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Adventure Friendship

*not related to prompt, part 2 of Wishing series

“You guys- you can... move water!” Mrs. Matthews said in shock.

“Umm, is that, like, bad?” Andrew asked, a little alarmed.

“No, no. It’s good. VERY good. No mermaid-or man has ever had enough power to move water before.”

“What, that’s not fair, they basically have a better power than me!” I complained.

“Maddy, you can wish for anything! I think you have the better power!” Ella said with a bit of jealousy.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, if I wanted ice cream right now, I could wish it up! I guess I see your point! You know what? I wish we all had ice cream right now.” I said. Suddenly, ice cream cones appeared in all of our hands.

“Oh, vanilla chocolate twist! Yum!” Ella said as she licked her ice cream.

“So, why do we need to train?” I asked as I licked my birthday cake ice cream.

“Yeah, it doesn’t seem like anything could go wrong here!” Ella added. Then my mom and Mrs. Matthews told us what happened when they were our age. “So, some weird evil guy teleported you to a weird forest, where you had to find four gems to get out?” Ella asked.

"That doesn't seem too bad." Andrew said.

“Yes, but he never got what he wanted. He enchanted my body and made me fall into a deep sleep while he made me dream about his plans. He said that he would come after our children when they were old enough."

“Wait, WHAT?!?!” me, Andrew, and Ella shrieked at the same time.

“Don’t worry though, we’ll keep you safe.” Mom said reassuradly.

After training was over, we went back to our castle and ate some spaghetti for dinner. After we ate, I went to my room and got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth, turned my lights off and hopped into bed.

“Good night.” My mom said from my doorway.

“Good night, mom.” I murmured as I drifted off into sleep. My dream tonight was a rather... nerve-racking one. I was on the beach with Ella and Andrew, and there was a man hovering in the sky. He wore a long black cloak, and had a hood covering his face. I knew this was a dream, but it seemed a bit too real.

Suddenly, a voice erupted from the man, “YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOUR PARENTS DID!!! THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY FROM THIS! YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY FROM THIS!” he shouted. “YOU ARE NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE AS STRONG AS YOUR PARENTS!!! YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!!” I suddenly awoke, and something didn’t feel right. Something was wrong about that dream. And I’m going to find out what. 

In the morning, I texted Ella, describing my nightmare. A few minutes later she said we should all meet together to talk about the dream, but not tell our parents because we didn’t want to worry them. Also, we thought they might be testing us. We decided to meet for a brunch in the park. El and Andrew are bringing some blueberry muffins and I’m bringing some smoothies. I told my mom I was meeting up with Ella and Andrew in the park and I left the house. I walked into the park and found Ella and Andrew. “So, let’s get this started!” We then discussed our ideas on what exactly the dream was. I thought is was a trick. Andrew thought it was just a coincidence. I said I agreed with both Maddy and Andrew, but I knew in my heart it wasn’t a trick. It wasn't a coincidence. It was real. No matter what we said, I think we all knew that it was probably real. We agreed that we should just ignore the dream and have more fun here, so we decided to meet up at the beach later.

When we arrived at the beach, we had to wait about ten minutes for it to open because there had been a party on the beach the night before and the beach needed to be cleaned a little bit. While we waited, we decided to make Dollify characters of ourselves. Ella and Andrew made themselves and Lily, and I made me and Evelyn. After we each made us, we looked at our characters and changed them up a little bit. Before we knew it, the beach was open. 

“Thank you!” I said, as a little kid held the gate open for us.

“By the way, I looooove your bathing suit.” Ella said.

“Me? Oh, thank you.” Andrew said. Ella ignored his cheeky grin.

“Thanks, Ella. I like yours, too.” I told her.

“Oh, look at the waves!!!” Ella said excitedly. I tossed my towel on the sand and ran into the water. I shivered.

“Cold.” I told Ella as she rushed in.

“Eeerk!” Andrew screamed.

