got dressed, walked out of the little shabby home, and bumped into a police men. You see, in my country, politicians are very corrupt. So I got a fine for bumping into a police man. How ridiculous. I went to work late as usual. My boss got tired of me getting late so he fired me that day. Now jobless, going to be homeless, I decided that my life isn't worth it. I got a rope, tied it to a lamppost and my neck. And I jumped. And my body dangling like a door bell, it was a funny sight... wait.. I could see my body?

Here, with my consciousness, I see myself dangling like some ornament for Christmas. Was I dead? If I was, I should've done this long time ago. It didn't hurt a bit. While I was enjoying my new freedom, it happened. Yes, dear reader, it happened. The moment where you fall into heaven or hell depending on whether you were a good use in the physical world or not. But I did not land on any of those places. Instead, I landed in an unknown world, dark, cold, and steady eyes staring at me. Dear reader, if I had a physical body, I might have pissed myself.

The landing didn't hurt one bit. More of a feeling of landing on fluffy clouds. Not that I know how clouds feel like, I'm just assuming. The atmosphere was very cold and the setting was very dark. But my eyes adjusted very quick and it was as if I didn't need any lights. And that's when I saw them. Those vile creatures. Dear reader, remember when I told you that they have the power to destroy or create? Those creatures destroyed me. Destroyed me without hesitation. Not destroyed me as in killing me, for I was already dead. But my heart felt like it would explode, and my mind fried. When I looked closely, I realized.. these creatures... these creatures looked just like me!

"Wha..what" I cried. Not only they looked like me, they had different expressions. And even though they looked human, they had wings. I cannot explain the characteristics of the wing because I dont think there is a word for it. I could point out several of their expressions. Such as anger, disgust, joy, sadness, and shock. Thats when it came to me. These creatures were my emotions. But you may ask, "if theyre just emotions, how can they destroy or create?" Dear reader, I am very glad that you asked. I said destroy because there were emotions that horrified me such as greed, lust, envy, indignation, and shame. Those feelings and emotions destroyed me because of those, I had lost my wife, my kids, and my friends. But what use are those when I'm dead, eh? But other emotions such as joy, trust, kindness, pity, calmness, and interest built me up. Those emotions helped me become a better man.

But one emotion cannot mix with another. You can be happy, but you cannot be sad at the same time. There is no way. Nada. So it was natural for these human like figures to fight. But it was not only a fight in the outside, but in the inside as well. I faced constant battles of pain and suffering inside me, for they were my emotions and thoughts. This is why, dear reader, that I said they can destroy. And this battle happens quite often. I am writing this as fast as I can before they quarrel with each other again. But, they also create. I have created a sense of knowledge and common sense that some of the negativity emotions started to disappear. Yes, my mission was to get rid of the negative and hurtful thoughts and emotions. So there is a time of peace for some time and a time of war at others. But it is much better than when I arrived. There is no clock or calendar here in this dark world. So I cannot tell you how many days, months, or years have passed. But if I was to guess, I have passed around 50 birthdays. But I dont feel old or young.

I know most of you readers will not believe in me. How can one fall into a pit of darkness? How can one see their inner demons? That my reader, you must find out by yourself. "You want us to kill ourselves?" Noooo... I do not mean that dear reader. I mean find out till you die or something. I do not wish you to kill yourself. Very tragic. I did it because well, there is no good reason. I have destroyed about 80% of the negative emotions by now. Less wars in me. I have found peace at some time. I still tend to get out of here. In a sense, I am an outsider. These creatures look like me, but they are different than me. I am one, they are many. I must adapt to this place which I have difficult doing. Once in a while, I do see a glimpse of light. Maybe there is a way to escape this hellish place. I am tired of groaning in pain and then feeling good in a spilt second. It is very tiring. I have tried to make peace with these creatures, but they dont like each other. So Im stuck with them for the rest of eternity.

I have spent roughly 1000+ centuries in this place. I can see the light very clearly now. It is still out of reach. While I have found peace with these creatures, I will escape the very chance I have. This is my story readers. Wish me luck.

April 06, 2021 18:07

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