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Funny Teens & Young Adult

I wipe my hands on my checkered vest, making sure that I look perfect for this interview. I know that a lot rides on this, and I have a strict deadline. If I don't get this in the bag, everything will go wrong.

I stare up at the two other people in the room: a woman named Maddie and a man named John. I smile at them, though it is a little forced.

What do I say? I practiced this all day. I've got this.

I clear my throat and pull out my presentation board, unveiling the board from below a sheet. It has many pictures and strings connecting the images, as well as different sheets of paper and typed messaging from every corner of the board.

"Thank you for meeting me today," I start. I wipe my hands one more time and look up at them, straightening my posture and smoothing my ponytail.

"We are glad to be here," Maddie said, chuckling. She sat on a loveseat with John next to her, both of them a few inches apart. To say that they didn't love each other would have been a big, fat lie, and I am no liar. I smile at the both of them before turning to my board.

"In collaboration with my other colleagues and peers, I have discovered something that will change the way this place is run."

So far, so good. Just keep going.

"Now, promotions are a large part of business. When an employee is ready to be boosted up to the next and more difficult level of their talent, the employer will think about it, then grant them the promotion."

I look down at the palm of my hand and squint at the smudged ink on my palm.

Guess I'll have to wing it.

"I have a question. Or is it too early for questions?" John asked, raising a hand as he sits up straighter.

"Not at all, John. Please, go ahead," I respond. I look at Maddie as she shakes her head and covers her mouth, stifling a chuckle. I didn't understand what was so funny.

Do they think I'm a joke? That I don't care about this at all?

After clearing his throat, John said, "Now, I know that some of us in here are looking for certain... applications. And I know that those people believe that they are ready for the change that this would bring. But think about the outcomes."

"Such as?" I asked incredulously, already over his questions.

"Well, wouldn't more time like this make the new employee grouchy? Or cause them to lose focus on certain things?"

"I do not understand what you are implying, I'm afraid."

"All I mean is that-"

"What John means..." Maddie started, interrupting John as she looked at me. "...we only want what our 'employees' are ready for."

"I am more than ready for this, Madylynn. I understand what this means for me and my family, and I am certain that I will do my best to remain unchanged."

"Yes, but you're so young. Most others wait at least a few more years to gain this promotion."

"So, I'm ambitious. Does that change anything? Does my youth change anything?"

"I suppose not, but-"

"Then allow me to finish."

Both Maddie and John went silent, both staring at me with two different expressions. John was looking me up and down, a small smirk on his face and a lazy posture on the loveseat. Maddie was a whole different story. She seemed ticked that I had interrupted her and shut her down, but she shouldn't have interrupted John and I first.

"As I was saying," I begin, wiping my brow. I also wipe my hands again, looking down to the carpeted floors before looking back up to the board. "If I were to gain this promotion, think of how much more free this place could be. More time to work, to help out. More tasks to do and time to do them. Production levels could go up as much as fifteen percent!"

I point out more and more across the board, moving my pointer along and shouting out debates as questions are asked. Another one of my companions, a girl named Rachel, entered the room. She carried multiple papers in one hand and some pencils in another.

"Sorry I'm late! I had practice with my teammates," she said, setting down the papers and walking across the room to me. I would have known that she was practicing even without her telling us. Her track sweat band was still in her hair, the frizzy brown curls matted to her forehead in wet clumps. I shook my head.

"At least you're here now, Rache. Let's get this continued. No more distractions."

Rachel begin pointing out more and more things that I never would have thought of. She was smart that way; way more brilliant than I could ever dream to be. She talked with such eloquence, it was hard to believe that she was as young as she was.

"-do believe that this proposition could be better for all of us here," she finished, a small smile on her face. I sat down on a chair behind me, my smile concluding the presentation.

"So... what do you think? Do we have the promotion or not?"

I risked a glance up at Maddie and John. They were whispering into the other's ears, talking so quietly that I doubt even a wolf could have heard them. They nodded to each other and turned back to Rachel and I.

"Rachel. Rylie. I know that you two have been working very hard on this project for quite a while now, yes?" Maddie asked, looking at both Rachel and I. Rachel gave a silent nod while I spoke up.

"Yes, and it has taken much of our time. If we had already received this promotion, maybe that time wouldn't have been wasted."

Rachel elbows me, giving me a silent glare. I give her a face and turn back to the other two.

"Not that I am ungrateful for what I have now. I just know that I could do more if I had this promotion."

John and Maddie looked at each other, as if speaking telepathically through the other's mind. I bit down on my lip, suddenly nervous.

What if they say no? What if they shoot me down? What would Rachel say? What would I say? How would I react to that?

I try to push the thoughts out of my mind, being about forty-five percent successful. The thoughts echoed in my head as Maddie and John turned back to us. Rachel placed her hand on mine and I patted it, looking from her to the others.

"Well, the offer is intriguing," John said. He cooly got up and walked over to me, bending down so that he was at my level. "For the record, I think that you should have this promotion."


"Yeah. Just promise us something, Rylie?"

"Of course. Anything."

"You get bratty and we'll take this promotion away. And you won't get a chance for it again for a while. Do you understand? Am I clear?"


I match eyes with John before realizing that I'm shaking a bit. He smiles and places a hand on my shoulder, the other hand on Rachel's.

"Well girls. I guess that settles it."


"Yep. It's all yours."

I got up and hugged John. He hugged me back and Maddie walked over, doing the same.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"One more thing, Rylie?"

"Yeah, Maddie?"

She laughed. "Stop calling us Maddie and John. We're your parents, for goodness sake!"

"Sorry, Mom! It's just so fun!"

I turn to Rachel and hug her, squealing.

"We get to stay up to nine!"

Rachel hugged me back, just as enthused.

"Well, actually..."

I turned to look at John~ er, my dad.

"Actually? What?"

"It's already nine o' three. Time for bed, girls."

I groan but comply with him. I had gotten what I wanted. Everything was going perfectly. I was seven years old. I had a twin sister. I had a super late bedtime that all the other kids in my class would wish they had.

This went perfectly! I wonder if I can convince them to extend it...?

"So, I have another proposition for you!"


They both called it out at the same time, so quickly that you'd think they were perfectly synched robots. I let out a giggle and rush up the stairs, letting down my ponytail and taking off my vest. After changing into pajamas, I looked up at the ceiling and watched the glowy stars on it. I smiled and crawled into the top of Rachel and my shared bunk bed, crawling under the thick blankets and watching the stars more. After a few moments and a prayer, I felt my eyelids get heavier. I let out a yawn, turn on my side, and slowly fall asleep.

Absolutely perfect. An excellent persuasion.

April 27, 2024 01:18

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Mary Bendickson
20:08 Apr 27, 2024

Absolutely perfect. Kind of guessed half way through they were the parents. Display chart such a nice touch.


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