“Yeah, it’s cold.” I told him, and me and Ella rolled our eyes.

I looked around and everyone started screaming, and running off the beach. I originally thought that there was a shark, or a jellyfish, or something in the water, as anyone would have assumed. But then, I realized people weren’t just running out of the water, they were fully running off the beach. I was trying to think of what would make people scream and go running off the beach, when I noticed a shadow on the sand. I looked up and saw the weird, creepy, cloaked man. I stared at him a while and then looked at Ella. She didn’t seem like she could see the man. I then yelled her name and pointed at the man in the sky. She looked up and her jaw DROPPED. I didn’t know what Andrew and Ella were thinking, but I had an idea. If their thoughts were anything like mine, they would be something like this, 'Our dream is coming to life!'

If our dream was coming to life, then the man was about to speak. He did.


I know Ella, and she does NOT like people telling her what she can and can’t do. So, when the cloaked man told her we would never be as strong as our parents, she got mad. She yelled at the man that,

“YOU'RE WRONG! WE’RE ALREADY STRONGER!” I looked at her and nodded slowly. This was definitely a situation that called for our powers. I don’t think I could have stopped them anyway. 

They lifted up water behind them and made a huge wave. The cloaked man looked like he was shocked, and mad! Andrew and Ella blasted him with the wave and knocked him out of the sky. He fell and hit the ground, and then disappeared. I looked at Ella and she looked really tired, as did Andrew. As I was looking at them, they both collapsed. They needed rest, and care. I called Ella and Andrew's parents first, told them what happened. They were shocked, but understood. I called my parents after.

“All we can do is help them.”

After Mrs. Matthews explained what happened, we carried Ella and Andrew over to the car. When we got to their castle, we carried them upstairs and laid them down on their couch/bed. We made sure they were comfy and started getting things ready for when they would wake up. Mrs. Matthews started making cookies, and I grabbed some water bottles.

“Butter, flour, sugar, chocolate....” After the chocolate chip cookies were done baking, I brought them upstairs and set them on a table. We were staying in the room with the twins because we didn’t want anything bad to happen to them, or in case they woke up in the night. I plugged a small lamp in and turned it on, and then turned off the lights as Mrs. Matthews walked in. “Okay, I’ll take the first watch!”

“Ugh…..What happened?” Ella asked as she looked around the room. Andrew had just woken up as well.

“Mom? What happened?” Andrew asked as they sat up. Mrs. Matthews handed us each a bottle of water and Maddy handed us a platter of chocolate chip cookies.

“You used the water spirit, remember?”

“Yeah, but did we get him? Did we get the man?” Ella looked at me.

“I don’t know. You guys knocked him out of the sky and he disappeared when he hit the ground.” I explained. Ella gulped her water down and took a bite of her cookie.

“So, what now? How do we defeat him?” Andrew asked as he shoved his cookie in his mouth.

“Well, we could... lure him?” Andrew asked. “Mom, how did you guys get him when you were kids?”

“Well, we threw a ball.”

“What? Why would you throw a ball at some evil dude?” I asked.

“Uh, we threw a party, a dance, basically.”

“OHHHHHH!!!” Mrs. Matthews laughed at our reactions.

So, we decided to throw a ball (-party, ha!) to lure 'The Man.' Even though we know we’re just throwing this ball to lure him, me and Ella are really excited. After all, it is our first ball! We decided to have the ball tomorrow night because Andrew is getting his cast off today and we want to make sure we’re all ready to fight if we have to. Me and Ella are going shopping to pick out dresses for the ball. We’re also going to the jewelry store to look at some necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and stuff. I’m still worried about Ella, and I’m making sure she drinks plenty of water because Mrs. Matthews said that after you use the water spirit, you need to drink plenty of water. I don’t really know why, but whatever. Well, I’m off to go shopping!

May 05, 2021 18:40

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10:36 May 06, 2021

FINALLY! Wishing Part 2 is done! (There's so much more to write- wait, type XD)


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