Kids Christmas Holiday

It was a rainy night. I could hear the raindrops hit the top of the house. Knowing that it’s almost Christmas .I’m hoping that this year is going to be the best one .I say that every year, but I got a feeling for this year. “Hayley”! My mom yelled. “Yeah”! I yelled back. “I got something to tell you,” She said. I rushed over to her, to say what’s up. “This year we are going to spend Christmas at your cousins house”! I looked at her confused, "but don’t all our cousins live in NYC”? “Yeah”! Mom said. We’re going there”. Then my confused face went back to a happy excited face. I’m an only child, and I’m just only with my mom. I can finally have more fun with other kids!  My cousin's names are Jackson, Mackenzie, and Jason. They're all siblings, and I can’t wait to meet them, and spend Christmas with them!

The next day, it was STILL RAINING! Me and my mom went  to the airport, got on the plane that was going to New York. From one to ten this  Christmas is going to be like a 20! After about 6 hours on the plane. We are  finally in New York! We went in a Taxi to our cousin's house. I rang the doorbell. Aunt Annie opens the door. “Hi”! Annie said. “ Hello” me and my mom said. Auntie gave me 5 kisses on each cheek. I went inside, then Jackson, Mackenzie, and Jason came down the stairs. “Hey Hayley”! They all said. “ Hey guys”! I said back. We all hugged each other. “Hayley come put your bags here” Auntie said. “KK” I said.

“Hayley want to see our Christmas tree”! Kenzie said.

“Yeah you know I do”! I said. 

She took me to the tree. “We did not finish it,” Jackson said. “We were waiting for you, and your mom to come,” Jason said. ‘“ Well how fun is that”, My mom told me. “Oh and now that you guys are here”, we can start having the cookie contest”! Auntie said. When I heard her say cookie contest. My heart made a BIG Smile. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

The teams were set up. Me, My Mom, and Kenzie on one team, and Jackson, Jason, and Auntie on the other team. “READY, SET, GO”! Auntie yelled. Mom put the flour in the boul. I got the milk, and Kenzie got the sugar. “We are going to win”! Jackson yelled to my team. “ No we are”! Kenzie yelled to their team. We got our cookies in the oven. So did they, then both the teams waited. Whoever's beeps first wins! Just then both ovens beeped at the SAME TIME! “Well looks like we all win” Mom said. “Yup” Auntie said. “Well it’s time to go to bed,” tomorrow is Christmas!” “WAIT!” I said really loud. “What?” Mom said. “We got to put the gifts under the tree”! I said. “I already did Hay,” Mom said. “Oh then I yelled for nothing,” I said. Everyone started to crackle up so did I. 

Me and my cousins got ready for bed. We watched Christmas YouTube videos.

Then we all fell asleep.

The next morning was CHRISTMAS MORNING! I’m  so excited, we were going to have so much fun! Me and Kenzie woke up. We tipped over Jackson and Jason’s Beds so that they could wake up. “Uh What Happened”? They both said. “It’s Christmas,” Kenzie said. “Wake up”.

Mom and Auntie were already in the kitchen. They made Christmas tree shaped pancakes! They were so good! 

Just then after a while in the afternoon we opened gifts! I got Kenzie girl makeup, I got Jackson and Jason baseball shirts. Then I opened my gift from my cousins and aunt. 

I…..I Got a BIRD! I was shaking.

“Do you like it”? Auntie said

My mom was so still, and speechless.

“Like it I LOVE it”! I said.

“Wow”. My mom finally said. “You……You got a pet”.

I was so happy. I never had a pet. Well I knew this was going to be a great Christmas.

“Be careful it bites” Jackson said. REALLY! I said. “No No No” Auntie said. “It does not bite”. 

“OH good,” I said. Then after that we went into the city, and had a great time. I was thinking about the bird I got. I was still shaking.

We saw holiday singers, and went into lots of stores, I even got a Christmas sweater!

Then we went back home. I took the bird upstairs. Tomorrow we are leaving SAD! 

The next day came fast. We packed our stuff, got the bird, said bye to everyone, and went to the airport.

“Uh mom”?  I said.

“Yeah sweetie”? She said.

“Have you ever got a bird before”? I said.

“No why”? She said.

“I…….I kind of DON”T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ONE”! I said yelling.

“Wait what”! Mom said,” but you are happy that you have a bird right”?

“Yeah I am, but I just don’t know what to do”? I said.

“I don’t know what it needs to eat or drink”!,” I don’t know if I need to take it on a walk”!

“I don’t know what birds like or dislike”!

I don’t know-  

“Hayley”! Mom said. “If you don’t know how to take care of one, why did you say that you loved it”?

“Because I did not want to hurt their feelings,” I said. 

“Well you just have to learn how to take care of one”. Mom said.

Then we got to our house. Lonely again, but I have this bird. He is my brother right?

I locked the bird in its cage, and me and mom, and the bird went to the pet store. 

“Okay since you don’t know anything about birds, and don’t know how to take care of one”, Then we can tell the worker if he knows about birds”. 

We went to the worker.” Excuse me”. Mom said. “Yeah how can I help you” He said.


Mom looked at me mad.

“Oh uh Plz" I said more nicely.

“Uh ok” The worker said. “Is it because you got a pet bird”? 

“Uh yeah I got it for Christmas”. I said. “Oh nice” He said.

I wrote down everything he said about birds, and what they need. We got the things we needed, and said bye.

When we got home. I took out my notebook, Got the bird out of the cage. He was flying around the house. “Oh no come back” I said. “I got It” Mom said. She hold the bird, and I gave him food, and water. “See,” mom said. “It’s called learning”.

I Smiled. I named the bird Marten, and I felt better that the worker told me about birds, but I’m going to watch a video on YouTube, for more about birds. I facetimed my cousins, and Aunt, and thanked them so much. Nature is great!

And this Christmas was great! Still a 20. 

I’m going to do great to take care of my bird.

Well I think so.

December 21, 2020 18:08

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Ruby 💫
18:10 Dec 21, 2020

I made a new story. I took the advice. Hope you guys like it.


23:33 Dec 21, 2020

nice! critique would just be to look at a thesaurus for some words so you have more interesting word to choose from 😋 - Amethyst


01:40 Dec 23, 2020

another thing is that your punctuation like '!' or '?' are AFTER the quotation marks, not before. For an example instead of: “I don’t know what birds like or dislike”!, it would be: “I don’t know what birds like or dislike!" - Amethyst


Ruby 💫
16:11 Dec 23, 2020

Oh ok😉


17:06 Dec 23, 2020



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Anna Weber
21:23 Dec 30, 2020

Hi Ruby! I have some advice for your story if you don't mind. First; the critique. You didn't always break when a new person was speaking, you have several punctuation errors, and the story didn't hold my interest for too long. You seem to have a hard time using a widened vocabulary and interesting dialogue. My suggestions would be to write the way people really speak. Do you think you would walk into a store and say "tell us about birds?!" Do you think you mother would say "but you are happy you have a bird right?" I just mean to say the ...


Ruby 💫
16:16 Dec 31, 2020

ok thanks!


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Llind Kam
18:49 Dec 29, 2020

Nice and clean!


Ruby 💫
19:16 Dec 29, 2020



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