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I always thought that the term "Love at first sight" was rather something you see on television; not something that happens in reality... Especially not something that would happened to me a regular guy like me.

However the moment

my eyes laid upon this beautiful young lady. I nearly instantly knew that she

would be mine... Forever!

It started off like

any other day, I had to make a quick run to the grocery store to pick up a few

items for this cake recipe I saw and wanted to.  I wanted to try make this cake, (carrot cake

to be exact); but I needed a few more items. This was as you can guess a last

minute decision to make, but anyhow I went and grabbed my items and was heading

to check-out.

As I was in the check-out

line, I put my items on the conveyor belt (I'm always in this store it's right

around the corner from my house and I pretty much know all the workers in the

store.... Except this young lady that was ringing up my items.) As soon as I

looked up, it's was like nothing else in the world matter, that we were the

only two people in the store, the only two in the entire world!!

She had to of

course, break the silence with her beautiful angelic voice telling me the price

"$12.45 is

your total sir"

But the way she

said it, I just knew I would be with her forever and always.

It was like we were

both hesitant, but both thinking and wanting the same.

I paid for my

things not wanting to hold up the line any longer, I looked back one last time

she smiled we locked eyes for one last time and I slowly walked out of the


I didn't know what

to do....

"Should I have

asked for her number"

"Or what she


“Let me calm down she may not even like me in that way, I mean look at me, I’m dressed in all black sweats with these busted grey shoes, I work at a minimum wage job  at “Clucker City”, so I can’t afford much, but I think I do okay. I had all of these emotions going on.

This went on for

months, I thought I wasn't ever going to see her again and soon the idea of

trying to find her all went out the window.

My parents were

having Sunday dinner and they always invited their friends over to just hang

out. Well on this particular evening, my parents’ friend had a young lady that

came along with them. The young lady who I had stopped looking for, but still

deep down knew that my heart was yearning for that missing piece was there!

“Oh where are my

manners, this is our daughter, Aliza”; her mother, Anita had a kind spirit

about her; she gently nudges her to get her to speak more. I can tell she's

nervous and shy I think it's cute. Once our eyes connect it was like I fell in

love all over again.

"I remember

when our eyes 1st met" I said to her... She immediately smiled, her eyes

were saying "I found you", and I found the one who makes my soul


We both grabbed

each other hands not wanting to let go. It was that moment in the grocery store

where everything went silent all over again.

So you two know

each other? Asked my mom Barbara, who was confused yet excited all at the same


I went on tell the

story, however before I could even get the words out, she softly asks

"Why didn't

you ask for my name"?

She turns to me

with excitement, and places her other hand on my shoulder.

As this point she

decided to give us her take on the story.

"When I first

saw you, I knew immediately that you belong in my life… forever. Each day when

I came into work I would ask if this caramel mocha man ever came back in the

store. I remembered your entire outfit very well. Black t-shirt, black sweat

pants, grey sneakers with a nice fitted cap (“The Flash” that is). No one seem

to have seen you or I would get you just missed him. I was completely

devastated, I thought I lost you forever, this went on for months and months, I

felt like my love had literally walked away, then I had calm myself down and

think what if he doesn’t feel the same way?

It wasn't until my

parents was telling me to come along with them to their friend's house for

dinner. In all honesty, I had no desire to go out. Just work and back home; but

they just wanted to cheer me up, they wanted to see the sparkle in my eyes

again. They wanted to hear me laugh, they just wanted me back!

So I came with no

intention of ever seeing you again, I finally let that fantasy go... Until you

spoke to me! I was nervous, and thinking that this is some kind of dream. That

I don't wanna wake up from. When you spoke to talk about the day at the grocery

store I knew that I found you again! I knew I was crazy, and yes I may have stopped physically looking but deep down I knew my heart, my soul was yearning for you.

“See I told you

Jason, when you least expect it. Love will come and find you” my mama mentioned to me with a generous chuckle.

With every word Aliza says to me, I find myself being lost in her presence. Creating something that’s no longer just for what it seems to be in my imagination. Her words, her thoughts are what I was going to express to her. To know that someone that you only briefly met one time is one the same page as you; wanting the same desires as you is truly a feeling that is indescribable. I found the one who makes my soul dance, I looked her deeply into her eyes and said, “I let you go one time, but I can’t let that happen again. Will you be my girlfriend’?

Her smile just grew even wider and she replies back

“I thought you’ve never asked”

We just held each other’s hand for the rest of the evening just basking in the presence of love.

2 months later

We got married months later, and lived each day like it’s our first time meeting each other again. Happily Ever After!

November 18, 2019 18:57

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