Coincidences... I don't believe in them

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Funny Science Fiction

I spray my desk with kombucha as Jessica tells me I'm on the news. A bit dramatic reaction if I do say so myself. That's what I strive for anyway. I open up my own hologram computer and scroll past the flying pigs and endangered raccoon ads. Then I find it. It's me. I zoom in to clarify and find my middle school self. Luckily my skin was clear that day and I got my braces off so I look pretty cute with my french braid.

The headline says

" Genesis Quinn the predecessor of Bethany Quinn her grandmother?"

Genesis Quinn is a 25-year-old living in New York City (modern-day Central city). We tried to interview her but she was busy.

So we interviewed her mother or Bethany's daughter Dina Quinn.

How did Genesis deal with her grandmother's death? I recall they were close?

"Actually, Genesis never saw her grandmother once. Because her grandmother is off the grid."

What job does Genesis have?

"Her. I think she said she was a freelancer. Or maybe she was a wizard nope wrong dimension. I honestly don't know and don't care. All we do is live under the same roof and eat under the same roof. WE NEVER SHARE FOOD! YA HERE THAT GENESIS!"

As you know Dina Quinn saved the last goldfish. The only one that almost went extinct. Has Genesis do such heroic acts in her lifetime

" Uh, I don't know."

Ok then. What about her friends? Do you know any of them?

" I don't think s-"


As you can tell it wasn't the most helpful interview ever. The reason we are talking about the famous Dina Quinn is that 20 years before she died she told the world that her predecessor at the age of 25 will do a heroic act just like her. Here were her exact words " Legacy,25 years of age, heroic act, like me." As we used general common sense and context clues to piece together her sentence. We hope that soon Genesis will come out and do something that will make her grandmother proud of her

I tear my gaze from the ill-written article and roll my eyes at Jessica who looks at me in agreement. I crumple it and try to throw it into my trash bin missing. Jessica and I share a cubicle near the door so Sarah( our boss) won't notice if I'm late. Which is basically every day. She's seriously blind, either that or she incredibly nice. I highly doubt because whenever I mess up on meetings she gives me an intense glare then scolds me when the meeting is done. Everybody thinks shes strict. Sarah made Jessica wait outside of the building for 30 minutes because her assignment was late. She's like an 1800's teacher. Anybody that can't stand her and can find a better job quits. I somehow got hired and now I cannot risk being a freelancer any longer ( They get as much as my yearly allowance every job they get which is 150 dollars)

GG always told me that she saved that goldfish because she pushed it ( No one remembers that part of the story anyway). She said it glittered magnificently as she saved it. It turned into a rose gold then once people recognized what she did the goldfish turned back to its hideous dull orange ( At least I think goldfishes color is hideous).

GG always told me to be as famous as she was for doing nothing. Not exactly what I wanted but since the world knows I'm expected to.

I try to brainstorm ideas as I work on an order for more printer paper and cheap black pens.

" Quinn why are you staring at the lamp? It's not going to turn alive if you keep on staring." I turn to find Skyler saying as he texts rapidly at his phone. He's at the entrance of the cubicle. I mock him then go back to finishing up the order.


Jessica and I walk home together after we finish our dinner at a hotpot place. " Oh my gosh, I love hot pot-"

Jessica shoves a finger in my face and I pause. We hear heavy breathing near an alleyway up ahead. We creep near it Scooby-Doo style and peek around the corner to find a man with a silvery knife. We hear the squealing of a girl and me and Jessica exchange looks. The man is on his phone and agreeing to whatever the person n the opposite end is saying. " I should save her and I will be able to fulfill my families legacy!" Jessica nods but shes a bit dull. " What. Should I do something cool so it'll be even cooler and more people will remember me." She shakes her head in agreement and curls her lip.

I should've known something was wrong at that point. She always curls her lip when she's lying. As I walk quietly behind the man Jessica makes a loud noise near the trash can next to me. He pauses and I hide behind the trash can. He luckily ignored it and went back to his phones.

I look at Jessica who has a look of satisfaction pasted on her face as she decides to take the spotlight and save the girl herself (I mean is she the most backstabbing person ever or what). I throw a garbage bag at Jessica and the man sees Jessica and covers the girl with a trash bag and chases after Jessica with a knife ready to strike. I giggle knowing that Jessica would just levitate after realization hits her that she has the levitation feature added to her shoes ( She added them for 2 dollars per minute. It's really expensive). I grab the girl and we reach her house after taking the same wrong turn 5 times straight ( My sense of direction is absolutely disturbing a 3-year-old is probably better than me at getting to my own house).

The girl smiles at me and gives me a gift card for a coffee shop. I walk her in and her mom is the same journalist as the one that got angry at my mom.

Coincidences... I don't believe in them

August 28, 2020 20:12

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Meggy House
21:32 Sep 05, 2020

Ha! This was pretty funny! I love the mother's interview with the angry journalist and the plot was so clever. If you wouldn't mind, could you read one of my stories? This is my first time in a competition and I would love feedback! :)


Alexa K
22:05 Sep 06, 2020

Of course!


Meggy House
01:18 Sep 07, 2020

Thank you!


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