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Fiction Horror Mystery

That's the thing about this city. No matter where we are or what we are doing at the end of the day we always come back here. To this place we call home though it has taken many things away from us. Lanarkshire is not your typical city. This city gave birth to many famous people all around the world but it also took their lives. When you visit the city you wouldn't notice anything unusual. Just a city buzzing with people trying to get to work on time and families struggling to make the ends meet. Well i thought so too at first when my family decided to move here out of all the places we could have gone to.

Lanarkshire has its own deep dark secrets that you won't know until you come across them. It is a city that most people would love to live in and spend their rest of the lives with their lived ones. The beauty is, once you are in, you are in it for life. You cannot leave it behind even if you want to. No matter how far you go away from Lanarkshire, at the end of the day, you'll always comeback to the city that you live but ends up hating.

My first encounter happened when i was 16 years old. You know how 16 years olds behave right? When it's the time to celebrate the so-called Sweet 16 we all go crazy. For us, it makes us looks like adults and we think we are adults and we know better than the actual adults. At 16 though underage we start doing things that if our parents knew would ground us forever in our lives. We start drinking, smoking, going to clubs and most of all we enter the world of sex. I thought my life was those things too. I was famous in the school and around the city and i had a typical smoking hot dude as my boyfriend. Everyone was kinda jealous but they always tried to befriend me as where ever we go, a crowd is bound to follow.

On my Sweet 16 i was totally drunk and making a fool out of myself. It was already around 2am something and i knew i had to get my ass home though no one would even realise that I'm missing as my parents are obsessed with my brother who's the 'good' kid in the family. Only if they know what he does behind their backs. I couldn't care less actually as when they are busy taking care of my brother i have the freedom to do whatever i want to do with my life. All the good stuff and interestingly all the bad stuff. On my way home, obviously having zero sense of direction, i ended up in front of an old antique house that i had never seen in Lanarkshire before. I may have no sense of direction but that doesn't mean i don't know about the places in the city and being a big house and moreover fancy, it's a surprise that i haven't heard anyone talking about this house nor have i seen any photo of it.

I was awestruck and was glued to the place. Usually I'm a scaredy cat who can't watch a horror film. But my drunkenness got the best of me and i entered the house before losing my consciousness.

The next day i woke up with a headache because of hangover. But i couldn't remember anything about the house i saw or how i ended up in my bed at all. I didn't know something was wrong at first too. For me it was a usual school day and i was looking forward to getting all the presents. Something was bothering my consciousness and i felt like i was missing something big but i couldn't pinpoint to what exactly is it so i started to ignore the feeling. And that's when it all started. I didnt have to cross the neighbourhood even when i started getting the chills that I'm being followed. Whenever i look back there was no one suspicious but i knew someone was watching me. Watching everything i do and following me wherever i go. I couldn't tell anyone without being labelled as a madwoman so i did what i had to do and ignored the gut feeling and kept myself I'm just making things up. Except i was not. With every passing day the feeling grew stronger and i could feel people looking at me and following me. I became scared to go out of the neighbourhood and i tried not to hang out frequently.

Then it started getting worse and i kept hearing footsteps and people calling out to me. I could constantly feel being followed and watched. I was being haunted or hunted and i didnt know which one is it. I tried to leave the city more than twice but everytime i woke up in my bed in Lanarkshire. No matter how far i go i always end up waking up in my bed the next day though i could clearly remember sleeping out. And soon i started seeing people. I saw people with fancy dresses walking on the street. I saw people wit uniforms i have never seen coming in and out from buildings i never knew existed in the city. Some people smiled at me and i smiled at them too until i realised they are not humans. Whenever they open their mouths to smile at me, blood would start spilling from their mouths and they would go crazy. They would start waving their hands and would run after me. But i couldn't shout. Their eyes would turn bloodshot and they would smile at me while running after me.

I ended up spending the night in a library making sure that i wasn't making any noise. I found a book and i was skipping through it and then i realised why i can't leave Lanarkshire. It's not your typical city. I didn't even know if it's a city at all. It's a freaking graveyard. The houses and every building was build on human bodies without burying them underneath the roads there were millions of dead people lying. Human experiments were conducted by scientists in Lanarkshire and they have killed people and gruesome ways. For what they did experiments on humans i dont know but people have died in gruesome ways and they were not even buried properly. They were laid on the ground and built building on top of their bodies. But something told me this is not the end. They still do the experiments. That's why we can't leave the city. That's why we always come back even when we don't want to. Sometimes heavy dropped on my head and i heard footsteps approaching me before i lost consciousness.

With a bang i opened my eyes and screamed! 

(honestly even i have no idea about what i wrote)

March 20, 2021 03:37

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Nina Chyll
12:16 Mar 25, 2021

Does the lack of interpunction and the I / i signify a stream of consciousness or does it not mean anything?


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