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Creative Nonfiction

As I stepped out of the pool, I noticed a young man speaking to my mother's best friend Joanna Miller. Walking, hurriedly toward the table where my mother sat reading the morning newspaper, I tripped over a lounge chair. Strong hands caught me around my waist, as I turned to thank the person responsible for breaking my fall.

" You may thank me by going out to dinner with me Saturday night," by the way my name`s Andrew Moeen." " Yes,! I would love to, before I revealed who I am, Laura Lambert. His dark black curly hair complimented his big brown eyes and mesmerized me like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. There was no notice of anyone or anything but us as we felt the warmth of the sun on our skin.

We exchanged phone numbers, and parted ways after talking for hours. I was so excited to share this with my best friend, Jenasyn, spending time together deciding what I would be wearing on my first date. It would only enter my mind later in the week, I had not asked permission from my mother. I was sure I knew everything at age fifteen.

My emotions were like a kaleidoscope of brilliant, vivid colors bursting in the view finder in shades of red, gold, and teal. We had met on Tuesday morning, now there were only three more days until the date. Jenasyn and I had ditched riding bus #20 to walk by the mall on our way home living in the same subdivision Autumn Falls. Day dreaming encompassed us as we laughed and giggled oblivious to the time. Late afternoon shadows indicated it was later than we knew, two hours had passed from the time the bus traveled by our bus route.

Loud music drifted down the hallway from Jenasyn's bedroom. Her record player blared, "Girls just want to have fun, " by Cyndi Lauper. In the kitchen, Janeen brought a larger bowl from the cabinet, to the microwave to bring more popcorn to her friends. The slumber party involved lots of activity with little sleep occurring this Friday night.

Janeen was in charge of hair and nails. Jenasyn was in the role of clothing designer , supplied with blouses, slacks, uplifting bras and panties from Victoria's Secret a lingerie store at the mall. My role was to sit quietly while they worked their magic. Having plenty of time, for the upcoming date on Saturday night. Occasionally, I found myself nodding off, my body welcoming a peaceful repose. Unfortunately, the curlers wound tightly all about my head prevented that possibility.

The finished process revealed this: big heavily hair sprayed feathered hairstyle, make- up includes blue-green eye-shadow with mascara black outline, then foundation applied, completed with bright cherry red lipstick. Clothing attire consists of lacey black bra and panties, full flowing bold print of geometric design, black jacket with big shoulder pads. Next the stirrup pants are black in color, a gold glittering belt to emphasize the petite waistline. Finally, stepping into high heeled sandals. Oops, one accessory is missing , the big gold loop earrings, lastly added light pink nail polish. Weary each of us pleased with ourselves drift off just before five in the morning.

On Saturday my friends would join me at my house to apply make-up before Andrew's arrival. My teenage dream team would stay to watch as we departed into the unknown. Actually, my mother was working late, knowing nothing of what was about to take place and happen. Andrew held the car door open for me, as I sat in his new Camaro, he"d been given on his birthday.

My mother was not with us, although she might as well have been. Nervously, I felt my self perspiring, the deodorant failed to follow through on these commercial claims. Andrew attempted to start a conversation numerous times, my only response was to take a sip of water to clear my dry mouth. If that wasn't enough clumsily my elbow knocks over his water glass spilling down his member only jacket, next spilled sweet tea cascading a stream of rivulets onto his stone washed pair of jeans. Quicky, as he removes his jacket then flees to the restroom. My increasing anxiety was heightened after his lengthy retreat into the restroom, he returns smiling and in a calm condition to our table.

This reaction instead of relaxing me has the opposite effect. For one thing it is not natural. We move for .giving the server our order in awkward silence. After what seems to be an eternity, our meal is presented. Frowning, I ask Andrew to explain this particular dish he ordered for the two of us. Andrew eagerly relates to me this is a dish served with frog legs. "Gross ", I say not caring he shared this dish with his father. I promptly retch and vomit. Bolting towards the entrance door. Spotting my grandparents close by I ride home with them trying to forget what I just witnessed. On the ride home, John and Mary Lambert were delighted to have some time with their grand daughter. On the ride home we shared how the summer is flying by and how this winter they would be traveling to Florida to spend the winter months there. As we neared my home, I gave them both a kiss on the cheek and promised to visit soon.

Home again I reflected on something my mom reminded me of often. She told me she would consider double dating when I was sixteen. After the dreadful date tonight, perhaps going to the skating rink with my date and another couple a couple of months from now. Hearing the door latch turn and mom calling my name seemed so right, for right now.

Years later I sit on my front porch enjoying the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For a few moments of peacefulness before my world awakens. Memories transport me to that long ago time when my mother frequently proved how overprotective she could be. Her love for me was powerful, still is.

Gently, my husband places a kiss on the nape of my neck. He hand me our three month old daughter, Julianna Jenasyn. Her first name was a keepsake from my mom. Her middle name is also a keepsake from my best friend Jenasyn. Affectionately, our darling girl has always been known as J.J. My hard working husband will be opening an attorney's office with an older attorney nearly as driven to excel as my dear husband, Jonathan. On the beautiful copper sign it reads Michael Yarbourough above with Jonathan Jacobson right underneath. Recently, moved to a historic district in Abingdon, VA. Today, the plan this morning is, to walk on the Virginia Creeper trail., to learn more about our surroundings and this beautiful old town. Love brightens the pathway of life. Each new day is a gift.

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